Hair Transplant Cost in India: Current Price Details

The longing to maintain a youthful look and keen appearance is an omnipresent thing and no one can deny that. Many people around the world put their main focus on maintaining a fit and healthy body but they are somehow unaware and unconscious of their hair conditions and they tend to forget to put effort to care for their hair.

Baldness is something that many young men have to deal with it. It is usually a genetic aspect that you can’t do much about and there aren’t many remedies that can help you reduce its occurrence. Other things that may lead to your hair loss include wrong and unsafe hair products, insufficient intake of nutrition and more.

In this article, we have compiled and put together the different popular surgical hair transplant techniques used in India that will help you restore your self-esteem and regain that youthful look. More importantly, the highlight of this article will be about the Hair Transplant Cost in India and what are the different options available. As you may know, every hair transplant method comes with a price depending on the different factors.

Hair Transplant Cost in India
Hair Transplant Cost in India

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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Over a few years now, India has become a popular hub in the world for the most advanced and superior cosmetic surgeries. Thanks to the highly experienced and skilled doctors and experts in India that conduct such surgeries procedures including hair Transplant, a lot of people across the world come to India to get their hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost in India 2019

S.No.Hair Transplant TechniqueSurgery Cost in Indian Rupees( ₹ )
1.FUE Hair Transplant ₹ 35 – 75/Graft
2.FUT Hair Transplant ₹ 25 – 35/Graft
3.DHI Hair Transplant ₹ 100 – 150/Graft
4.Robotic Hair Transplant ₹ 60 – 100/Graft
5.Synthetic Hair Transplant ₹ 85 – 180/Strand

If you are wondering why people from all across the world are coming to India for this?  The answer to this question is easy. Hair transplant cost in India charges much less in comparison with other countries. They are affordable, and most importantly cost-effective. Unlike India, the United States and the United Kingdom are quite known for their expensive surgeries.

Any individual who was to conduct their surgery there, they will be charged with a high amount of money for every single session they do. However, if someone decides to undergo her/his hair transplant in India she/he will save up to 70 percent of the amount of money.

In most cases, he/she could keep in mind that the cost of hair transplant depends highly on the expected number of sessions needed to achieve the resulting outcome he/she wants as well as the technique used by the experts to accomplish that surgery.

Cost-wise, the hair transplant in India highly varies between ₹ 15 and ₹ 120 per graft that needs to be implanted depending on the clinics, experts, and conditions. If someone requires 1000 hair grafts the cost in ₹ will range from 30,000-45,000 and if he/she requires up to 2000 hair grafts then the price will start from ₹ 45,000-70,000.

One should also keep in mind that the consultation session can cost depending on the clinics from ₹ 500 to ₹ 1700. Some clinics even offer a wholly inclusive and customized package that can reach up to ₹ 30,000 and above depending on the clients’ needs and preferences.

Here are the different and most popular hair transplants techniques used in India:

FUE Hair Transplant cost in India:

One of the most common and popular hair transplants in India is the FUE also known as follicular unit extraction. When it comes to this method of hair transplant the procedure is quite difficult yet it is very effective.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure in India
FUE Hair Transplant Procedure in India

In FUE hair transplant surgery, using a large number of the tiny and secured punch of incised gashes, the hair follicles are cut straight and immediately from the backside of one’s head. After that, the surgery experts create small look-alike pockets in the precise area where the hair is going to be implanted by using a specialized cutting instrument. Once it is done, the surgeon will place the hair follicle in the small hole he made in the bald recipient sphere.

Until then, the grafted areas will be covered with a bandage to make sure it is protected and that it can heal on its own over a period of time. This is by far the most well known and conducted a hair transplant procedure for many customers.

Cost-wise, the FUE hair transplant is very affordable in India. No matter how many sessions you are required to attend, the cost will always be much less expensive compared to other countries. This type of hair transplant usually costs around 35 to 75 Rupees ($0.43-0.65) per graft unit.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in India
FUE Hair Transplant Cost in India

FUT Hair Transplant cost in India:

Another popular hair transplant method used by many customers. FUT, also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation, is quite distinct from that of FUE hair transplant surgery.  This method requires the identification of a large section of the backside of the head where the procedure will take place.

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure in India
FUT Hair Transplant Procedure in India

This head section should be convenient and feasible for a health and normal hair germination at least for a couple few inches tall. Using a blade, the surgeon will extract lengthy inches from the scalp skin to cut it up into tiny sections with the support of magnifying glass. After that, these small sections received will be implanted later on in the area desired to grow hair.

Cost-wise, the FUT hair transplant cost in India is less expensive when we link it to the FUE procedure. It is, in fact, one of the cheapest hair transplant procedures used, the costs vary around 25 Rupees to 35 rupees per graft unit.

The price though can range differently according to the level of skills and expertise of the surgeon and its efficient surgery. The highest total cost for 1000 hair grafts can reach up to ₹ 40,000. Sometimes, not to forget to mention 1000 grafts to 4000 grafts can be achieved in 1 to 2 sessions. This makes the whole procedure cost-effective and convenient.

FUT Hair Transplant Cost in India
FUT Hair Transplant Cost in India

DHI Transplant cost in India:

A different common technique used for hair transplant in India is the Direct Hair Implantation also known as DHI. In this method, the follicles of the hair are implanted directly into the expected area that needs to be treated one by one. There are a couple of things that you might want to know be undergoing this kind of hair transplant procedure is that this technique is very precise and definite.

