How to delete Groww account?

As the saying goes – “all good things must come to an end,” and that is very true for a user’s association with the Groww app as well. Once a user creates an account, at any point, the user can choose to initiate the process to delete Groww account as well.

This article will cover the procedure that a user should follow to delete their account. If you want to give one more chance to Groww and wanted to learn more abou the app, we suggest you to check our Grow App review article

How to delete your Groww account?

At the time of account creation, users provide a lot of private information, including bank account and KYC details, that a user may not be comfortable leaving with the app once he or she stops using the app. While a user can log out of his or her account via the app, there is no option to delete one’s account instantly.

You can, however, write to the Groww app customer care team. Upon acknowledgment and confirmation of your delete request, the Groww customer care team will delete your account permanently (along with any personal details that you may have stored).

You can follow these steps to close your Groww account:

  • Open help and support section in the Groww App
  • Amongst different categories, enter the “How to” section as shown below
  • Click on “My issue is not listed here”
  • Once inside this option, select “Contact us” tab
  • Finally, click on “email” – this will take you to your default email application drafting a mail to the Groww support email ID
  • Please mention in the body that you would like to close your Groww account
  • The team will then reply within 24 hours to confirm your request
  • Post your confirmation, your Groww account will be deleted within 10 days

Alternatively, a user can also directly email the Groww customer care team at from their registered email address to delete their account. The turnaround time remains the same.

Best alternative to Groww App

While the Groww app is user-friendly and provides a wide variety of options to a user both for mutual funds and equity stock market trading, it still has its own set of shortcomings, which prompts us to look for other alternatives to Groww app. Kuvera is one such platform that offers a realistic opportunity to grow with its own set of pros and cons.

To understand more about the Kuvera app, read our Kuvera review article. Further, you can also refer our Kuvera vs. Groww comparison article to get a better idea of using one app over the other and pick the one that works best as per your preferences. Let us help you make an informed decision of how you should invest your money wisely!

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