How do you get more followers on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Be it with great music bands or with Instagram influencers, like every other aspect of life, if you’re good at something, there will be a following eager to see more of your work. Your followers would want to engage with your content as soon as something new comes out.

At Teachers Pay Teachers, buyers have the option to “follow” their favorite seller accounts and stores to stay up to date on their products. Followers play a critical role for every seller from enhancing the reach of the seller’s material to providing effective feedback on their content.

What are the advantages of having a large follower base?

Building a follower base is an important way for you to establish credibility. The more the followers, the more trust a seller’s account builds in the minds of a buyer. Furthermore, it also acts as a nice way to extend your reach through word of mouth marketing within the community.

Another advantage of having followers is to improve visibility of your newer posts and materials. Any new uploads you make will pop up on top of the followers’ feed, keeping them up to date on your content.

How can I attract new followers or increase my current base of followers?

There are numerous ways for you to increase the number of followers and help change the lives of students and teachers around the world through your content. The following are steps that you can take to increase the reach of your store to the Teachers Pay Teachers community.

1. Improve your content range

When you improve the scope of your content, you are addressing a larger part of the target audience. You can improve the range in one of two ways:

Increase the number of grades you cover: This essentially means that you create content that is relevant for a larger number of students across different grades. So, if you are making content on maths currently for 4th graders, extending your resources to cover 3rd graders and 5th graders could potentially triple your target audience and, thus, increase the number of followers.

Increase the number of subjects you cover within a particular grade: The other way to increase the target audience space is to spread your content horizontally across multiple subjects, making your content relevant to a larger audience. Taking the same example above, if your current content covers maths for the 4th grade, then adding some more material to also touch upon 4th grade science and a foreign language will widen the spread of your content across the community.

2. Improve your content depth

Along with content range, expertise in a particular subject can also add a lot of value to your content. It’ll help in attracting followers who are looking for some specialization within a particular subject.

3. Through TPT’s Marketing tools

On Teachers Pay Teachers, you have access to a bunch of marketing tools to help better communicate with the community. Marketing tools can be accessed on the Premium Seller account only. It’s a great way to attract a large following. For example, you can design a banner for your store that catches the eye of students and teachers alike to draw more followers.

4. Reasonable pricing, free resources, and bundling

As with any product, defining the right price point is crucial to be able to draw a large audience. While we provide you the flexibility to price your products as you please, attaching a reasonable price for your hard work can earn great rewards.

Another strategy to increase your following could be to offer free content or to bundle additional content with your existing products. This will help followers test out your material and also upsell them onto other products. It also helps build your credibility and will win you more followers.

5. Engage with the buyers

Probably one of the most effective ways to increase your following is by directly engaging with the buyers. At Teachers Pay Teachers, buyers can interact with sellers either by asking questions or inquiring about a product or by offering ratings and feedback on your product.

One very effective way to show how much you value your followers is by providing prompt and detailed responses to a buyer’s query. Sometimes answering even the most basic query calmly and promptly will go a long way in creating a positive impact on your followers. It’ll also aid in enhancing credibility and word of mouth reach.

Another way to improve your store and its reach is by paying attention to follower ratings and feedback. It gives you a chance to improve your product and show your followers that you care about their opinions. Often, follower feedback can go a long way in making your material more user-friendly and growing your base significantly.

6. Seamless buyer experience

Not only is it important to add to followers, but its also important to make sure you give them a good experience so they can refer you to other members of the community. For example, ensure the files are easy to use and access so that the buyers do not have issues accessing them.

7. Collaborate with other teachers

Another effective way to build your base is by preparing content in collaboration with other teachers on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform. Not only does this help add variety to your content, but it is also an effective way for you to reach out to an audience that you previously did not have access to and gain new followers.

8. Social media engagement

Lastly, sharing some of your free resources or snippets of them on social media helps drive your engagement on other sharable platforms, which can result in new followers to your Teachers Pay Teachers store. This is also an effective way for you to reach out to audiences that you previously did not have access to on the platform.

How can I track my followers?

Both your number of followers and your account ratings are available under your profile. This gives you an understanding of how large your following is and how happy they are with your content and service.

In summary

Growing your follower base is an excellent way for you to have your content spread further through the community, which effectively means better conversions and improved sales. So if you are willing to do the work to build your followers, you will be able to reap the benefits!

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