How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India?

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India?

Another significant determinant when planning to have a hair transplant surgery, apart from choosing the best hair transplant clinic and knowing the hair transplant cost, is the level of expertise and qualifications of your Surgeon. The best hair transplant surgeon in India is expected to deliver certain desired results, unlike others who fail to execute a hair transplant surge. And conventionally, a failure can lead to other catastrophic unwanted side effects.

Therefore, you must make sure that a qualified and certified surgeon examines you. Once you have chosen your Surgeon, a lot of questions might come to your mind. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your Surgeon. This will be your chance further to understand the different circumstances and aspects of your surgery.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India

Top 10 questions to ask your best Hair Transplant Surgeon before you undergo surgery

Here are some of the questions that you can ask your hair transplant surgeon/doctor.

1. Can you tell me exactly what will be happening during the hair transplant operation?

This question can help you understand further the different details about your surgery.

2. Will you perform the surgery alone or with another supporting team?

Many surgeons prefer working with other surgical trainers or other Surgeon’s partners. It is your right to know who will be the surgeons taking control of the surgery.

3. Will I get a daily checkup from your side once the surgery is done?

The answer to this question will set your expectations for your recovery period. Some doctors/surgeons will no longer do checkups once they are done with the surgery. However, some stick till you get a full recovery while you are at the clinic.

4. Who will be responsible for my consultation?

In some clinics, the consultation is done by care providers instead of the Surgeon himself/herself. This can sometimes confuse the patients as they will not be provided with accurate and precise details on the expected results.

5. Am I eligible for hair translation surgery? Do I have enough donor area hair?

Asking these kinds of questions might help you understand your current hair condition and the surgery’s success rate.

6. Does the clinic apply stereo microscopes?

Stereo microscopes are expensive and demand many skills and specialists, but they are considered one of the greatest innovations in the hair transplant industry.

7. What kind of hair follicles the Surgeon will be using?

There are two types of grafts, in this case, the mini and the micrografting, and they are both different from each other.

The micrograft usually involves 1 to 2 hairs, while the mini grafts contain up to 6 hairs. The advantage of using a Mini or Micro grafts procedure is a faster and easier operation procedure—no need for extra assistance or staffing in this kind of surgery. Not to mention it is cheaper. This question will open up your options when it comes to graft choice.

8. will it looks natural?

Another common question is the finished results. You have to consider that our chosen Surgeon will be taken aesthetics when doing the surgery. Getting a surgeon to do the operation can’t be a challenging job. However, a surgeon who knows how to make sure that the whole harvesting and grafting process will ensure a natural look is a real challenge.

9. Can I reach out to some of your patients who undergo hair transplant surgeries offered by you (the Surgeon)?

This is a great way to build that full trust you need to encourage you with the surgery process. However, not all doctors will offer you this request, but if you ask him/her with no hesitation, you will get that courage you needed. Knowing the experience of others is a great way to learn more about your surgery.

10. How is the pain management after the surgery?

With surgery, there is a particular accompanied and inevitable pain. Therefore knowing how our Surgeon will handle this is quite important.

All in all, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing the best hair transplant surgeon in India:

  1. Qualification: this is a key determinant in how the surgery will be carried and how the final results will look.
  2. Experience: testimonials and reviews will best showcase the Surgeon’s expertise in the industry. The number of surgeries executed by the Surgeon will somehow, or another, determines how good he is.
  3. Aesthetic Skills: many doctors tend to forget that a hair transplant is, after all, an aesthetic surgery. It is generally done to enhance someone’s looks or to fix a certain desired appearance. Therefore, without anesthetic skills, the results might not be satisfying.
  4. Mega session performance: if you were to apply for a mega session procedure, you have to make sure that the doctor or the Surgeon is up to it. Some tend to wrap it all in a short time or leave it to technicians’ hands to finalize the procedure.

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