5 Fashionable Nightwear Styles Your Partner Will Love

Men are known to pay no attention to what does not interest them, but when it comes to the nightwear of their female partner, the story is totally different.


Top 5 Nightwear Styles

Women’s sleepwear is quite various and different, and there are so many choices according to personal likings and comfortability too. Women do look good in every piece of nightwear, no matter if that is some sexy lingerie or the classical softy pajama. There is something intriguing into women’s nightwear that men especially appreciate.

However, the recent studies and surveys have shown that men have their own preferences and likings, and here are the top 5 fashionable nightwear choices that your partner will just love:

1Pajama Shirt dress

Whether it is his shirt, or look-a-like pajama shirt dress, men find this type of nightwear extremely sexy. It gives them a certain pleasure in seeing the woman’s silhouette in a men’s shirt, which adds a personal touch between partners.

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Every man’s fantasy is seeing and feeling his partner in some sexy lingerie as nightwear. Many studies have shown that wearing a sexy lingerie spice up the sex life and the intimacy of a couple, so many fashion brands have adapted the sexy underwear into cozy sleepwear lingerie. If you buy various items online try Nykaa Coupons.


3Silk Cami and Tap shorts

The silk camisole and tap shorts are one of the most fashionable and sexiest versions of women’s nightwear. They are popular summer choice, but they do heat up the atmosphere in winter too. The two pieces together create a look that is sensual and romantic. These sets usually have a lace on them which adds to their beauty.


4Full-Length Pajamas

It might sound cliché, but men find the regular long pajamas equally attractive as any other sexy sleepwear. The reason for that is the warmth of the home and the security they feel when seeing their partner in regular pajamas. There is something in the regular pajamas that men adore. Try Clovia offers to find attractive deals online.



The rompers are the home cotton version of the swimsuit. With the open back and the cleavage, the romper brings the sexiness into the bedroom. These Lakme eyeliners will also make you look more attractive. It shows some skin and legs, and are pretty comfortable for sleeping too. The rompers come into cotton, silk and lacy models, so you can bring a bit of fashion into your bedroom.

Be sure that whatever you choose, the change you bring into the bedroom will be fashionable and memorable!



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