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Watching adult content can be very tempting. Especially if we always find ourselves alone and even worse — depressed. But you need to know that watching adult content such as Indian sex video is little by little going to affect your mind, social life, and your body.

Ask yourself, is this really how I want to spend my time and energy? Think about the productive things you can do should you channel all of that sex drive to something useful. Too much self-pleasure can lead to a very dark and evil road. 

If you want to find out more about how sex videos can ruin your life and how to go the other way (the better way) instead, then read on ahead or face irreparable consequences. 

Why you must not search for “Indian Sex Video” on the internet EVER!

Wow! Where do we start with the adverse effects of watching too much adult content such as Indian sex videos? We’re not kidding when we say that adult content harms both your mind, body, and social life. Let’s break this down even further.

Indian Sex Videos

Your Body

Let’s start and talk about your body and how adult content and excessive amounts can harm you physically. Aside from the lack of physical energy to exert on anything else during a regular day, you put yourself at risk of what we call erectile dysfunction.

Now, we get it, sex is part of human nature, and so we can’t deny it literally or figuratively. When you are in a relationship, you don’t even call it sex, but you call it making love to the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. 

So think about this, how can you make love if you now have erectile dysfunction because of watching too much adult content? Now that’s a pickle, ain’t it? What is erectile dysfunction you ask?

Erectile dysfunction, as the name indicates, is a problematic and even embarrassing and self-confidence-lowering condition where a man is unable to keep an erection during intercourse. If you indulge in too much adult content, you will develop this condition in time and imagine being unable to please your partner whenever it’s needed. Scary, isn’t it?

Erectile dysfunction is due to excessive exposure or watching adult content from as early as 14 years old. So if you think that you’re still young, then think again. No one is safe if they don’t stop this habit as early as NOW.

Who’s at risk of Erectile Dysfunction, and how can I prevent it?

All right, so now that we got your attention, it’s time to measure whether you are at risk and what you can do to stop it before it is too late! Remember, this is just a physical effect of watching too much adult content. We’ll get to the mental and social impact later on.

You are at risk if you keep watching adult content like Indian sex video, for example. These videos are more graphic in their portrayal of sex, deviant, kinky, and extreme. Regularly feeding your mind as well as your body with this type of content can be horrible.

Anyone, people of all walks of life are at risk. So, why would watching adult content lead to such a condition like Erectile Dysfunction?

Here are a few reasons why. To simply put, if you keep on feeding yourself of all these adult content, your tolerance for sex and stimulation might be too much. So when the real deal comes along, you won’t even have any reaction to it like a normal person would. 

Since these types of content are so deviant and extreme, you tend to have wrong and even screwed up expectations towards sex. This would lead to dissatisfaction and emotional detachment to one’s partner during the act of intercourse.

Thus, resulting in Erectile Dysfunction. How to prevent it? STOP watching adult content and never search for Indian sex videos again!

Your Social Life

Isn’t it obvious? When you spend so much time watching all of these sex videos, you detach yourself little by little from the world, your friends, or even family. And it’s going to affect your decision making and your social life.

We didn’t mention, but one adverse effect of Erectile Dysfunction is the deterioration of your relationship with your romantic partner. Yes, if you’re in a relationship, you will eventually get disinterested in your partner sooner rather than later because of adult content.

Think about it, would you risk losing a special someone over some videos that give you nothing but immediate gratification? If I were you, I’d think about it deeply, reflect, take your time and make the right decision – STOP!

Also, being unable to stop watching all of these adult content will affect your decision-making and make your irritable, causing you to be distant from the people you know. Adult content promotes this constant need to be alone and isolated, so that’s never going to be a good thing because humans as we are, we need social interaction.

Your Mind

We saved this for last because we think that the key to stopping this nasty habit of always watching Indian Sex Video is through the mind. Think of it like alcohol addiction. You don’t start drinking or keep drinking because you like the taste of it. You do so because it affects your reality and your mind.

Adult content does the same thing. It gives you pleasure, but it pollutes your mind. Sex videos ruin your perspective about the world in general, about people, and relationships. You also train your brain to go for immediate rewards or gratification rather than something more fulfilling and worthwhile, translating to other aspects of our lives. Namely, the way we spend our money, the things we buy for ourselves, and the people we will take for granted.

Remember, what we feed our minds, and our body reflects on our character as a person. And if you feed your mind with junk, then you’re going to one way or another be self-destructive.

How to STOP watching Indian Sex Videos?

At this point, you may already be asking how to put a stop to this nasty habit, right? Well, we have some practical suggestions. 

Sex Transmutation

Sex transmutation is the process of transforming all of these pleasure into willpower. First, let’s talk about sexual energy for a little bit. Your chakra has seven levels, and the first two levels are called the root chakra and the sacral chakra.


While all connected, it’s the sacral chakra that deals with pleasure. When your sacral chakra stays in balance, then your sexual pleasure also stays in moderation. Guess what can tip-off this balance and create problems for your sacral chakra? Well, one of them is watching Indian Sex Videos.

All of these sexual energies can then either go up to a higher energy center of leak out. Too much sex, self-pleasure, and stimulation will result in excessive leaking out of sexual, thus creating an imbalance. That’s why someone who watches too much adult content will have very weak willpower.

Instead, every time you think about watching adult content and sex videos channel your sexual energy into something useful, like say a life goal. This will enable your sexual energy to go up further into higher central energy, and you will have strong willpower.

And the good news is, this can be achieved quite easily. All you need is to write down that goal, channel all your energy into achieving it, and to maintain your focus, and be patient through the process.

Benefits of not watching Indian Sex Videos

Have you heard about the NoFap benefits? If not, we’ll let you in on a concept that has proven to be super effective and helpful to many people addicted to adult content. And this does not only apply to males but also women and queer folks.

6 Successful Men in India Explain the Power of NoFap

The NoFap or fapstinence is the concept of not conducting any self-pleasuring activities for a time. And we’re talking about weeks or even months of not self-pleasuring. This is similar to the idea of semen retention that has since gained traction because of some fascinating benefits.


  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Improved mood or happiness
  • Higher motivation as well as willpower
  • Reduced amount of stress as well as anxiety
  • Strengthened spirituality
  • Self-acceptance
  • Improved relationships as well as appreciation and attitude towards the opposite sex
  • Increased energy levels throughout the day
  • Muscle development
  • More satisfying sleep
  • Keeps you focused and mentally alert
  • Better endurance and stamina for your activities
  • No more Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improving sperm quality

See the benefits? We only started out discussing not to watch any Indian Sex Video, and now you have a lot of good things in front of you. Stopping this habit improves your outlook and prospects in life.

So when will you start reaping the benefits of self-control? Why not now? Go for it!

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