How to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers?

Have you ever wondered about getting paid while making a difference to communities across the globe? Well, if you have good knowledge of a certain field, look no further than Teachers Pay Teachers.

To generate a vast amount of original content for educators, Teachers Pay Teachers crowd sources educative material from numerous talented individuals like you. To incentivize these contributions, Teachers Pay Teachers compensates contributors for their efforts to impart knowledge to the broader community.

Who can earn on Teachers Pay Teachers?

At Teachers Pay Teachers, both individuals creating original content and publishers offering shared content can earn. If you are an individual, you can join Teachers Pay Teachers by creating a seller account. The two types of seller accounts are:

1. Basic Seller account

This is a free account that allows you to upload unlimited number of times (material does not include video) to the Teachers Pay Teachers platform. There is a file size limit of 200 MB for uploads. This account will enable you to get used to the platform. It’s ideal for you to begin your journey on the Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace by creating a Basic Seller account.

2. Premium Seller account

While a Basic Seller account is for beginners or for those who do not intend to invest too much time into it, a Premium Seller account is for the more serious contributors. At an annual cost of $59.95, a Premium Seller account gets you all the benefits of a Basic Seller account, and you also get the following:

  • Higher margins on sales: You will get 80% of your sales generated as payout (compared to 55% in Basic Seller Account)
  • Lower fees charged: You will be paying half the fees compared to a Basic Seller Account
  • Higher file size limit: Get up to 1GB limit for your file uploads
  • Access to video uploads: Exclusively for a Premium Seller Account, you can also upload video content and make your content more impactful

Publishers can also share content that was not authored by them. This can be done using a free limited access TpT membership where the sales are shared 50/50 with the platform.

10 tips for selling better on Teachers Pay Teachers

At this point, you may be wondering how you would be able to sell in a marketplace with so many different contributors. What will make your content stand out and push your sales above others? Well, this post has you covered. The following are ten steps that’ll help you sell better on Teachers Pay Teachers:

1. Build on your area of expertise

One definite way to be able to make your material look a cut above the rest is to be the master in your domain. Learn and re-learn as much as you can about the domain you wish to teach and establish yourself as an expert in that domain.

2. Learn from your peers

There are many successful stores and user accounts on Teachers Pay Teachers. Seek inspiration from these accounts, visit their profiles, and pick up some quick traits that you can use on your own page.

3. Start strong

There are numerous resources available in the marketplace. For teachers to shell out their hard-earned money, they must find your content to have the quality that they desire. Ensure you set the bar high with your content and build credibility from the start.

4. Price your products fairly

While you may value your products to meet a certain standard for pricing, if buyers feel that your products are not worth what they’re paying for, they will look elsewhere to meet their requirements. While you don’t want to drop your price too less, it’s important to charge what is fair to be able to attract more buyers.

5. Grow your following

Followers are a critical way for you to drive some organic marketing. Word of mouth marketing is important within a community, particularly when buyers have similar requirements. Also, the more the followers, the more credibility your product demands.

6. Network with other teachers on the forum

On your journey on Teachers Pay Teachers, you may face several challenges that need out of the box solutions. Luckily for you, the community of teachers would have faced these challenges before you and are always eager to help others overcome such obstacles.

Another important advantage of interacting with the community of teachers is that it allows you to collaborate. This will add variety to your content and will also help you reach out to followers of other teachers and expand your reach.

7. Sign up for Premium

If you have understood the basics of selling on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform and would like to scale your sales, signing up for the Premium Seller account may be your best bet. A Premium Seller account gives you several advantages, including lower costs, higher payouts, and access to marketing tools to propel your account to a larger audience.

8. Drive your branding

One crucial aspect of success is to ensure that your branding message is well known to the community. Using banners, marketing your page extensively are some measures to ensure the buyer is aware of your products and recognizes you as a reputed brand.

9. Use buyer feedback to improve your products

The best part about the Teachers Pay Teachers community is that they can voice their opinions through ratings and feedback. Incorporate the good feedback you get to further strengthen your product and improve your sales.

10. Offer Freebies and bundling

Who doesn’t like freebies? Offering freebies and bundles is an excellent way to attract buyers and show them added value for their time and money. It’s also a good way for you to try out new content and have them preview upcoming products.

Bottom Line

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great way for you to make a few extra bucks while influencing the lives of many. The tips above equip you with enough knowledge to be a better seller and more successful on Teachers Pay Teachers. Start creating, selling, and earning now.

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