Best Beard Growth Oil for Patchy Beard in India

Sporting a beard is one of the latest trends for men in India today. But, some men are having a tough time growing their beards. You are having a hard time dealing with your patchy beard, aren’t you? Let this best beard growth oil for patchy beard review help you.

Thanks to the revolutionized beard oil, growing or fixing a patchy beard is easy. We have listed down below the top five beard growth oil products available in the market today. So, say goodbye to patchy beard and hello to your uber-cool style beard. 

Top 5 Best Beard Growth Oil for Patchy Beard in India

Here are the five best beard oil for patchy beard available in India that you can consider buying.

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Khadi Essentials Beard Growth Oil

First on our list is the Khadi Essential Beard Growth oil. It contains Cedarwood, Jaborandi oils, Vitamin E, and almond oil. Each ingredient plays a vital role in growing your beard and solving the patchy beard issues. These ingredients nutrition the deeper layers of the skin and follicles. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E smoothens your mane, makes your beard shine, and easy to manage. It hydrates and stimulates facial hair growth. 


The primary function of Cedarwood is to moisturize dry beard hair and close pores as well as stimulates blood circulation. It also has antiseptic properties to protect your skin in case of accidental cuts.


Its Jaborandi oil content provides shine to your beard, keeps your scalp nourished, and strengthens hair roots. It serves as an elixir for your beard. 

Almond Oil

This ingredient increases beard growth, reduces inflammation, and prevents and eliminates dandruff. Almond oil also helps in moisturizing the beard. 

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Men Deserve Advanced Beard Growth Oil 

The Advanced Beard Growth Oil by Men Deserve is a combination of 15 natural essential oils that helps your beard grow from the very roots. It penetrates the roots and nourishes to stimulate the hair follicles. Its main ingredients are thyme and root Biotec HO.

Root BioTec HO

The root BioTec HO is an extract from a hairy root culture from basil. This ingredient can reduce hair loss by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase activity and stimulates the derma papilla cells located at the bottom of hair follicles. The derma papilla cells play a vital role in hair formation, cycling, and growth. 


Thyme, in combination with other essential oils, is used in preventing and treating hair loss. Your patchy beard may be due to falling hair. Just like Cedarwood, it is very effective in treating alopecia areata.  

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Hipster Beard Growth Oil 

This brand is made scientifically with ingredients that include almond, sesame, olive oils, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and hydrolyzed keratin. Each component plays a vital in growing your beard.

Almond Oil

This ingredient provides moisture both to your skin and hair. It reduces split ends, dry roots, breakage, and itchiness and effectively treats scalp psoriasis. 

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil softens the skin and makes the hair strand smoother. It also helps in treating dry hair.

Olive Oil

The ingredient acts as a moisturizer and reduces irritation and dandruff.

Argan Oil

Argan oil contains phenols, catechins, carotenes, antioxidant, tocopherols, and high-quality monosaturated fatty acids to help nourish facial hair and makes the beard soft and vibrant.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and prevents beard itch and dandruff. It promotes healthy beard growth. 

Hydrolized Keratin

This component provides a smoothing element that reduces breakage, frizz, shedding and increases elasticity and shine.

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USTRAA Beard Growth Oil Advanced

If you need a product that will work on your stubborn roots and boosts beard growth, USTRAA Beard Growth Oil Advanced is a good option. It contains beneficial ingredients like DHT boosters, Redensyl, Gooseberry Oil, Vitamin E, Acai berry Oil, and Watermelon seed oil. 

DHT Boosters

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone boosters increase the hormone to help men develop their male characteristics like the beard. 


This ingredient serves as a hair growth galvanizer that reactivates hair follicles stem cells and the dermal papilla fibroblasts. 

Gooseberry Oil (Amla)

The gooseberry oil is rich in vitamin C that produces collagen protein. It stimulates hair growth, both volume and length. The collagen replaces the hair follicles’ dead cells with new cells. 

Acai Berry Oil 

Acai berry is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, which effectively reduces hair loss. It also contains amino acids for healthy hair growth and beautiful skin. This oil creates a protective barrier against the external elements that could cause hair fall. 

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CONCOCTED® Salt N’ Pepper Beard Growth Oil

The product is known for not just growing a healthy beard but also it provides lasting fragrance. It keeps the beard smell good, full of life, and feel fresh all the time. It contains peppermint, Cedarwood, Moroccan Argan, and pumpkin seed oil. 

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil helps in stimulating blood circulation in the skin. The increase in blood flow can provide nutrients to the hair follicle that allows the hair to grow healthier, faster, fuller, and thicker. 

Moroccan Argan

The Moroccan Argan oil reduces beard itch and dandruff because of its natural squalene and vitamin E content. It moisturizes your facial hair and reduces split-ends. 

Pumpkin Seed Oil

The oil is full of minerals like zinc and potassium that help keep the hair healthy and boost hair re-growth. The pumpkin seed oil has folate, vitamin B that stimulate hair growth to improve blood circulation. 

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How to Fix Patchy Beard with Beard Growth Oil?

Here are easy steps on how to fix the patchy beard using the beard growth oil:

  • Wash your face thoroughly using a safe and high-quality facial wash made specifically for men. 
  • With a clean palm, take two to three drops of beard oil.
  • Rub your hands together to spread the oil evenly and produce a heating effect.
  • Apply oil into your beard. Make sure it covers all the shafts. 
  • Massage oil evenly in the beard but do not forget to place some on the mustache with your fingers. 
  • Use a brush or beard comb to style it that will fit you. 


Growing a beard is not easy for some men. Good thing some companies produce high-quality and practical products to help you grow your facial hair. Include the best beard growth oil for patchy beard in your daily routine and watch your beard grow fully and healthier. Make sure to pick the right brand with the right content. Also, costumes foods rich in hair vitamins or take supplements like Oziva Hair Vitamins. Read our full Oziva Hair Vitamins Review

Do you have any questions about how to solve a patchy beard? If you want to share something, feel free to comment below. Also, we recommend you to read this article – Best Beard Growth Oil for Men in India



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