Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream Review – Gentle Diaper Rash Cream for Babies

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream. Dove beauty brand has launched their Baby Dove range in the Indian market a few months back. This new baby care range includes 5 products – 2 soaps, baby wipes, baby lotion and baby diaper rash cream. I’ve already shared the review of all other products on the blog if you want you can check the reviews here.

Packaging: Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream comes in a white squeeze tube with blue flip cap. The white & light blue packaging looks very cute and refreshing to the eyes. The tube packaging is very sturdy & hygienic to use and its compact size makes it very convenient to carry when you are traveling. The tube’s edges are round and baby friendly.

Price & Availability: The price of the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream is Rs.210 for 45g which seems costly in comparison to other available rash creams like from Chicco. Baby Dove products are easily available at the local departmental stores and also online at and

My Experience: Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream comes in a milky white color and has a rich creamy texture. I generally take a small amount of this rash cream and apply it nicely on thoroughly baby’s cleansed skin. It spreads easily and gets completely absorbed into the skin with a good massage. It not only protects the skin from rashes & redness but also provides moisture to the skin. After using this nappy cream for up to 2 months (alternatively with Chicco rash cream & kama coconut oil) I’ve not seen even a tiny red spot on my baby’s skin. Another thing that I liked most about this rash cream is its compact size due to which it is now one of the important product of my baby’s travel essentials :)

What I liked about Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream:

  • I loved its compact, round edges, convenient to use and travel-friendly tube packaging.
  • A rich cream that not only prevents diaper rashes but also moisturizes the skin.
  • It comes with a mild sweet scent like other products from the Baby Dove range.
  • It didn’t cause any irritation or allergy to my 10 months old baby girl.
  • It is very gentle on sensitive baby skin and you can use it even on newborn babies.
  • It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist & pediatrician tested.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Easily available at online as well as offline stores.

What I disliked about Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream:

  • Some people might find it expensive.
  • It takes some time to completely heal the existing nappy rashes.

2 Replies to “Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Cream Review – Gentle Diaper Rash Cream for Babies”

  1. This product is condusing people. They don’t mention expiry date on the product. This is very dangerous to your small baby. We don’t know how many years old to the product, and its expired or not. Guys be careful on this product Dove nappy cream tube.

  2. My baby had a very sore red bottom, i was given a tube of this by my mother in law, and it was amazing. Rash disappeared very quickly and hasnt been back. Only a minute amount is needed, and i bought 2 more tubes just in case. Great product Dove!

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