Groww vs. Paytm Money Comparison for Stock & Mutual Fund Investment

Since the evolution of technology, there has been a sharp rise in application-based investment platforms that have further broadened the scope of investing. The surge in these applications has benefitted those with intent to invest, but without the time to follow up with brokers or be physically present at trading terminals. Groww and Paytm Money

Paytm Money Review for free Mutual Fund Investment in India

With the increased penetration of smartphones in India, users now have everything from e-commerce to healthcare at their fingertips. The same is also true for mutual fund investments in India.  Apps like Paytm Money make it easier for standard users to invest their hard-earned money. Earlier users would need to go through brokers or individual

Groww vs ETMONEY | Which is a better Mutual Fund Investment App?

The advent of affordable smartphones, easy access, and high penetration has significantly changed our lives. One such change is reflected in the way people choose to invest their money. Earlier, if an individual wanted to invest in mutual funds or equity stocks, he or she would either need to do it via a broker or

ET Money Review | Is it good to invest in MF through ET Money App?

The last decade has seen a massive rise in smartphone adoption in India. With the introduction of telecom technology such as 3G and 4G offering better speeds and growth in affordable smart handsets coming to market, a substantial chunk of the population now can change the way they go about day-to-day operations. One such activity

Groww vs Zerodha for Mutual fund & Stock investment – Which is better?

As we move towards a more digitally connected world, many of the traditional activities that we engage in have moved online from offline. One such conventional activity is how we invest our hard-earned money into mutual funds and the stock market. Traditionally, we have invested in mutual funds via banks, advisors, and brokers, and continue

Zerodha Review – Demat Account, Brokerage & Coin Review

Earlier, brokerage firms and their agents were seen as the only option for users to invest money in the stock market. Not only did they offer you the only channel to invest, but they also had access to data on stocks performances to help make smart decisions on investing. This data was not available to

Groww vs Upwardly – Is Upwardly better than Groww for MF investment?

The evolution of technology has resulted in the digitizing of many of our traditional activities over the years. The purpose of digitizing these activities was to save time and effort that would otherwise be required to carry out these activities. One such activity that has been revolutionized by the adoption of tech is the investment

Upwardly Review | Is it a good investment platform?

There was a time when all the investments we made would happen through a broking firm. We would need to call a stockbroker to make a trade and pay hefty commissions while doing so. Today, with the help of technology, this entire process can be executed with a few taps on your smartphone screen through

Kuvera vs Groww | Is Kuvera better than Groww?

Kuvera and Groww are two of the top mutual fund investment platforms available to the general public today. Headquartered in Bangalore, both apps gained popularity for bringing investments to the comfort of a user’s smartphone, breaking traditional methods of investing through distributors – which was cumbersome and provided limited options. These investment platforms have revolutionized

How to delete Groww account?

As the saying goes – “all good things must come to an end,” and that is very true for a user’s association with the Groww app as well. Once a user creates an account, at any point, the user can choose to initiate the process to delete Groww account as well. This article will cover