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure in India
DHI Hair Transplant Procedure in India

The implanted hair follicles are fixed in a particular position, depth, and standpoint (angle direction). The best thing about this method is its satisfying result. The outcome of the surgery looks totally natural and consistent. More importantly, the implanted hair will continue to grow constantly with no problems or potential side effects.

Cost-wise, the DHI surgery is known to be quite expensive compared with the two above mentioned techniques. This is because of the use of a special tool in this procedure to help get the wanted and desired results. This is one of the most advanced practices used for hair transplantation. It usually costs between ₹ 100 to reach ₹ 150/170 per follicle unit (1 to 2 dollars per graft).

That means 500 grafts will cost around ₹ 70,000 to ₹ 75,000 (around 719 and 1079 dollars). Also, please keep in mind that the costs can vary depending on the clinic, and other factors that can affect the price. We will go through these factors later on in this article.

DHI Hair Transplant Cost in India
DHI Hair Transplant Cost in India

Robotic Hair Transplant cost in India:

When it comes to the latest innovation to hair implantation we can definitely state into our list the robotic hair transplant surgery. This is one of the most noted progressions in the technology of FUE surgery procedures. In this method, the surgeon uses one of the latest made robots for harvesting grafts. It happens quickly and effectively making it convenient and cost-effective.

Robotic Hair Transplant in India
Robotic Hair Transplant in India

Two main steps are required for this technique. The first one is the follicular unit harvesting which is mainly conducted by the robot capabilities itself by using a dual punch graft system. Second, we have the recipient area creations where the follicle is expected to be placed.

These two mentioned steps make it easy for the surgeon to operate Follicular Unit Extraction with exceptional accuracy and exactness for ultimate follicle storage and securitization.

The robotic technology for hair restorations is also an expensive technique used by many clinics for their customer’s desired and expected results. The cost of Robotic hair transplant in India ranges between ₹ 60 to ₹ 100 per follicle unit graft (around 0.87 -1.43 dollars). Depending on the number of grafts required and demanded by the doctors to achieve expected results, the price varies accordingly. For example, if the surgeon indicates that there is a need of 1000 grafts, the expected price for this surgery will be something around ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 1,00,000. This is mainly around 860-1500 Dollars.

Robotic Hair Transplant Cost in India
Robotic Hair Transplant Cost in India

Synthetic Hair Transplant cost in India

Rounding up the list of the most popular and common techniques used by qualified experts and surgeons in the hair implantation procedure with the Synthetic hair transplant also known as the artificial hair transplant. This technique is quite distinct and different from the other mentioned techniques.

Artificial Hair Transplant in India
Artificial Hair Transplant in India

Special implant tools are used in this procedure. These devices used for the procedure are produced with artificial fiber and they are compatible with living tissues. That means that they don’t create a toxic response when displayed to the human body. The artificial hair is, in fact, sturdier and long-lasting than the natural organic human hair.

The implementation procedure is quite easy and effective; the surgeon places each hair beneath the anesthetized area of the scalp one by one and secures it deeply and firmly.

Cost-wise, the synthetic hair transplant in India cost varies according to various factors. However, the commonly known price for this technique is a bit on the expensive side to reach up to ₹ 180 per strand. The starting price is usually ₹ 85.

This technique is effective and convenient for those who don’t have much time to go through a whole long process or simply don’t acquire sufficient donor area. It saves time and money, as the whole process can take one session to be done.

Cost of Hair Transplant in body parts other than the scalp:

When we usually hear about hair transplants, some of the common thoughts we have either head hair loss, baldness or other things related to hair loss in general. However, hair transplant can happen at a different level of the human body depending on the personal needs and preferences. It can just happen for people who have hair loss at the level of the scalp.

In this section, we are going to deal with other body parts where hair transplant can take place. Most importantly we are going to highlight the cost of hair transplant in these areas and more specifically in India.

Generally, the price of body hair transplants in India ranges between ₹ 85 and ₹ 110 per graft. Of course, one should keep in mind that several other factors can affect the price. As you can tell the prices of Body hair transplants in India are quite expensive.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Cost:

There is a reason why eyebrows are located in the upper side centers of our face, they add beauty to the eyes especially if they were thick and match perfectly with the eyes shapes. Nevertheless, not all people are bestowed with beautiful eye-catching and attractive eyebrows. Yet, with technological and medical advancement, everything seems possible these days. You can easily get beautifully shaped eyebrows by getting yourself an eyebrow hair transplant.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India
Eyebrow Hair Transplant in India

There is one thing you should know that this kind of aesthetic surgery is quite challenging and difficult to perform to achieve that very satisfying result you desire.

However, with the availability of qualified and skilled experts, you don’t need to worry much about it. In India, the eyebrow hair transplant can be performed either by the FUE procedure or with the strip approach. Both are effective and offer an impressive outcome.

The best thing about getting your eyebrow hair transplant in India is the affordable price and the impressive result, unlike other countries.

The questions to be asked right now, how many grafts are needed for this kind of hair implants?

The number of grafts that you will need for this type of hair transplant depends highly on the shape, design, and thickness desired by the individual itself. For this reason, the number of follicles per unit will vary accordingly. Generally, the average number of hair strands in the eyebrow counts up to 450-500 grafts per eyebrow. As the price determined in other hair transplant procedures by the number of follicles implanted, the same thing is used for this technique. Nevertheless, the eyebrow hair transplant in India cost around ₹ 25,000 to 70,000.

