Best Fruit Face Packs/Masks in India 2015

Hey everyone, today I will be compiling a list of the Best Ready to use Fruit Face packs available in the Indian market. These face mask are easy to use, affordable and are easily available.

Banjaras Fresh Fruit Face Pack Price is Rs.85 for 100g

banjara's fresh fruit face pack

  • Refines the skin texture
  • Firms up the pores
  • Maintains the required skin balance
  • Gives natural glow with fresh look
  • Gives cooling & relaxing feeling when applied

Vaadi Refreshing Fruit Face Pack with Apple, Lemon & Cucumber Price is Rs.90 for 120g

vaadi herbals refreshing fruit face pack

  • Has anti-acne, oil control & anti-ageing properties
  • Makes skin smooth & soft
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Removes blackheads & dead skin
  • Protects skin from harmful sun & pollution
  • Revitalizes & nourishes skin

Active Ingredients : Lemon, Papaya, Tomato, Cucumber, Vitamin A and E, Apple

Khadi Fruit Face Pack Price is Rs.90 for 50g

khadi fruit face pack

  • Cleanses all the dust & grime
  • Rejuvenates dull skin cells
  • Has anti-ageing properties
  • Provides youthful glow to the face
  • Improves texture of your skin
  • Suitable for normal & oily skin

Active Ingredients : Papita, Narangi, Kheera, Besan, Nimbu, Multani Mitti, Strawberry, Kaolin, Aam Seed, Fenu Greek, Horse Tail, Promegranate, Bentonite, Tulsi Satva, Fullers Earth, Rose Petals, Chai Vriksha, Jai Seed, Apple, Orange Peel, Neem, Pudina, Besan, Papaya Seeds, Sandal, Cucumber.

NutriGlow Fruit Enzyme Face Pack Price is Rs.125 for 80g

nutriglow fruit enzyme face pack

  • Gives beautiful & flawless skin
  • Reduces pigmentation & lightens skin
  • Completely toxic free & organically pure
  • Makes skin soft, smooth & firm
  • Regulates excess oil secretion
  • Has tightening & uplifting actions
  • Cools & soothes the skin
  • Cleans clogged pores
  • Prevents recurrence of pimples
  • Imparts natural glow to the face
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, signs of ageing
  • Suitable for all skin types

Natural Bath & Body Nourishing Fruit Pack Price is Rs.125 for 75ml

natural bath & body nourishing fruit pack

  • Has skin toning & cleansing properties
  • Freshens tired skin
  • Applied for face & neck
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Smoothens & brightens the skin

Active Ingredients : Melon Extract, Minerals, Fruit Extract, Vitamins, Peach Extract

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack Price is Rs.130 for 100g

himalaya herbals refreshing fruit pack

  • Nourishes & rejuvenate skin
  • Provides radiant glow on the skin
  • Adds an instant glow to skin & enhance complexion
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Reduces freckles & treats blackheads
  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Ideal for normal or dry skin

Active Ingredients : Papaya, Erandachirbhita, Fig, Phalgu, Apple, Seva, Cucumber, Trapusha

Joy Skin Fruit Softening Fruit Pack Price is Rs.130 for 60ml

joy skin fruit softening fruit pack

  • Deep cleanses pores
  • Removes excess oils & impurities.
  • Contains natural fruit extract
  • Hydrates, nourishes & energizes skin
  • Improves blood circulation &d skin texture
  • Softens fine lines &d wrinkles
  • Makes skin refreshed, smooth & moist

Active Ingredients : Jojoba oil, Almond oil

Jovees Rejuvenating Fruit Pack Price is Rs.155 for 120g

jovees rejuvenating fruit pack

  • Suited for all skin types
  • Makes skin lustrous from within
  • Refreshes complexion to the maximum extent
  • Provides health & strength to the skin
  • Rich in antioxidant & enhance the blood circulation
  • Provides excellent exfoliating action
  • Removes the dead cell & grime
  • Makes skin smooth & clear
  • Controls the production of excess oil
  • Use regularly for optimum results

Active ingredients : Apple, Peach, Apricot Extracts, Vitamin E

OxyGlow Fruit Enzyme Face Mask Price is Rs.165 for 100g

oxyglow fruit enzyme face mask

  • Nourishes & rejuvenates the skin
  • Maintains optimum moisture balance of the skin
  • Makes skin soft, smooth & refreshed
  • Enriched with fruit enzymes & herbal extracts

Active Ingredients : Apple extract, Peach extract, Apricot extract, Grape seed oil

VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack Price is Rs.195 for 85g

vlcc clear tan fruit face pack

  • Smooths & Brightens skin
  • Protects from free-radical damage
  • Helps in repairing the skin
  • Providing a relief from sunburn
  • Hydrates & rejuvenates skin
  • Soothes skin irritation & inflammation
  • Improves skin complexion & natural glow
  • Ideal for all skin types

Active Ingredients : Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, Pineapple Extract, Sandal Wood Powder, Gum Acacia Powder, Turmeric Extract, Mulberry Extract, Cucumber Extract

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening & De-pigmentation Face Pack Price is Rs.199 for 85g

biotique bio fruit face pack

  • Diminishes the skin pigmentation
  • Made from organically pure natural ingredients
  • Free from strong chemicals
  • Makes skin soft & smooth
  • Lightens skin & improves skin texture
  • Hydrates skin, leaves it soft & supple
  • Gives youthful glow

Active Ingredients : Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon, Papaya, Multani Mitti, Geru, Yasad Bhasma, Tamator Ras, Ananas, Kikargaund, Paste Base Q.S

Lotus Herbals Frujuvenate Skin Perfecting and Rejuvenating Fruit Pack Price is Rs.245 for 120g

lotus herbals frujuvenate

  • Nourishing herbal face pack
  • Suitable for dry & normal skin
  • Keeps skin healthy on the long run
  • Rich in antioxidant & alpha hydroxy acid
  • Makes skin soft, supple & radiant
  • Reduces wrinkles & sagging
  • Rrestores the pH balance
  • Provides deep hydration to skin
  • Prevents tanning & pigmentation
  • Decrease the occurrence of acne, blemishes, spots
  • Soothes & relaxes facial muscles
  • Heals cuts, burns & scars

Active Ingredients : Grapes, Carrot, Apple

Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Bio Fruit Shine Pack Price is Rs.250 for 100g

kulsum;s kaya kalp bio fruit shine pack

  • Hydrates skin
  • Gives a healthy flawless glowing skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

Active Ingredients : Citrus fruit extracts, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil

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  1. my face became dark day by day.i would like to use a face pack.i ma in dailoma,can any one suggest which will be the gud pack.My skin is little bit oily also.

  2. Very helpful ..I will go for either vaadi natural or khadi natural…I have used the lotus and Himalaya ..but they did not work on me…lets see now..

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