Importance of Lifestyle for Diabetes Management

Are you looking for ways to manage your Diabetes? Have you tried everything? Well, if you are still disappointed, you will have to make this article your holy grail, and I promise you will be able to keep your Diabetes under check.

Your food habit is an important marker!

Food plays a vital role when it comes to Diabetes. It is estimated that there are 72.96 million cases of Diabetes in India, and people still are unable to resist unhealthy foods. So, let’s look at some of the things which should be taken care of!

Balancing the carbohydrate intake: 

Our diet is staple-based, usually wheat or rice. Our bodies require parathas, biryani, or even rice as a regular meal, which increases the carbohydrate levels in our system. You can either consult a dietician or reduce your intake of carbs and consumers more protein and veggies.

Maintaining a healthy diet: 

A healthy diet matters a lot to keep the blood glucose level under check! Depending on your body weight and metabolism, you can follow many kinds of diets. However, professional supervision is the best choice as they customize your diet chart depending on your body needs. Do not try intermittent fasting, or other fancier concepts, as it may not be the right one for you.

Regulating medication and dosage: 

If you are on medication, you will have to balance it with your diet. You cannot skip your medicines and pretend to be alright! The best practice is to have a schedule and stick to it. You can also make a schedule for the entire day – highlighting the intervals to eat and take medicine.

Avoiding Sweet Beverages: 

Almost all mocktails and carbonated beverages have a high concentration of sugar. Thus, if you want your blood glucose level to stay within limits, forget there’s something called cola and soft drinks. If you cannot stay away from it, try to limit it to once in blue moon night.

Exercising will help you with the Blood Glucose Level.

Are you scared of the extra burden that Diabetes carries with itself? If that is the case, you will have to stretch your hands and bodies slightly, as exercising is the best medicine! How will you make this a healthy habit?

Start with a strict schedule: 

The worst part about exercise is that it seems excellent on day one, and then it goes in vain! Hence, to make it a continuous habit, start by adopting a strict schedule. Start your day early so that you can make time for more activities during the day.

Stay Hydrated at all times: 

With exercises comes sweat, and with that travels, the need to drink ample water. If you want to keep your Diabetes under check, you will have to drink sufficient water, which is around 8-10 glasses a day.

Keep monitoring the blood glucose level: 

As a diabetes patient, you must monitor your blood glucose level. Having a glucometer helps a lot, but you will have to be careful with the strips. The test strips available in the market are Accu-chek Active Glucometer, Freestyle Lite Glucose, and OneTouch Ultra test strips.

Consult a specialist: 

If you want to see instant and long-term results, you should consult a specialist. Usually, Yoga works wonders as it helps you keep calm and boosts metabolism. If you lack the motivation to do it by yourself, you can also contact a personal Yoga trainer

What should you look out for?

There are always red flags when it comes to Diabetes. Certain things are meant to be avoided, included the following:

Alcohol Intake: 

If you have Diabetes, you will have to control your alcohol consumption. It may be hard, and it usually affects the body, but you have to reduce it if you want to stay healthy. Abstaining from hard liquor can help you maintain the blood sugar level.

Unnecessary Stress: 

According to a recent study, close to 35% of patients with diabetes report high-stress levels. Stress can be a great contributor to Diabetes. It is essential to stop taking stress if you are a diabetes patient, or the impacts can be very harmful. Try to do things that provide you joy and peace.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle is key to manage your Diabetes!


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