Facial Hair Transplant Cost (Beard & Moustache):

Apart from the scalp and the eyebrows, other parts of our body where hair transplant can take place are the mustache and beard area. There are many common cases where individuals are treated for such hair loss and they want to regain the hair at this area or simply gain some hair in this area for a desired outer appearance.

Facial Hair Transplant in India (Beard & Mustache)
Facial Hair Transplant in India (Beard & Mustache)

As you may know, many men believe that the mustache and beard are the symbols of a male and his masculinity. And many male individuals can lose their confidence and self-esteem because of the lack of facial hair (personal problem)

The good thing, that facial hair transplant is a popular and possible solution and more importantly it is cost-effective. Cost-wise, the facial hair transplant (either mustache or beard, most cases beard) is more or less quite affordable but it is not cheap for sure. The average cost of this kind of hair transplant is around ₹ 25 to ₹ 35 per graft. The overall price, in this case, can reach up to ₹ 80,000. The starting cost rates around ₹ 35,000.

However, one should keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the clinic, the surgeon skills, and expertise, the location in India and other different factors.  It can also depend on the texture of the person’s hair, the area to be covered. So mainly depending on the personal needs and preferences, the overall price can be determined in that way.

Female Hair Transplant – How much does it cost?

Hair transplant in India can be a heaven for a female who is facing hair loss and cannot undergo a hair transplant surgery in their countries due to the very high prices offered by clinics and hospitals.

Female Hair Transplant in India
Female Hair Transplant in India

However, in India, the procedure can be quite effective, time and money saver. Unlike the male hair transplant procedure, the female hair transplantation technique requires exerting small accumulations of hair follicles from one section of the head where the hair grows naturally and in a normal process to implant them in the area of hair loss.

As you may know, women cannot go fully bald like men; they can have patches of hair loss in different areas of the head. The reason why many females come to India to receive their hair transplant surgery is primarily due to the price and efficiency of the surgery. They are low cost and they can be done immediately with no need for a waiting period. While the cost of hair transplant can vary depending on certain factors, the cost per follicle unit costs a maximum of ₹ 80 which is considered a good amount of money for such kind of surgery. It is affordable and accessible to everyone who meets the eligibility for hair transplants.

PRP Hair Treatment cost in India:

This therapy approach can be suitable for both male and female who seek for hair restoration. The distinctive aspect of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is the fact that it is non- surgical. That means it operates as an alternative method for hair restoration that happens all naturally with no need for advanced technology and surgery tools.

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure in India
PRP Hair Treatment Procedure in India

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses the person’s own blood for the treatment procedure by injection. The injection happens at the level of the scalp by a delicate needle.

Once the injection step takes place, the rest happens naturally as the cells of the person’s blood will stimulate the hair to grow naturally and at the same time to improve the blood circulation in the scalp area. The main advantage of using this method is the hair follicle will enter a stimulated rapid and intense growth phase due to the PRP.

This method is also commonly used in India. The cost of this therapy session can range from ₹ 4500 up to ₹ 15,000 per session. However, some of the clinics can even offer you 1 free PRP session. Nevertheless, the prices can vary depending on many factors that include the clinic location, the level of expertise, the number of sessions and the quality of tools and equipment used for this hair restoration technique.

The average price per session of PRP hair restoration treatment in India can vary depending on the city. check out the minimum and maximum cost per city:

PRP Treatment Cost Per Session in India 2019

Location Min Cost Max Cost
Hyderabad ₹ 5000 ₹ 12,000
Bangalore ₹ 5300 ₹ 13,500
Chennai ₹ 4800 ₹ 12,500
Pune ₹ 5000 ₹ 14,000
Kolkata ₹ 5250 ₹ 13,000
Kochi ₹ 5000 ₹ 12,000
Vizag ₹ 4700 ₹ 11,500
Mumbai ₹ 4,500 ₹ 14,000
Delhi ₹ 4000 ₹ 15,000

These prices numbers are based on the PRP hair restoration clinics/centers across various cities in India

Cost of Hair transplant in some of the best Clinics in India:

S.No.ClinicsCost ( ₹ )*
1.Richfeel ₹ 60,000
2.Dr. Batra ₹ 18,000 -30,000
3.EugenixPackage-1: ₹ 120/Graft
Package-2: ₹ 75/Graft
Package-3: ₹ 60/Graft
4.Medispa ₹ 25 – 130/Graft
5.Vcare ₹ 80,000
6.Darling Buds ₹ 99/Graft

*It is difficult to say the exact cost for Hair Transplant in a clinic as there are many factors involved in finalizing the cost.

One of the most important factors that impact the cost variation of the hair transplant in India is the location of the surgery itself, where people chose to undergo this procedure.

For those who don’t know, there are plenty of clinics and centers that offer hair transplantation for Indians and foreigners as well. However, it is quite important for people who want hair implantation to make throughout research about the clinics where they want to have their surgery and to ask previous customers about their experiences there so they can have an overall idea of what to expect and what not to expect.

References are essential as they can affect your whole experience and journey. One other thing that comes hand in hand with the location of the surgery is the one who is doing the surgery itself. While India is quite famous for its qualified and skilled experts who pursued their medical studies abroad and came back to benefit the country at first hand, it is important to choose the best of the best sometimes.

