Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Review

Hey everyone, today I am reviewing Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel. Manjistha is considered to be one of the most valuable/usable herbs in Ayurveda. It helps in preventing many health problems and is also used in various skincare products. It improves the complexion, reduces acne, pimples & freckles and makes the skin lustrous and glowing.

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Review

I bought this eye gel one month back from and have been using it since then. I have very sensitive eyes with fine lines under my eye area and emerging crow’s feet. The gel’s claims to reduce fine-lines ( and its cute packaging ;) ) made me to try this product. I tried a few products from the Iraya in the past and really liked them, so I bought this eye gel without any second thought.

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Review, swatch

Packaging : The eye contour gel comes in a cute matte-finish glass jar with a silver screw cap.

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What I Liked about Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel :

  • The eye contour gel comes in a reddish orange color and has a bit runny gel like consistency.
  • It has a mild refreshing fragrance which goes away after application. I find its fragrance very soothing and relaxing.
  • I generally take a little amount of the eye gel and massage it gently all around my eye area. I use my ring finger to apply this eye gel, I start in clockwise direction and then massage it in anti-clockwise direction.
  • It gets completely absorbed in the skin and doesn’t feel greasy or oily.
  • It hydrates my eye area very well and my eyes look nourished & hydrated.
  • It gives cooling sensation to the eye area when applied.
  • I had a dry patch on my right eyelid and it completely healed that dry patch within 3 days.
  • It reduces puffiness, swelling around my eyes and soothes tired eyes..
  • It doesn’t cause any irritation to my extra sensitive eyes.
  • This eye contour gel is enriched with 100% natural ingredients like Manjishta and Lavender oil.
  • Very little amount is required during each use and this 20g jar will easily last for 2-3 months (depends on the usage).
  • Not very expensive, the quantity provided for its price is pretty decent.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel is easily available at, or you can also buy it from

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What I Disliked about Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel :

  • The jar packaging is very unhygienic, you need to dip your finger inside the jar to get the gel out. Also the packaging is not travel friendly because the glass jar is prone to breakage.
  • It doesn’t reduce fine lines as it claims. After using this eye gel for more than a month I haven’t seen any change in the fine lines under my eyes. I don’t have dark circles, so I have nothing to say about that.
  • You need to massage it for good 3-4 minutes to get it completely absorbed in the skin.
  • Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Eye Gel gave me better results than this Iraya eye gel.

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Price in India : Rs.395 for 20g

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Product Information :
Name : Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel
Shelf Life : 2 years
Claims : Easy to use, nutrient-rich eye care in a gel form. With the extracts of Indian madder (manjishta) and lavender essential oil, helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimize dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area.
Active Ingredients : Manjishta, Indian Barberry, Lavender
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Usage : Gently apply around the eye area, with smooth outward strokes. Ideal for all types of skin, it is recommended as an essential part of the daily ritual to prevent signs of fatigue on/around eyes.
Other Ingredients :
Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel Review, swatch, price

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  1. Wonderful products! Eye Contour Gel are very helpful for soothing eyes. Even it is also useful for swelling and puffy eyes. Thanks for this.

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