Acne Star Gel Review – Pimples Control Ointment

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share the review of the Acne Star Gel ointment that claims to cure acne and leave you with radiant clear skin. I’ve oily skin which is prone to acne and blemishes. So I’m always on the lookout for products that claim to work on my problematic skin. After watching Shruti Hassan’s new commercial on Youtube I thought why not try this anti-acne gel. After using this acne star gel for the past 2 months, now I’m ready to share its review.

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Packaging: The Acne Star Gel comes in a sleek tube packaging with a white screw cap. A leaflet is also provided with the tube containing all the information about the types & causes of acne and product information.

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  • Clindamycin Topical(1%): Clindamycin treats bacterial infections.
  • Nicotinamide(4%): Nicotinamide treats vitamin B3 deficiency and inflammatory skin diseases like acne and pellagra.

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My experience: It comes in a clear gel form and has a typical medicinal smell, though not very strong. After cleansing my face, I dot this gel on the areas where I’ve acne scars and pimples. It gives a very mild tingling sensation when applied and the skin might turn red after its usage. It gets completely absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling behind. It does work on breakouts and the size of pimples & acne starts reducing from the very first usage, but it takes about 7-8 days to completely clear pimples & acne. It also helps in fading acne marks but you need to be patient to see visible results. We tested this acne gel on 3 people – my 19 yrs old niece, myself and my husband and the results varied for each of us. Its results can vary from person to person and also depends on the type of acne you have. You can give this acne star gel a try if you get breakouts occasionally and in case you have severe acne I will suggest consulting with a dermatologist before using it.

Pros of Acne Star Gel:

  • It is formulated with Clindamycin and Nicotinamide that are known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It does a pretty good job in clearing minor breakouts and also prevent their reoccurrence.
  • Quite effective in clearing pimples, acne and also helps in fading acne marks when used frequently over a period of time.
  • It didn’t cause further breakouts to my skin.
  • It is ideal to use by teens and adults as well.
  • Suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, combination, or normal).
  • Very affordable.
  • Easily available.

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Cons of Acne Star Gel:

  • The skin can turn slightly red after its usage.
  • It will not clear acne in just one go, it will take days, weeks or sometimes months to see visible results.
  • Its skin brightening claims are not true(it is not going to make your skin brighter or whiter).


Given below are the frequently asked questions about Acne Star Gel and I’m going to share my personal experience. Please understand its results can vary from one person to another. It worked for my skin but it doesn’t mean it will work the same way for your skin too. I highly recommend consulting a dermatologist before starting any kind of anti-acne treatment. (I tried my best to answer all the queries, I hope my review will help you).


Q – Does it remove pimples & pimple marks?
A – Yes it does clear pimples and marks but it will take time and also the result & time may vary for different skin types.

Q – Does it cure acne?
A – Yes, it does in my case at least.

Q – Is this product really effective?
A – Yeah! in my case, it worked.

Q – How many times use this gel?
A – Please read the leaflet carefully before using it. I use this gel only during the night time before going to bed.

Q – Can this cream really give a clear and radiant skin?
A – No, it is not a whitening/brightening/glowing skin cream.

Q – Does this work on pigmentation?
A – No.

Q – Does this cream have side effects?
A – I’ve combination-oily skin and I’ve not seen any side effects after using this gel for more than 2 months.

Q – Can it be used only on the acne or the entire face?
A – This gel should be used as a spot treatment, just dab a small amount on the affected areas.

Q – Does Acne star gel remove blackheads or not?
A – I don’t think so, it is not meant to treat blackheads.

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  1. While using acnestar if we use another cream(fair and lovely in the morning time) what will happen

      1. When i stop using it causes one or two pimples and my face become open pores can i use for long time

    1. hlo sir plz mujhe batao acnestar
      dhoop me rehne se chehre ko red to nhi karega na q ki bahot aisa cream hai jo dhoop me thodi der Rene se Red chehra hota h

  2. I m using this gel for past 3 days .
    Nd I didn’t see any improvements on my skin.
    I have some pimples on my face and blackheads.
    Really it remove pimples totally? ?

    1. Just be patient, try it for a month or so, and compare yourself with your older photos, we don’t generally notice the difference unless you look at your older photos…and have faith :)

    1. It works on all skin types, but if you want something specifically for oily skin try 2.5%-5% Benzoyl peroxide

    1. Kya acnestar gel humesa keliye pimple ko hatati hai ???? Kya iss gel ko use karne ke baat pimple dubara nahi niklegi?? Please tell……

  3. sir kya yeh mere chhre ke accne or black spote thik kr degi or eska use krne ka triika kya h mai bahut preshan hu kafi time se esko leke btaeye plzzzz sir

  4. I have acne problem since many years and tried many products for acne, but could not find nothing like acne star. This gel works great and give great results. Yes we can see the results from first day… It shrinks the acne and does not get any ance scar. Regular use will further avoid from new breakouts. I would recommend it to people who are suffering from acne. My skin is oily and it had given great result for me. Even my skin complexion has lighten. I used it with ponds white beauty face wash (foam based). Combination of both will give u a great result with flawless result. Definitely give it a try.