Everything comes with a cost, and if you want a skilled and experienced specialist you might be charged a little bit more than usual. One thing is guaranteed, however, is that with skills with good reputation clinics you can and desired results.

In this section, we referred to a couple of clinics and doctors are quite famous in India when it comes to hair transplants. One should bear in mind however, that the costs vary from one to another depending on different aspects.

Before we jump right into it, here is a glimpse on the average costs of the best hair transplant in several cities in India(in Rs). :

  • Mumbai 40,000 to 1,40,000 (35 to 40 rupees per graft)
  • Bangalore 35,000 to 1,20,000 (30 to 35 rupees per graft)
  • Chennai 30,000 to 50,000 (30 to 35 rupees per graft)
  • Delhi 80,000 to 1,25,000 (30 to 45 rupees per graft)
  • Nagpur 68,000 to 95,000 (20 to 40 rupees per graft)
  • Hyderabad 50,000 to 1,00,000 (25 to 45 rupees per graft)
  • Pune 35,000 to 1,00,000 (20 to 45 rupees per graft)
  • Kolkata 75,00,000 to 1,00,000 (40 to 45 rupees per graft)

Richfeel Hair Transplant cost:

RichFeel is one of the most popular clinic destinations for many people around the world. The clinic uses one of the world’s most innovative techniques that are usually operated by skilled and certified surgeons. This technique is called the Aesthetic Hair implant.

With an experience of over 30 years, Richfeel has offered the best results possible to its customers. Satisfaction and the quality of result outcomes are the priorities of the surgeon who work there.

The clinic center is open for those who have big or small hair loss issues, scalp issues, and other hair problems. The procedures happen within a licensed treatment and tricho- effective medicines.

When it comes to hair transplant cost in RichFeel, it totally depends on various factors. Some of these factors include the status of baldness and required grafts that are needed to achieve desired results and the chosen technique to be implemented.

Generally, the cost is around Rs 60000 in addition to the taxes. However, in order to know the exact cost of the hair transplant needed in your case, the clinic requires you to demand a prior assessment that will help them figure out the amount of hair needed for the hair transplant procedure in your case.

For more information about hair transplant cost in Richfeel, contact them directly through their website: Here is the link to their website:

Dr. Batra hair transplant cost:

If you were to do a hair transplant in India and have done enough research about it you will probably come across Dr. Batra. Dr. Batra is the Robert Olding Award winner and the first Trichologist in India. He is known for his exceptional and distinguished accomplishment as well as peculiar endeavor and interest in the world of Trichology.

For this reason, Dr. Batra has opened his 55 Positive Health Clinics established as Homeopathy with more than 300 skills specialties performing surgeries all year long. Recognized as one of the most cost-effective clinics in India to fight against hair loss, Dr. Dabra clinics have gained popularity over the years to grow stronger and popular.

When it comes to hair transplant cost in Dr. Batra Homeopathy clinic, the prices vary depending on the area to be covered. However, generally speaking, the Hair treatment price ranges around ₹ 18,000 to ₹ 30.000(depending on your case).

If you were to take the yearly plan that costs around ₹ 18,000, you will be offered a treatment package that can work for your own benefits. These advantages include free check-ups and all-inclusive medicine during the year-long, easy reference to senior experts in the field and other free hair treatments that you can use. The best thing about all these benefits mentioned is the fact you get free home delivery of our medicines and the consultations are charged only for the first one.

For more information about hair transplant cost in Dr. Batra’s clinic center, contact them directly via their website: here is the link to their website:

Eugenix Hair Transplant Cost:

Managed by two skilled and certified knowns surgeons, Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal, Eugenix is another popular destination for hair transplant surgeries. They provide high-level surgeries that meet international patterns and norms.

Two of the most commonly used techniques at this exclusive center is the DHT and FUE. The overall result is impressive and cost-effective. In conjunction with the latest hair transplant techniques implemented, Eugenix is gaining popularity among foreigners who seek to undergo their hair transplant surgeries in India.

When it comes to the cost of hair transplant at Eugenix, the prices vary depending on the different available packages offered by the center. The center clinic sets a fee structure for their customers so the later is aware of their money distribution. The determined price is set to offer the customer with the appropriate services.

While the prices are categorized in terms of different packages, the managers believe that India still offers a vital variation in the cost of hair transplant price compared with other countries. The customer can save up to 70% of the money as we previously mentioned.

The first package offered by Eugenix is the Comprehensive and Exclusive Package. In this kit, the cost of hair transplant costs around ₹ 120 per follicles unit. This is by far the most expensive package on the list. The quality of this pack comes from the fact that everything is planned, designed and supervised by the two main surgeons of the clinic.

The second package offered by Eugenic is the Comprehensive Package. In this kit, the cost of hair transplant costs around ₹ 75 per follicles unit. This is the second most expensive package available in the clinic center. The preparation and the sketching of the hair transplant surgery are also done by the two main surgeons in the clinic who are Dr. Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr. Arika Bansal. Other benefits included in this kit are the transportation from the airport, accommodation, and meals for a SINGLE night are free.

