How to make money on Teachers Pay Teachers?

On Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), not only do you have the option to access a limitless supply of educational material, but you can also contribute to the website. Use your expertise to create informative content on various subjects, and help students and teachers who visit TPT from around the world.

And the best part about all this, you can get paid while doing so! That’s right; you can get rewarded for your knowledge and presentation of educational material by offering your content on TPT.

What are the avenues to make money on Teachers Pay Teachers?

The content available on Teachers Pay Teachers is sourced from individuals across the globe. The educators create original content on any area of their expertise that would be beneficial to either students or to teachers who help their students in the K-12 age group.

These contributions are rewarded for – the quality of the content and the number of lives impacted through the content. At Teachers Pay Teachers, you get rewarded by giving back to the community!

How can I share my original content on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Once you enter the website, you will find the option to “Join Us.” You can either join us as someone looking for educative material to incorporate for their own benefits through a TPT membership account, which gives you access to the plethora of educative resources at the click of a button.

Or you can register yourself as a seller, which gives you the option to upload, share, and sell resources. Only seller accounts have these options.

The two types of seller accounts that you can register as on Teachers Pay Teachers are:

1. Basic Seller Account

A basic seller account enables you to get paid for sharing resources on Teachers Pay Teachers – without having to pay a single penny! The Basic Seller Account is a free account where you can share unlimited resources with the Teachers Pay Teachers community

Fill up the basic information requested on the form, which includes some personal information (name, email address, etc.) and details around what you teach and in which country you teach. After this, you’ll need to provide your PayPal email address.

Voila! You now have a seller account to share your material and earn in the process.

2. Premium Seller Account

Want to step up your game and earn a little more while doing so? Look no further than the premium seller account, which offers all the features of a basic seller account, a higher payout rate, and many more additional features at $59.99 per annum.

You will also have access to TPT University, where you can find even more tips and tricks to help you along your journey.

What is the difference between a Basic Seller Account and a Premium Seller Account?

Depending on your motivation and skillsets, you can choose between either of the account options mentioned above. Apart from the low membership fee, the following are the added benefits of a Premium Seller Account over a Basic Seller account:

  • Lower transaction fees: With a Premium Seller Account, you will be charged 15 cents per resource (on orders totaling less than $3) as opposed to 30 cents per resource in the Basic Seller Account.
  • Higher file size limit: You can upload materials up to 1GB using a Premium Seller Account compared to a 200 MB limit with a Basic Seller Account, giving you additional room on the structure, content, and format of your material.
  • Upload video content: Premium Seller Account holders can also upload video content to enhance the learning of the target audience, a feature not available on Basic Seller Accounts.
  • Access to Premium Marketing tools: You also have exclusive access to TPT’s marketing tools to increase the viewership and reach of your content, as well as to get a better understanding of how your target audience is using your material.

Can I share content that I did not create myself on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Yes! If you’re an entity offering content you didn’t personally author; you’re welcome to register for a limited access self-service TPT Publisher Membership. Through this account, you can share non-original content with the community, and the sales of these resources are split 50/50 with Teachers Pay Teachers.

What are the benefits of followers and using the Teachers Pay Teachers portal for sharing resources?

With Teachers Pay Teachers, you can play a key role in spreading knowledge and supporting educators around the world. This also acts as an additional income avenue, which enables you to reap the rewards of your philanthropy.

The more the followers, the more visibility and the credibility to your account and content. Ultimately, it improves the opportunity for higher payouts in the future.

How can I withdraw the money I make through my Seller Account?

Your Teachers Pay Teachers Seller account is linked to your PayPal account, in which your deposits will get your money. Sellers are paid monthly, with earnings for each month being paid before the 21st of the following month.

If your earnings are more than $50,000 per month, the payout will be made via multiple transactions due to the one-time payment limit on PayPal. Operational expenses, such as advertising costs, are deducted automatically from your payout.

You can keep track of your sales and earning in real-time using the Seller Dashboard and from your Sales Details Report.

As a marketplace for educational content, Teachers Pay Teachers allows you the flexibility to work on any content of your choice, set the prices for your content independently, and explore ways to promote your content.

The Bottom Line

Since the launch in 2006, individual contributors across the globe have made millions using the Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace platform. Start now, and get the right reward for your talent and efforts outside of your traditional environments. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to spread knowledge and to touch the lives of millions along the way.

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