Top 5 Moisturizing Body Lotions for Dry Skin

When the weather changes and leaves your skin feeling dry and rough, it becomes neccessary to maintain the right moisture balance and keep your skin hydrated so that you can possess soft and supple skin always. Get over the irritating and rough skin with the right nutritive body lotions listed below that are easily available and quite affordable too.

Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion

parachute advanced deep nourish

You do not have to worry about your dry and chapped skin anymore. Use this advanced moisturizer by Parachute that delivers the right amount of moisture and hydration to your skin. This organic parachute body lotion nourishes each and every pore in the skin leaving it soft, shiny and supple like never before. Enriched with the goodness of coconut milk, this lotion penetrate deep into the skin and nourishes it from within. Suitable for both men and women, Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion makes your skin feel special and absolutely irresistible to touch throughout the day. It’s packaging is very unusual, it comes in a crooked shaped blue color bottle. A very less amount is required in each application because of its greasy texture. It has a pleasant coconut fragrance that linger all day long. This pocket-friendly 100% natural moisturizer is suitable for daily use by entire family. For best results, apply after shower or bath all over your body.
Ingredients : Cocos Nucifera oil, Coconut Milk, Hydrogenated vegetable oil
Parachute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion Price in India : Rs.59 for 100 ml

Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion

dove essential nourishment lotion

Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion is specially formulated for normal to dry skin for long lasting softness. Pamper your skin this winter with utmost care by applying this body lotion which deeply moisturize, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It’s advanced deep care complex leaves the skin softer and smoother. It provides a rich care and nourishment to your skin.  This lotion comes in a regular white flip cap bottle with the typical Dove logo on the front. The cream is very thick in consistency and has an amazing fragrance. Use daily after bath all over the body and experience the difference in your skin.
Ingredients : Milk Cream
Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion Price in India : Rs.180 for 250 ml

Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion

nivea smooth milk

For skin that looks and feels great, use this smooth body milk by Nivea. This natural and organic body milk is a daily cream and intensive moisturizer specially developed to meet the requirements of dry skin. Enriched with Shea Butter, Gingko extract, Vitamin E and Hydra IQ 24h+ moisture technology, this lotion keeps your skin soft and hydrated all day long. It has a light texture and is easy to spread on the skin. This body lotion is easily absorbed into your skin repairing the unwanted dryness for long-lasting protection from dry skin. Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion has been dermatological proven to be safe on your skin giving visible results. It comes in an unique curvy bottle with flip cap opening. Body of this lotion is light blue in color and the cream has a non greasy texture with a pleasant mild fragrance. Use Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion every time after shower or before going out in the sun to feel the delicate touch of the smooth milk all over your body.
Ingredients : Shea Butter, Ginko, Vitamin E
Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion Price in India : Rs.218 for 250 ml

Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion

himalaya intensive moisturizing body lotion

Himalaya’s Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion is specially made with intensive natural and organic formula for dry skin. It intensely moisturizes, softens and smooths your skin. Cocoa Butter’s deep-penetrating, natural ingredients help repair and nourish skin as well as making it supple. Enriched with skin-friendly herbal ingredients, this moisturizer provides nourishment to the skin and also helps to replenish the lost moisture. This lotion is high in anti-oxidant properties that helps repair the damaged skin and ensures that you no longer complain about dry an undernourished skin. Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin improving the skin texture, Wheatgerm Oil restore skin’s elasticity, leaving it softer, smoother and more toned. Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil helps in regeneration giving you healthy skin with a natural long lasting glow. It comes in a white rectangular plastic body with a typical Himalaya green color flip covering. Gently apply lotion all over the body after bathing, slowly massage concentrating on dry areas. This daily-use intense moisturizer is available in 3 pack sizes of 100ml, 200ml, 400ml and is not recommended for oily skin.
Ingredients : Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil
Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion Price in India : Rs.250 for 400 ml

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer

neutrogena norwegian formula body lotion

This Body Moisturizer deeply moisturizes the skin, preventing it from chapping and keeps skin hydrated all through the day. This Therapeutic clinically proven lotion replenishes dry and rough skin making it smooth and soft. This non greasy, glycerin-rich lotion restores the lost moisture of your skin and is ideal for normal to dry skin. It is a long lasting body moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin instantly turning even the driest skin into soft supple skin. It comes in an opaque bottle with an easy to use flip covering. The body of the bottle is white in color with a blue color cap. Apply daily all over the body, especially after bathing to get the best results.
Ingredients : Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Chamomile
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer Price in India : Rs.399 for 250ml

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