The third package offered by Eugenic is the Complete Package. In this kit, the cost of hair transplant costs around ₹ 60 per follicles unit. This is the second most expensive package available in the clinic center. The preparation and the sketching of the hair transplant surgery also done by the two main surgeons in the clinic who are Dr. Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr. Arika Bansal with the assistance of other experienced doctors or trainers. In this package, a special discount is offered to the customers that reach up to 20% for a booking that is confirmed prior to 90 days in advance.

However, one should note that all the previously mentioned prices are exclusive of taxes.

For more information about hair transplant cost in Engenix ‘s clinic center, contact them directly via their website: here is the link to their website:

Medispa Hair transplant cost:

Led by Dr. Suneet Soni, the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centers that are located in both Jaipur and Delhi cities are one of the leading establishments in the Hair Transplant domain in India. The first center was founded in 2005 and has been gaining popularity ever since.

The center is internationally recognized as the world’s most high-grade aesthetic hair implantation center distinguished with his skills and qualified specialists and field experts. The center is outfitted with the latest and most advanced hair transplantation technologies in the world.

When it comes to the cost of hair transplant in the Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centers, many factors are taken into consideration that is usually accompanied by the hair transplant surgery process. However, generally speaking, the cost of hair transplant ranges from ₹ 25-130. But still, it can range accordingly to one’s needs and preferences.

For more information about hair transplant cost in Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center, contact them directly via their website: here is the link to their website:

Vcare Hair Transplant Cost:

VCare is a specialized hair clinic that focuses mainly on hosting surgical and non-surgical hair approaches and practices.

Gaining popularity over the years since its establishment in 2014, the clinics are recognized for using high technology tools and innovative techniques for hair transplant procedures. Some of these techniques include DHI or Direct HairImplant (HDI) for hair restoration.

Supported by a large number of doctors and experts, the clinic offers his customers and client s free medical counseling with a specialized expert via an online meeting. However, if your case is urgent, the clinic also offers complete and inclusive support and coaching assistance.

Besides that, the doctors in Vcare are highly skilled and qualified doctors who are certified in medical treatments. Moreover, they have strong alignment with their patients and they build strong trust with them for a fully satisfactory and oriented result.

Cost-wise, the center clinic does not display its costs on the homepage as you have to go through a prior assessment to your condition and based on that you can know how much you will pay for your condition.

However, generally speaking, and depending on other people’s reviews, the Year package price in Vcare usually costs around ₹ 80,000. However, in order to know the exact amount of money that you need depending on your hair conditions and status it is better to go through the whole assessment procedure.

For more information about hair transplant cost in VCare, contact them directly via their website: here is the link to their website:

Darling Buds Hair Transplant Cost:

Rounding up the lists of the best and well-known clinics center in India that has the best hair transplant surgeries procedure, we have Drwell-known. Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic. This one is another great clinic founded in Chandigarh city in India. It is recognized and proven to be one of the popular clinics at the international level that is specialized in the FUE hair implantation.

When it comes to the price of hair transplant in these clinics the prices vary according to packages offered by the clinic itself. Let’s take a look at the different kit packages available.

The first package offered by Darling Buds is the Premium Package. In this kit, the cost of hair transplant costs around ₹ 99 (USD 1.41) per graft(including 18% tax). This is by far the most expensive package. The quality of this pack comes from the fact that everything is included from prior consultation to hair planning and design to graft harvesting and other more.

Regarding the logistics, the customer can benefit from the following advantages offered in the kit:

  • Transportation from the airport to the clinic.
  • Accommodation for three whole nights in one of the hotels in partner with clinics (you can check out the list of hotels included on their website).
  • All laboratory analyses.
  • Free medicines – Propecia and Rogaine for about 180 days.
  • Also, finally, a stay of 5 days at a villa to get to know more about the beauty of India.

The second package offered by Darling Buds is the Standard Package. In this kit, the cost of hair transplant costs around ₹ 89(USD 1.27) per graft (including 18% tax). This is by far the most inexpensive package.

Regarding the logistics, the customer can benefit from the following advantages offered in the kit:

  • Transportation from the airport to the clinic
  • all laboratory analyses

For more information about hair transplant cost in Darling Buds Clinic, contact them directly via their website: here is the link to their website:

Surgical vs. Non-surgical Hair Transplant – How the cost varies?

Due to many internal and external factors, losing hair is becoming a pretty common issue amongst youth an older people as well.  For this reason, we are witnessing on a daily basis new advancement whether technologically or non-technologically to find an alternative in order to be able to fight against this issue.

Two of the commonly used techniques when it comes to fighting hair loss is by either going for a hair transplant (which is a pretty common method) or simply go for a hair replacement (and this is pretty much used among those who do not prefer undergoing surgery).

While both services for a common cause, the main difference between surgical and non-surgical hair restoration is the cost of each one of them.

The cost, in this case, varies depending on various factors.

One thing we should know that non- surgical hair transplants are pretty much cheaper than the surgical ones the factors that distinguish this variation in cost are mainly the size, the depth and the length of the hair to be implanted or replaced in both of the two different scenarios. Besides that, another factor that can affect both these methods is the location where you will conduct your hair treatment. The location can be a crucial point in the price range.

Why Hair Transplant is expensive in India?

Generally, hair transplants costs in India are relatively low, if we were to compare them to the ones conducted in American and Europe. However, certain factors may increase the cost of the surgery and consequently, the procedure becomes more expensive than it was expected. We have talked about this in the section dealing with the factors that might affect your hair transplant cost. Make sure to check it out.

