How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India?

One of the common questions that strikes your mind when thinking of getting a hair transplant in India is: ‘How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India?

While this might be a tricky question, especially with the availability of different clinic centers in India, you have to be aware of several criteria when choosing your Clinic.

The first evaluation will be at the level of the Clinic’s reputation and the number of highly skilled and qualified doctors they have. Avoid centers that don’t have certified surgeons. This can lead you to a failed hair transplant surgery. Read reviews and testimonies of previous patients that undertook their surgery there.

Try to reach out to them, contact them and ask their permission for further details on the Clinic in general. Make sure to assess the quality of their equipment and setups. All these should be considered when choosing a clinic to undergo the best hair transplant surgery in India.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Top 9 Questions to Ask Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India Before you Undergo Surgery

1. How often does the clinic/ hospital perform hair transplant surgeries?

It is essential to know the frequency of performing hair transplant surgeries in the chosen Clinic. Clinics with a higher number of specific surgeries performances usually show the best results.

2. Are the surgeons certified and qualified?

If you desire specific results, you need to make sure that your surgeon is the best of the best. Be selfish about it. No one wants to be under the hands of unqualified technicians with no certifications or prior experience. This will put the surgery results at risk.

3. Is it a research clinic?

Research clinics, also known as teaching hospitals, usually have the best doctors or surgeons and the most innovative and advanced equipment. These types of clinics provide training facilities making them a source of attraction to expert physicians and specialists.

4. Is the Clinic acknowledged for medical distinction?

Again, you have to do comprehensive research on the different clinics present in India. The Clinic’s reputation, its doctors, and most importantly, their specialties will be crucial in your selection procedure.

5. What are the different facilities offered by the Clinics?

Depending on your hair transplant surgery method and your budget, the Clinic can offer you specific packages to meet your needs and preferences. These packages go from standard package to full premium and comprehensive package. Every package has its own characteristics and advantages.

6. Does the Clinic provide any financial assistance program that I can be eligible for?

You should know the hair transplant cost before you choose the best clinic. Few Clinic offers their patients individual financial assistance or discounts depending on their conditions and financial status. Some clinics even offer installment plans to make it easier and convenient for the patient to pay for his surgery.

7. What happens if my surgery went wrong? Will the Clinic holds responsibility and take care of it?

In case something went wrong, your insurance will cover the damage, even though a hair transplant is not covered under the insurance policies system. However, certain companies offer insurance for such surgeries. You have to make sure that your clinics will be able to cover this issue.

8. Will it be easy to communicate with the clinic staff and the doctor?

The best thing about India’s best hair transplant clinics is that mostly all the staff and surgeons/doctors have proficiency in the English language. Therefore you won’t find it difficult to obtain information and demand answers to questions you have. The communication will be smooth and easy.

9. What sort of technologies does the clinic use?

Knowing the status and conditions of the equipment used in the Clinic is also essential. Clinics with good reputations usually have the latest technology equipment in their centers. This showcases sure that the patient is at a high priority.

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