Fab Bag April 2015 Review

Hey everyone, I just received my April Fab Bag and am really excited to share the products I got in my bag. This month Fab Bag crew sent a black & white zebra print pouch with a white zipper. They also changed the shape of the pouch which I didn’t like much. This month’s theme is “The Nine to 9” and the bag is filled with some fun baths, playful makeup, must-need skincare and sexy hair.

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Contents of April Fab Bag : The bag contains only 4 products whereas 5 products are mentioned on the product list card, they forgot to send the Denman hair brush. I’ve e-mailed Fab Bag crew regarding the same and hope to get my hair brush soon. April Fab Bag includes the products from the brands like Malavara, Iraya, City Color and Denman.

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Malavara Shower Gel : The shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with silver cap. I received the Lime Vetiver variants which smells very refreshing, I just love its citrusy-fruity fragrance. This 60ml sample bottle will easily last for up to 20 baths. Malavara Shower Gel price is Rs.300 for 60ml. Click to read the full review.

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Malavara Body Lotion : The Lime Vetiver body lotion has a milky white color and has refreshing fragrance. It spreads easily, hydrates the skin well and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. This 60ml bottle will last for up to 15 usages. Malavara Body Lotion price is Rs.390 for 60mlClick to read the full review.

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City Color Blush Quad : I received the shade Pink which includes the 4 shades of pink, from light pink to peach. The packaging is not very bulky and you can easily carry it inside your purse. I really like the color and will definitely use it. City Color Blush Quad price is Rs.500.

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Iraya Anti Acne Gel : I’ve oily acne prone skin and am really excited to try this anti-acne gel. It comes in a frosty glass jar with silver cap. The face gel has a jam kind of texture and has spicy fruity-fragrance. I already have the Iraya eye gel, so I’m happy that I got this acne gel instead of eye gel. Iraya Anti Acne Gel price is Rs.325 for 50gClick to read the full review.

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Denman Hair Brush : I didn’t receive this hair brush in my Fab Bag. Denman Hair Brush price is Rs.475.

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Lastly April Fab Bag contains monthly Fab Post Magzine which contains all the products information along with some celebrity beauty tips.

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Fab Bag April 2015 Review

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