But to briefly sum up, surgery can become expensive in India is either due to the package you opted for at the consultation session or because the clinics hire very high skilled surgeons that demand extra charges compared to other clinics. In both cases, certain factors might alter the cost of your surgery.

What are some low-cost hair transplant options available in India?

India is amid the uppermost destined countries for medical tourism. Every year thousands of foreign visitors come to India for medical purposes and this is mainly because India offers great facilities and most importantly affordable prices for all without comprising results and desired outcomes.

In fact, medical treatment in India costs almost 3 times cheaper than medical treatment in other European and western countries. And for this reason, India is also perceived as one of the top countries to proceed with hair transplant operations thanks to affordable and cost-effective prices.

Some of the low-cost hair transplant options that are available in India that we have previously mentioned are FUE, FUT, and DHI. These 3 are considered budget-friendly hair transplant techniques that most people can afford. While the price varies even amongst them, the cost of each one of these techniques is still cheap and inexpensive compared to other methods used. We can also mention the PRP which is also a pretty common method used for hair transplantation and that does not require surgery.

This one can be quite affordable and cost-effective. And because there are plenty of clinics that offer these modern hair restoration methods, one can choose the one that goes with his budget, needs, and preferences.

What factors determine the cost of Hair Transplant?

The following are some of the factors which determine the cost –

  • Stage of Baldness
  • Hair Transplant Technique
  • Combination of Techniques
  • Desired Density
  • Cost per graft
  • Donor area hair quality
  • Number of sitting
  • Plastic Surgeon Expertise & Qualification
  • Complexity of Surgery
  • Clinic/Hospital Location & Infrastructure
  • Medical Tourism

If you are planning to undergo hair transplant surgery, you have to know and understand the fact that other different factors can affect the overall price of this whole procedure.

Like any other medical treatment, most center clinics will charge the customers according to his condition and status some additional money for their operation services which are quite common.

In this section, we want to shed light on some of the sectors if not all in order to make sure that all the patients won’t be confused about the various price range and the cost of treatments in general.

One thing one should keep in mind is that the clinics have a fee structure that they usually follow and provide the patients to know and be aware of the different factors and conditions they set the final price structure.

Stage of Baldness:

The first thing the specialized surgeon or the physician will look out for when you desire a hair transplant operation is your current scalp status. This is a very important factor as it will indicate other determinants that can affect the surgery itself such as the area to be covered and more.

According to the Norwood rate measuring of the baldness progression over time; it divides this progress into 7 principle grades of hair loss. The final stage of baldness is usually regarded as the most severe grade since only the horseshoe section is left with some hair at both sides and the backside of the head. With that being said, the more the area is depicted with hair loss and baldness the more the number of grafts required will increase. And with every increase of required grafts, the price goes up. So, for the first phases of baldness, the identified person will only need a small number of grafts per unit compared to one who is at the last stage of baldness

Hair Transplant Technique:

This is where you have to choose what kind of hair transplant technique you want to undergo. While there are different techniques that you can choose from (previously mentioned above), two of the most commonly used and the most affordable ones are the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit extraction).

Now when it comes to FUT, there is an ongoing debate about the scars that can be left on the scalp. However, surgeons are claiming that these scars can be made less unseen with the new advanced technique used for injury cessation recognized as the Trichophytic closure. Ever since it has been used on clients, there are positive reviews and testimonies regarding the FUT in support of the Trichophytic closure for scar finish.

This technique is commonly used for those who have a higher degree of baldness.

When it comes to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), this technique is quite easier. However, there might be a hazard of overharvesting from a safe donor area. If there is an undue and excessive amount of hair follicles are plucked from that section. If this happens, the safe donor area will become non-aesthetic and may damage the overall hair look results.

Combination of Techniques:

On many different occasions, the combination of two hair transplant techniques can occur to meet the expected results. The FUE ‘follicular unit extraction’ and strip Harvest surgery can be combined in one meeting to increase the number of hair. Also, the combination of both FUT and FUE is quite common as well.

This is mainly when the extraction of hair follicles will be done from other parts of the body and not the scalp occipital area. The other parts of the body include the chest hair, the shoulders, the pubic area, and other potential body hair sections.

Desired Density:

One of the many things that the surgeon looks for when he will operate on our hair transplant operation is to look for the hair density desired by the client and see if it is applicable in his/her case or not. The desired density is also one of the many important factors that can affect and vary the cost of hair transplant surgery.

As you may know, not all of the people have the same level of baldness, each his/her own baldness or loss of hair patches on the scalp, depending on the person status, and the condition of the safe donor density will be taking into consideration as well as the required number of grafts for this procedure. These two will also determine correspondingly and significantly the overall price of the hair implantation.

One should bear in mind that after the hair transplant surgery, the hair will start growing starting from the 4th month in a different area of the head. Therefore, there is no need to worry, if you see the hair growing partly and will enter a shedding phase. The whole post-surgery procedure will take up to 12 months to see some visual results.

Cost per Graft:

In India and the world in general, the whole price of the hair implantation is typically based on the cost per follicle unit (graft). For those who are not familiar with these concepts, let me briefly break it down for you The graft also known as follicle unit is a simple cluster of hair that usually includes around 1 to 4 hair strands.

