Hello everyone, today I’m sharing the review of Fab Bag June 2015 Edition. This month’s Fab Bag theme is ‘Take Charge‘ and they introduced two new brands this month – Cuccio Naturale and Ananda Spa. All the products sample came in a brownish purple leatherette pouch, they also changed the shape of the pouch. All in all I liked the pouch as it is more spacious and can easily fit in handbags.
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Contents of Fab Bag July 2015 : This month I received total of five products from brands like Cuccio Naturale, Votre, Ananda Spa and All Good Scents. Along with products they also sent their monthy Fab Post magazine which contains all the product related information. The Fab Post also contains a Rs.1000 coupon which can be redeemed at L’Occitane Spas in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Kolkata. Lets check out each product individually :

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Cuccio Colour Nail Paint – Shaking my Morocco : Cuccio is a US based beauty brand that offers a range of natural nail, hand and foot care treatment products. I got the shade Shaking my Morocco of the nail paint which is a beautiful, summery orange shade. It is highly pigmented and sets into creamy glossy finish. I really liked this nail paint and am looking forward to try it soon. The price of the Cuccio Colour Nail Paint is Rs.675 for 13ml.

Fab Bag June 2015 Review

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Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend : I received a 9.24g sample of this milk and honey butter. It comes in peach color and has a rich creamy texture. It is lightweight and moisturises the skin well. This butter can be use on hands, feet and body. The price of the Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend is Rs.2970 for 240g.

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Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 : I tried a few Votre products in the past and really liked them, so I’m happy to see this mist in my Fab Bag. It is enriched with botanical herbs and minerals. The mist comes with SPF 25 which makes it apt during the day time. The price of the Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 is Rs.980 for 100ml.

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Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Oily Skin : The Fab Bag contains a sample of this Parabens free skin moisturiser. I’ve oily skin and I received the right variant for my skin type. The moisturiser comes in milky white color and has a spicy herbal fragrance. This sample is good enough for up to 10 usages. The price of the Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Oily Skin is Rs.1350 for 50g.

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All Good Scents Perfume : Lastly they sent a men’s perfume sample as a father’s day bonus. I got the variant Rockstar that has a sweet refreshing fragrance. This perfume sample is good enough for 3-4 usages. The price of the All Good Scents Perfume is Rs.1500 for 100ml.

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  1. Vowww nice products especially the nail paint but I wish they include more cosmetics and less beauty products…..Waiting for my bag to come!! 🙂


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