  5. I didn’t use this gel but I want to use it after reading your article about acne star cream I will give try in it .,thank you for your suggestion if it will work I will tell to my friends and relatives to use it thank you once more

  6. I have acne problem from last 2-3 years! I have been working on it since long time. I’m using acne star from last 20 days and i can see my skin improving well.. I have no pimples or acne , just little scars left. Must give it a try! :)

  7. I had used acne star… but it has become reddness… please suggest should i stip it or should i use…

  8. Acne star is just amazing. I am having acne and pimples from past many years. Today is my 2 day of the acne star. From 1 day we can see the results my acne are getting lighter. Worth a try. Thanks to mankind for making this. I have tried so many medicines but acne star is best of all.

  9. Dear Sir ,

    Plz Tell me …

    Can it be used only on the affected areas or the entire face?

    i am waiting for your answer sir …

    With Best Regards,

    Rajkishore sahoo.

  10. Dear Sir, Plz Sir Tell me… Can it be used only on the affected areas or the entire face ??? I’m waiting for your answer sir….. With Best Regards Rajkishore Sahoo

  11. Comment:its a good product
    thanks to mankind thanks to acen star..
    it was really work as soon as possible. ..
    now I get a pimples free face..
    I recommend to all use this…
    shop also…

  12. I’m using Himalaya pimple clear face wash but I didn’t found any result by using acnestar is effective then that face wash

  13. Yes, AcneStar ointment from Mankind Pharma is very effective on acne and pimples. I get these of and on and though I have used the Acne-Pimple Cream from Himalaya before (which wasn’t effective at all, in my case), I found AcneStar cream does treat acne-pimples well, over 3-4 days though. I have a very oily skin and hence I use this cream on breakouts, which heal over a few days of use twice a day.

  14. sir mai pimple se bahut problem me hu
    Gel, Soap, Cream ko kaise use kare
    Night me Day me

  15. Acnestar is a LIFE SAVER. I am 63 years and STILL suffer with extremely oily skin and stubborn, ugly breakouts. I have spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on various acne treatments, and this is the ONLY product I have used in the past 5 years that totally cleared my skin. It took a little time (about a month and a half) for my skin to clear completely, but I couldn’t be more thrilled. I will continue to purchase this product FOREVER. Thank you so much!

  16. Mujhe jan na hai ki Acnestar steroid hai ya nai ,Kyou ki bahut sare log redness k bare me puch rahe hai or redness tavi hota jab ham koi steroid product use karte hai so plz kindly app mere iss question ka answer dejia ga Already me bahut paresan hu pimples and usk dark spots ko le k

  17. It really prevents the pimples ?
    When it should use day or night ?
    How it should use?
    Can we use fair and lovely cream at morning?
    How much time it will take to prevent the pimples?
    Please reply me fast yaar…

  18. It is really work.
    you can use only at night time .
    use affected area.
    it is not a fairness cream .
    it take some time to cure

  19. I started using from yesterday nyt n am getting itching after applying wats the solution for dis?

  20. My skin is too black than my body parts. My body is better glowing than my face. Can I use this cream for glowing skin and remove blackspot & dark circles in my eyes ? Pl ans me…..

  21. Hi even I have pimples and I’m using cream from sterday I can feel little better will remove all the spots??

  22. Mne acnestar soap ko use krna start kiya to phle. 2 din tak to acne me kafi had tak Fayda tha aur kafi improvement bhi tha but on 3rd and 4th and 5th day my skin beginning to dry very much. Aur face ese dry ho jata h means totally white coloured layer aa jati h uper aur kafi acne dikhne lagte h. Doctor ne moisturizer use karne ko kha to mne moisturizer use kiya but now acne are at that condition
    Na to decrease ho rhe h aur na increase ho rhe h
    Ab m kya karu kya ye cream help kregi

    Mera skin type probably combination + oily type h
    Means change hota rhta h
    Kabhi combination type aur kabhi oily
    Kabhi kabhi dry b ho jata h
    Doctor b confuse h
    Jse ki

    Morning me to combination type
    Noon me oily
    Night me phir se combination type
    Kabhi kabhi din me dry ho jati h skin

  23. can i use my moisturizer after using this gel or after washing my face can i use my moisturizer than apply this gel

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