Cost per Graft

Depending on the technique that will be used for the hair transplant surgery, the cost of the graft varies accordingly. The minimum cost of the hair transplant per follicle unit is around ₹ 30 and it can reach up to ₹ 130 depending on the other factors mentioned. To sum up, the required number of grafts needed to proceed with the surgery will decide eventually the actual price of the hair transplant.

Donor area Hair quality:

In hair transplant surgeries, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), different practices are done to achieve the desired result.

Usually, the required grafts are harvested from the donor area where the hair grows naturally at the backside and the two (left and right) sides of the head. The donor area is usually where the hair can rarely be lost.

Depending on the different techniques that are available in India, choosing the donor area is crucial and significant to the whole surgery process. The skilled specialist will be the one responsible for selecting the perfect are for follicle extraction.

The donor area needs to be healthy and not prone to hair loss. The surgeon also needs to be skilled and experienced when it comes to extracting the grafts from the donor area and not damaging it. Any potential damage might affect the growth of the extracted hair in the new area.

Many traits need to be present in the donor area to be eligible for the whole procedure. These traits include the color of the hair, its texture and other important traits that will be later on identified by the surgeon.

In some cases, the donor area cannot provide a sufficient amount of grafts (limited and have minimum number) to the recipient area. In this case, the surgeon will have to opt for other donor areas by using combined techniques to harvest these follicles. One of these techniques is the BHT, Body Hair Transplant when the extraction of the grafts happens at different body parts apart from the scalp itself. These body parts include chest, legs, pubic and more. All this will depend on the condition of the donor area after all.

The number of sitting:

One of the ongoing debates in this hair transplant domain is whether the surgeon should carry a staged hair restoration or just go for mega sessions.

In the old times, the hair transplant surgery will be usually performed in multiple surgical sessions depending on the scale of the person baldness. In the average session, the surgeon can cover around 300 grafts maximum. And each of these sessions will be performed separately each 3 to 4 months apart.

In general, there should be around 3 to 4 sessions per person. But again, it also depends on the factor of the scalp condition. Using this method, the full results can only be seen at the end of two years which is quite a long time.

Unlike the traditional way, more grafts are being implanted per session during the last few years. This is mainly thanks to many aspects including technological advancement as well as the availability of more high skilled surgeons that can carry on such technique.

However, these mega sessions are quite lengthy and take so much time to get the job done. It can take up to 8 hours per session. Not only that but it also demands the presence and the assistance of other trainers and clinic staff to help with the procedure.

Many clients, however, will recommend the mega sessions, because they can see the desired results in a shorter period, unlike the staged sessions. Not only that, a shorter time will require only a few surgeries and this is quite in the advantage of the client financially and psychologically.

Plastic Surgeon Expertise & Qualification:

While there are plenty of clinic centers in India that offer hair transplants to clients, they don’t all have certified and qualified surgeons to carry out these surgeries. This can put the person in charge of the hair implantation in big risk. The hair transplant procedure is not an easy one and demands a lot of high skills and technique sensitivity.

This is why It should be always carried by a highly skilled and qualified surgeon who has the expertise and deep experience in the cosmetic field and aesthetic domain in general. The surgery procedure requires to be operated by an absolute accuracy and by tracking an artistic touch to plan and craft the natural hairline design that will be followed.

Only surgeons who have enough confidence can perform such surgeries without the risk of any potential damage. Any damage will not only affect the person who is getting the hair transplant but it will also affect the doctor and the clinic’s reputation. The skills and expertise of the surgeon will high effect the cost of the surgery as well.

If you are seeking someone professional who knows what he’s doing and knows how to get the job done perfectly and persistently, then you should know that the cost of the surgery will increase accordingly. Make sure to choose wisely.

The complexity of Surgery:

While hair transplant might sound like an easily performed surgery, It requires certain criteria and demands that need to be met to proceed with it.  As you may know that most of the work associated with hair transplant surgery requires planning and designing a hairline that looks natural and that matches with overall shape and features of your face.

The complexity of the surgery prevails in the level of skills and expertise of the surgeon, the one technique user or the combined techniques used and most importantly the type of the head skin of the donor area where the hair will be extracted.

The obtained skin hair grafts are crucial in this surgery. Depending on what type of skin, the level of complexity and difficulty vary. For example, if you have a hard skin type, the procedure of hair extraction can be difficult and troublesome as the surgeon needs to be more careful and precise. Consequently, the price level will increase accordingly.

Clinic/Hospital Location & Infrastructure:

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the location where you choose to undergo the surgery. I think we have tackled this point somewhere in the previously mentioned titled. Make sure to check it out for further details.

However, generally speaking, the location of the clinic or hospital will somehow considerably affect the price of the hair implantation procedure. As you can tell, once you start searching for clinics in India to do your surgery, you will notice the difference and variety of clinics available to offer such a service.

And depending on their locations in different parts of the country, the price will vary accordingly. They don’t all offer the same price for hair grafts. For example, the cost of Hair Transplant in the city center is much different from the cost of hair transplantation in other cities.

Another aspect you should look for while located at the clinic location is the reputation and popularity of that clinic in regards to the hair transplant surgeries and its costs at the same time.

Medical Tourism:

Nowadays, when we talk about medical tourism, we talk about India. This is thanks to its affordability, high skilled doctors and its cost-effective results. Medical services and medical education are no different than any other country around the globe.

Doctors in India have proved themselves over the year with their high-level expertise and knowledge in the medical domain, winning different awards and graduating from internationally standardized universities.  Why India is the destination of my foreigners for medical purposes? the answer to this question is an obvious one.

