Best Products for Babies – Skincare, Massage Oils, Diapers, Wipes

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share about the products I use to take care of my baby girl. Newborn’s skin is very delicate and you have to be very careful while choosing the skin care products for them. We did a lot of research about the baby skincare brands available and chose which are best for baby skin. Chicco is the main brand we are using and I also bought few products from other brands like Himalaya, Pigeon, etc. We decided to use Chicco products as they are enriched with natural ingredients, are hypoallergenic and free from paraben, SLES, and SLS. I’ve already shared the list of the Chicco products I have been using for my little princess, you can read that post here. Given below are the products which I’ve been using to take care of my little baby girl.

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Best Baby Massage Oils:

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: Initially I started massaging my newborn baby girl with desi ghee (filtered butter) but that caused allergy to my girl. Her pediatrician advised using the coconut oil instead of ghee. So I started massaging her with the Kama coconut oil. It is very lightweight and sinks completely into the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. Unlike other coconut oils, it has a mild fragrance that will not irritate your little one. I massage my baby girl twice a day, once in the morning before giving her bath and once in the evening before going to bed. Price – Rs.495 for 200ml and this bottle will easily last for up to 2 months. Best massage oil for babies.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Sweet Almond Oil: Two months back I started using Kama almond oil for my baby to give her a light massage before bed time. It is 100% organic cold pressed sweet almond oil. It hydrated the skin nicely and also helps in improving skin complexion. Price – Rs.1075 for 200ml.

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Best Baby Bath Products:

Cetaphil Cleansing & Moisturising Syndet Bar: My baby got dermatitis when she was 1-month old and her paediatrician recommended this syndet bar. It cleanses the skin well without ripping skin’s moisture and is very gentle on the skin. It is the best cleansing soap for a dry & flaky skin. I’ve already reviewed it, you can read the detailed review here. Price – Rs.137 for 75g. Best baby soap.

Chicco Soap: It cleanses the baby skin nicely and washes off easily with a few splashes of water. It is free from harsh chemicals and is very gentle on the baby skin. The only thing which I don’t like about this soap is that it is not enough moisturising. I will prefer using Cetaphil bar instead of Chicco soap during the colder months. I recommend using this baby soap only during the summers. Price – Rs.95 for 125 g & Rs.220 for Tri-pack (100g x 3).

Chicco Gentle body wash & shampoo: It gently cleanses delicate baby’s skin and comes with soft refreshing fragrance. It is clear gel-based body wash cum shampoo that washes off easily and leaves the baby skin & hair soft, clean and refreshed. It does not irritate the eyes and guarantees extra care for the delicate skin of newborns. Price – Rs.119 for 100ml & Rs.449 for 500ml. Best shower gel cum shampoo for babies.

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Chicco Rich Cream: The rich cream comes in an easy to use tube packaging. It has a thick consistency and you need to massage it for some time to get it absorbed into the skin. Like other Chicco skincare products, it too has a mild fragrance. It moisturizes the skin well without feeling greasy but this is the only product which I didn’t like much as it doesn’t dissolve completely and leaves a white cast on the skin. I think this is not a must buy product, there are many better options available. Price – Rs.219 for 50ml & Rs.399 for 100ml.

Chicco Body Lotion: The body lotion comes with a pump dispenser that makes it very hygienic & convenient to use. The body lotion has a light texture and it sinks completely into the skin. It moisturises the baby skin nicely and leaves the skin soft and hydrated with a mild scent. Price – Rs.109 for 100ml, Rs.199 for 200ml & Rs.399 for 500ml. Best body lotion for babies.

Emolene Cream: This is the very first moisturiser that I used for my little one when she was 1 month old. It is one of the best gentle moisturisers that does great jog in treating dry & flaky baby skin. I’ve already reviewed this cream you can read the full review here. Price – Rs.120 for 50g & Rs.190 for 100g. It is easily available at a local pharmacy. Best moisturizer for babies.

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Chicco Nappy Cream: It is a rich white cream that absorbs easily with a light massage. I’ve been using this cream before changing her diaper and I’ve not seen any nappy rash so far. It is enriched with zinc oxide that creates a breathable protective barrier against nappy rash and panthenol that contributes to regenerate baby’s skin. Price – Rs.79 for 20ml & Rs.249 for 100ml. Best nappy cream for babies.

Chicco Talcum Powder: This fine talcum powder is formulated with Zinc Oxide that refreshes and protects baby’s skin, leaving it dry and soft. This alcohol-free powder doesn’t clog pores and allows the baby skin to breathe naturally. Price – Rs.149 for 150g and Rs.299 for 500g. Best baby powder.

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Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes: These wipes are made from soft non-woven fabric. These are the best cleansing wipes I’ve used so far (I tried the wipes from other popular brands like Himalaya, J&J, Kara, Pigeon, MamyPoko, etc.). I use these wipes to clean her face, hands and before every nappy change. These help to cleanse the skin nicely and are very moisturising and leave the skin refreshed. (I love using these wipes even for myself :) ) Price – Rs.65 for 20 wipes & Rs.219 for 72 wipes. Best cleansing wipes for babies.

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes: I sometimes use J&J cleansing wipes just to clean her before a nappy change. I don’t like cleaning her face or hands with these wipes as these leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Price – Rs.35 for 10 wipes.

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Best Baby Hygiene Products:

Chicco Cotton Buds: These cotton buds made from 100% anti-bacteria treated cotton and are ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. Chicco cotton buds are Biodegradable and come with Ear Drum Protection. Price – Rs.179 for 160 pcs.

Chicco Baby Scissors: These baby nail scissors made of stainless steel and have curved blade with rounded ends and rubber inside finger holes to ensure complete safety during use. I prefer using scissors to cut her nails instead of nail clipper as these are more convenient & safe. Price – Rs.299. Best scissors for babies.

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Pamper Diapers: I’ve been using the Pamper diapers (Pamper Active Baby & Pampers Pants) when she was 1 week old. They are very gentle on the skin and gives dry feeling for a longer period of time. She is 6 months now and I’m using pants & regular ones in size L these days. Price – Rs.1330 for 90 diapers (Pamper Active Baby) and Rs.699 for 60 diapers (Pamper Pants). Best diapers for babies.

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I’ve been using these baby care products from the past 5 months and I’m highly satisfied the results. My little angel is 6 months old now and I’ve not seen any reaction or allergy after using these products. Choosing baby skin care products brand is totally a personal preference but always make sure to use products that are gentle on baby skin. I highly recommend Chicco skin care products despite the fact that Chicco products are a little expensive in comparison to other brands (I bought Chicco products online from If you are looking for less expensive baby care products then you can try the Himalaya baby care range.

I hope this post is helpful for new moms who are looking for best baby care product brands. Please comment below if you have any suggestions or questions.

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