Organic and 100% Pure Ingredients from ‘Blend it Raw Apothecary’

Hello everyone, today I’m going to write about a brand that offers 100% pure and organic raw ingredients for DIY skin and hair care. I came across this brand “Blend It Raw Apothecary” a few months back, and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of their products. Blend It Raw brand was launched by a Delhi-based young woman in January’17 with the aim to involve everyone in DIY skincare and haircare. Till date, they have gained a lot of positive feedback and support from their customers. They offer a range of organic essential oils, cold-pressed unrefined carrier oils, unrefined clays, pure floral waters and fruit & plant butter.

I’ve been using a few of their products for the past 4-5 months and liked them, especially the Bentonite clay. I have a combination skin that is prone to acne, blemishes and open pores. After using their clay mask, my skin texture has improved a lot. I’ll be sharing the detailed review of their products, along with the ways I use them, very soon.

Reasons to buy Blend It Raw Products:

  • Their website has a very neat and basic layout that makes the experience of browsing and purchasing products quite simple.
  • They offer a wide range of raw ingredients (oils, clays, butter, etc.) to make your DIYs recipes for various skin and hair care routines.
  • Their products are organic, 100% pure and extracted from natural ingredients to provide maximum benefits.
  • I found their products complete value for money, as you will get good quality and quantity of products at a reasonable price.
  • Their products are free of mineral oil, and paraffin and do not contain any chemical emulsifiers, artificial colours, stabilizers, animal fats, urea, or synthetic fragrances.
  • They deliver their products all over India.
  • Payment options: They accept NEFT/cards/wallets payments (they don’t have COD option as of now).

Overall, I’ll highly recommend buying products from ‘Blend It Raw’ brand as they offer excellent quality and effective products at the good price range. You can visit their website to know more about the brand and their collection of products. Do follow them at:

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