India offers a cost-effective procedure to different medical services including surgeries, treatments, therapies, and other varied services. These services are accompanied by relatively more economical food, accommodation, transportation, and test costs making it worth every single price.

India offers international patients a short notice visit for prior appointments. In this case, the patient will not only be able to be treated at an affordable price but he/she will discover the beauty of India while his duration there.

Some of the factors that make India one of the medical tourism hubs include the utility of modern technologies in their surgeries and operations, high-level quality of implants, skills and certified doctors with international exposure in terms of expertise, good exchange rates, the use of English language makes it easier for communication, and finally and most importantly is the added value on cost and the condition of treatments.

India mHealth Market

Post Hair Transplant recovery cost:

Depending on the person, one can experience the post-procedure pains that can accompany the surgery later on. And for this reason, you might be required to receive pain medication to help you in this recovery period at least for a couple of days.

Usually, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and pain killers are the most common medicines will be handed to the patient for daily intakes to avoid any swellings, infections or discomfort. These medicines are often prescribed by the cosmetologist right after the surgery.

A normal person can return to the daily lives and continue with their pursuits after one or two week’s maximum of the surgery,

The cosmetologist may also order a specific type of medication that will help the patients stimulate and restore hair growth. All these, of course, come with a price, unless they are included in the offered package you opted for at the beginning of your journey.

In worst-case scenarios, the surgeon might need to do further final touches to your surgery to make it look more natural and matches your facial features and the overall outlook appearance. For this reason, you might want to expect this kind of post-surgery procedure.

Hair Transplant Finance Options in India:

If you are looking for financing and payment options, almost all of the clinics offer certain financial support to its clients whether by using the EMI plan or without it.

Many clinics understand that hair transplant costs can be very expensive for some people and not all of them can afford to pay at one time. Fortunately, there are plenty of available and beneficial financing and payment choices to make hair transplant a certainty for all.

One of the common and popular financing methods is the EMI option. For those who are not familiar with EMI. It basically stands for Estimated Monthly Installments. As the name entails this method can help the customer to receive the hair transplant surgery instantly while paying for it conveniently in bits during an elongated period of time in the future. The best thing about this option is the fact that there is no added interest to the already scheduled amounts.

Via EMI Network, Bajaj Finserv, Indian based corporate that tackles the financial services of the Bajaj Group, grants consumers an EMI financing card for lifecare assistance. The card is loaded with a promptly approved loan that can reach up to Rs.4 lakh.

This is a very attractive deal for someone who is looking for an alternative financing option for hair implantation surgery. The period of the loan payment is extended from 3 months to 24 months, making the whole payment process quite flexible and convenient.

Not to forget to mention, that consumers can also opt for personal loans that can help them carry on with their surgery. After all, it is not obligatory to reveal your personal loan prospects.

In India, one of the best ways to request a personal loan is by using the MyloanCare platform. This later is one of the ever-growing online marketplaces in India for financial support. It offers you a variety of offers depending on your eligibility criteria.

For more information on how to get a loan, check out their official website;

Insurance for Hair Transplant in India:

The problem with insurance when it comes to hair transplant is that most companies that are supposed to cover health insurance perceive this surgery as cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, therefore, most of them do no cover the procedure.

Before we jump into anything, let us first understand the health insurance policy. The health insurance policy offers the insured person the necessary and essential protection and security in the face of unexpected deadly or risky medical costs. However, one should note that there are certain medical procedures that are not covered by the standardized health insurance policy.

Hair transplant, in general, has always been regarded as cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries. For this reason, they are not considered a medical necessity. What does it mean a medical necessity? When we talk about medical necessity we talk about a surgery that can have a turning point affect on the overall health of the person and in this case, hair transplant can have almost no crucial change or effect on the life expectancy with or without it.

Nevertheless, man clinics perceived that hair loss can create psychological effects on the person in regard to his self-confidence and self-esteem. To this end, certain insurance companies might be able to cover it.

Hair transplant cost calculator – How does it work?

Once you are eligible for the hair transplant operation, it will be easier to use the graft calculator to know more or less the number of grafts needed to achieve your desired results.

Hair Transplant Cost Calculator
Hair Transplant Cost Calculator

Often the surgeon inc charge of the operation will charge the price depending on the follicle unit required. This, in principle, depends on the level of baldness or scalp condition/status the person is currently at. This evaluation of the level of baldness will be based on the Norwood scale that we have previously talked about.

This is usually used to calculate the number of grafts that are expected for the surgery and then the whole cost of the hair transplant can be determined. The graft calculator will assist you in figuring out the estimated amount of grafts in the bald section that needs to be harvested. The grafts are measured per


With the variety of hair transplant techniques available in Indian Medical market, things are becoming more and more convenient and attainable for people all over the world, especially with the possibility of budget-friendly prices.

People usually think that hair transplant surgeries, in general, are very expensive that’s why they end up visiting uncertified and unqualified doctors that charge for a high amount of money compromising the results

While the surgery might be the first thing to think about when you are looking for hair transplant, one should also make a good research of the various prices available on the Indian market.

And while the prices might range from one clinic to another, there are also several different factors that might affect the amount of money you need to pay and this, of course, includes the location, the level of the surgeon’s expertise, the technique used and many other determining factors.

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