Ideal Saree fabrics for different seasons

Just like any other type of clothes, there are sarees for different seasons. Different times of the year force us to adjust what we wear according to the temperature. If you love sarees, you don’t have to give them up at certain seasons since you can still get the right kind of sarees to match every season.

Designers provide sarees for seasons such as the summer and even winter. Today, we will help out figure out the right fabrics that go well with changes in the atmosphere to help you remain comfortable in your favorite attire. Read on!

The Summer

This season can get tricky when it comes to what to wear. As the mercury rises, you need to incorporate breathable sarees in your closet to help you remain both comfortable and stylish. You should aim at staying cool during this season for the sake of both our health and comfort.

Breathable fabrics of sarees make it easy for air to pass through so that the scorching sun does not have a great impact on your skin. Saree fabrics can either be human-made or natural. You need to choose lightweight materials for the summer so that you can be comfortable wearing sarees every day. The best materials to go for during summer are the natural types as opposed to synthetic fabrics. Let us look at the saree fabrics that are suitable for summer.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton saree fabrics are both natural and breathable and therefore ideal for the summer. The fabric comes from fibrous balls extracted from the cotton plant. It is breathable since it comes with some tiny hollow gaps on it which facilitates perspiration and easy absorption.

A cotton saree lets the air pass through the fibers so that your body remains cool even during summer. The porous nature of the fabric allows it to absorb dye. It is also a lightweight material making it suitable for a saree in summer.

Feel free to choose crisp cotton sarees that come in colors such as white or pastel shades to help you regulate your body temperature during the season. As you hunt for cotton sarees, check out Style caret to get a decent collection of the same.

Khadi Sarees

Designers of the fabric hand-weave it from yarn and a unique weave. The fabric also increases the comfort of sarees during summer since it is also a breathable fabric. It is one of the ideal saree fabric for the heat in summer.

Fill your summer wardrobe with khadi sarees and khadi kurtas and interchange them conveniently. Some designers focus mainly on khadi creations to help you get unique khadi sarees to wear all through the season. Getting different designs of the same fabric helps you remain stylish and also comfortable even when it is hot.

Linen Sarees

You should also get linen sarees during summer. It is a natural fabric that comes from the flax plant. The growers of this plant have to take care of it properly to maintain the fiber’s elasticity so that it is easy to weave.

Most Indian sarees that are made from the linen fabric are costlier than cotton sarees. This may be due to its durability as well as breathability. It is also a stronger fabric than cotton and conducts heat better than other materials.

The breathability of linen sarees makes them ideal for the summer. It is also lightweight increasing comfort and easy to wash. Some designers also specialize in producing linen sarees as well as blouses that you can wear on a daily basis during summer.

Sheer Sarees

Do you love sheer sarees? The fabric is also suitable for the summer. Unlike other fabrics, sheer fabrics do not stick on your skin making them comfortable to wear even as your skin sweats due to excess heat. You can choose sheer styles such as crochets, tulle, lightweight and lace sarees for a summer statement.

The sheer fabric also adds some elegance and feminine charm on your outfit meaning you do not compromise on style. You can even get the fabric in different colors and designs to distinguish your sarees.

The winter

During the chilly months, you can also get ideal saree fabrics to keep you warm and stylish. You only need to choose the right material and wear your outfits correctly to ensure that you remain comfortable during the cold season. Here are the ideal saree fabrics for the winter.

Silk Sarees

Most designers highly recommend silk sarees for the winter. The fabric can quickly absorb moisture to keep your skin warm.  Some of the silk sarees you will find from online shops include Paithani, Banarsi, Kanjeevaram, and Chanderi. Choose different variety so that you wear sarees every day and still look unique. Another advantage of the silk saree is that it does not form creases easily meaning you can wear them for special occasions.

Velvet Sarees

Velvet sarees trend during the cold season. The material is warm and soft on the skin. You can choose a velvet blouse which prevents your chest from the cold while still amplifying the beauty of your outfit.  A thick velvet pallu would also look elegant and keep you warm.

Sarees with Georgette embroidery

Do you need a saree that make you look slimmer while still keeping you warm during winter? Go for the georgette embroidery fabric. The material provides a superior look and amplifies your curves. The material is also comfortable and lightweight ideal for daily wear. You can go for colors such as black, coral red and blue for the winter since they make the embroidery work catch people’s attention.

Chiffon Sarees

Though this material may not be heavy, it is lose meaning it does not stick to the body. It is friendly during the season since it dries up quickly when rained on. To rock a chiffon saree during winter, ensure that you choose dark colors as opposed to light ones.

Final thoughts

From the above, it is easy to tell that there are all kinds of saree fabrics for every season. Try to identify how a certain fabric suits the atmospheric conditions when purchasing one for the sake of your health.



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