How to contact Groww customer care for any help?

While the Groww app is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, sometimes a user will need some guided help on specific questions and doubts that he or she may have. This marks the requirement for an online and offline Groww customer care support system, which we will cover in this article.

How to contact Groww customer care?

There are two ways a user can get support on the Groww app: Online customer support and offline customer support.

Online customer support

While there is no provision to connect with a customer care unit through a voice call on the app, there is a well-detailed help and support section that aids users with frequently asked questions.

Groww Help & Support Page
Source: Groww

Some of the topics covered in the help and support section are:

  • My Payments: This section offers a complete guide into past payments and transactions, and any troubleshooting that needs to be done on the same.
  • My Orders: In this section, a user can get guidance on frequently asked questions about their recent orders – available for both mutual funds and stock equity orders.
  • Track funds: This section provides a detailed deep-dive into how to manage your current funds and how to keep track of them. It includes basic troubleshooting on dashboards and updates on holdings, etc.
  • Stocks: The stocks section provides a complete guide on all the basic questions a user may have regarding the equity market in general as well as investing in stocks through the Groww app.
  • SIPs and OTM: Split between 2 sections, this provides the user clarity on systematic investment plan (SIP) and one-time mandate (OTM). The sections give an understanding of how these modes of investment work, what they mean, and any related troubleshooting as needed by the user.
  • My account: This segment refers to a user’s Groww account, and has to do with the setup and usage of it. This includes guidance on account creation, KYC validation, DEMAT account setup, queries, etc.
  • How to: Finally, the ‘How to’ section deals with the general usage of the app. There’s a detailed list of FAQs around the app setup information and customization.

Despite all this, if a user’s queries go unanswered, then they can always reach out to the customer care team via a chat-window that is available on both the website and the app in the about us section. Further, if issues still persist, users can contact customer care via email, which is discussed below in the offline customer care segment.

Groww Chat Support
Source: Groww

Offline customer support

If the app FAQs and customer support are insufficient to deal with a user query, the user can reach out to The Groww Customer Care Team will get back to the user within 24 hours. There are, however, no available customer care helpline numbers. For more information, check this link

The Bottom Line

While the Groww customer care number may be hard to find, their expansive list of frequently asked questions and guides will definitely help users resolve their queries. Further, the support executives’ quick turnaround time in replying to queries ensures a hassle-free customer experience.


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