Iraya Nourishing Lotus Body Butter Review

Hi Ladies, today I’m sharing my views about Iraya Nourishing Lotus Body Butter which I received in my December Fab Bag. I have been using this product for last few days and now I decided to review it.

iraya body butter

Packaging : It comes in a sturdy, small plastic container with a black screw cap.

My Experience : I got this body butter along with three other products (shower gel, nail paint & nail paint remover) in my first ever FabBag. As it was not my choice of product and I have not used any product from the Iraya brand previously, so I had not much expectations from this one .

This body butter has a off white color and has a sesame oil kind of fragrance that I found quite weird but the good thing is, it doesn’t lasts long. It has a creamy texture and spreads easily on the body. It gets absorbed completely when massaged well onto the body.

I used this product first time after taking shower, it didn’t feel greasy or sticky and provided good hydration for all day long. Although I’ve a oily skin but it becomes a bit dry & flaky during winters and I usually apply loads of body moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated. But in case of this body butter, I think smaller quantity will go a long way. As its quantity is quite less (small size 32g container) , so for now I’m using it only on my feet & hands. I think if I use it for the whole body, it will last for only 8-10 applications and not more then that. Full size variant (200g) is also available, which also comes in similar packaging and is easily available at leading online stores.

iraya body butter 1

It is mentioned on the packaging that it is for dry skin, but I think it’ll do good job for normal to oily skin, especially during winters. I must say I’m happy to get this product, in fact this is my most favorite product that I received in my FabBag. Moreover it is made up of natural ingredients that makes it a must buy product.

The only problem that I found in this product is its packaging. I find it quite unhygienic to use this product while traveling, as each time you need to sanitize your hands before putting in the pot. I would like it more, if it comes in a tube format or in a container with pump.

What I Liked :

  • Provides good hydration
  • Absorbed by skin easily
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Herbal Brand
  • Easy Availability

What I did not Like :

  • Packaging
  • Fragrance
  • Quite Expensive

Iraya Nourishing Lotus Body Butter Price in India : Rs.795 for 200g

iraya body butter 2

Product Information :
Name : Iraya Nourishing Lotus Body Butter
Claim : With olive oil, almonds and the extract of lotus, this extra nourishing body butter softens & heals even the driest of skin. The wonderful ingredients penetrate the deep layers of the skin, prevent skin peeling and premature aging while leaving on the unforgettable aroma of lotus.
Usage : Apply all over the body including the hands and feet with gentle, upward strokes. Regular use firms and tones the skin and delays signs of aging.
Ingredients : Lotus Extract, Olive Oil, Almonds, Coco Butter, more.
Shelf Life : 2 years

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