DIY Facial Hair Removal at Home For Hair Free Beautiful Skin

Although facial hair is a natural phenomenon, having excess hair can be embarrassing especially for women. Various reasons contributes to this excessive facial hair growth like hormonal Imbalance, Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Certain Medicines and even after Pregnancy.


Basic Hair Removal Methods :

Shaving : Many women tend to shave up their unwanted hair but it is not advisable specially for facial hair as after shaving hair become more coarse and they grow back within few hours of shaving. Also frequent shaving makes skin dull & rough.


Waxing : Another very popular method is waxing which can make you hair-free for up to 10 -15 days depending upon different skin types. You can do it by your own or take professional’s help to get rid of unwanted hair. The negative point of waxing is that it is a quite painful process and is also not suitable for women with sensitive skin.


Plucking : Plucking is another method which women use to remove facial hair. But again it is very painful and time consuming for high growth hair. You can opt for this method if you have only few strands of hair.


Hair Removal Creams : Using hair removal creams might be painless and cheap option. I’ve never used any facial hair removal cream till date because I feel very scared of the after results of these creams. But if it is ok with you then go ahead and give it a try.


Some Advanced Hair Removal Methods :

Laser Hair Removal : There are other advanced methods like Laser Hair Removal for unwanted hair. It is more permanent hair removal method. Laser destroys hair follicle and thus reduce the hair growth. But it takes several sittings for 8-9 months depending upon the growth of hair. After that frequent touch-ups are required to remove all ingrown hair. Though it is quite expensive and might left you with scars and burn marks.


Intense Pulsed Light Treatment : There is another method called Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, it reduces the hair growth up to certain extent. Minimum of 6 sessions are required for complete hair removal. Both Laser and IPL treatments are safer when performed by certified Dermatologist.

Electrolysis : Another very famous method for facial hair removal is Electrolysis. It destroys hair follicles and removes hair completely. But this method of hair removal is very painful and about 30-35 hrs sessions are required to completely remove hair.

But not to worry Ayurveda provides us some very easy and painless home remedies to deal with this condition effectively.

Facial Hair Removal Home Remedies :

Take half a bowl of chickpea flour (besan) and add equal amount of milk, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of fresh cream and make a fine paste. Apply this mixture evenly on your cleaned face. Leave it for 20-25 minutes as it is and allow it to dry. Remove the paste by rubbing your palms in the opposite direction of your hair growth, be gentle while removing. This might irritate when you do it but it’s an effective method. Frequent use will definitely reduce hair growth. It not only reduce hair growth but also left you with soft glowing skin. For better results apply this mask once in a week.

1Another home remedy which is very helpful is lentil potato paste. Take a bowl of peeled and crushed potatoes, place it on a sieve and extract its juice, now add a bowl of crushed lentils (chana dal, soak chana dal overnight and make a paste next morning), add 4 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix it well. Apply this paste on your face. Rinse it after 15-20 min and pat your face dry. This is a very effective home remedy for facial hair removal.


There are many other home remedies to reduce facial hair growth. But always remember one thing, every one has a different skin type and it is not necessary that all these methods work the same way for all skin type. And also these remedies are effective only if used frequently and by following right recipe for each remedy. These methods do take time but are very effective. These methods will not only reduce your facial hair growth but also provides you healthy glowing skin. So choose the method you are comfortable with and share your experience with us. Your valuable feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

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  1. Facial hair in women can be quite a nuisance. It can make even the prettiest face look odd. Therefore, removing them is the only solution. However, getting it removed professionally can pinch your pockets. Therefore, home remedies to get rid of the unwanted fuzz from your face.

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