Hair Transplant Cost in India: Current Price Details

Hair Transplant in India

The longing to maintain a youthful look and keen appearance is an omnipresent thing and no one can deny that. Many people around the world put their main focus on maintaining a fit and healthy body but they are somehow unaware and unconscious of their hair conditions and they tend to forget to put effort

How to reduce hair transplant surgery cost?

How to reduce hair transplant surgery cost

One of the common things that are often associated with hair transplantation is the cost of the surgery and post-surgery procedures. In order to reduce the hair transplant cost, many clinics offer a variety of packages either to reduce the additional costs involved with the procedure or to make sure that everything is included at

Why cheap Hair Transplant is not a good option?

Cheap Hair Transplant

Cheap hair transplant may not always achieve the desired results and this can be quite upsetting. Why it is hard to achieve these craved results with cheaper options? Also Read: How to reduce hair transplant surgery cost? The reason is that some low-cost clinics in India might employ practitioners with few to no experience in

Top 5 Herbal Anti Dandruff Hair Oils

As our hair is very much exposed to external pollution and microbial infections, it needs regular care to maintain its natural sheen and texture. These external particles affect your hair leading to severe hair fall problems. Dandruff is the most unwanted result of dry scalp and microbial infections which is the main cause of hair

Matrix Biolage Ultra HydraSource Aloe Hydrating Masque Review

Matrix Biolage UltraHydra Source Aloe Hydrating Masque Review

Hello everyone, today’s review is about the Matrix Biolage Ultra HydraSource Aloe Hydrating Masque. This hair mask is enriched with the aloe vera extracts and claims to provide intense moisture to dry and rough hair. My Experience: I have thick, super-dry, frizzy curly/wavy hair. My hair care regime involves a good moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and leave-in