Kurti Styles to Upgrade Your Fashion Style

A Kurti is a must-have attire for every Indian woman. Plus, having a variety of them completes your wardrobe and adds several pieces to mix and match for different occasions. The Kurti is not only loved by Indian women but is a must-have fashion piece that is trending globally. They are beautiful, comfortable and unique depending on how you style or have them designed to portray your fashion style. The choices you have for a Kurti are endless and some are in a mix of different colors, patterns and styles. Enjoy them from the most classic to the unconventional one. Here are some Kurti styles to upgrade your fashion style brilliantly.

Tail cut Kurti

There’s no better way to make a statement than in this beautiful tail cut Kurti. This Kurti is short in the front and long in the back. It can be equal lengths as well with a c-cut hem on the sides and depending on the design you desire most. You can have your designer create a tail cut Kurti design for you. It is a great outfit that can be worn to semi-formal and casual occasions as well and they add an interesting overall look. Accentuate your curves in this Kurti to those with hourglass figures. To add on, It looks stunning worn as a dress with no trousers or you can pair it with cigarette pants and still look splendid. Add on a pair of heels to complete this look.

Kaftan Kurti

Looking for a Kurti that gives you poise and class? The kaftan Kurti allures all that, it gives your fashion style a whole new meaning. Taking its inspiration from the middle east beauties. Its similarities are to the long Kurtis with front cut. The texture and fitting are the only differences but you can restyle yours and add more embellishments or cuts. However, it is important to maintain its loose fit and wide flared arms and the tightened belt at the waist to not lose its original styling. The beauty of the kaftan is you can have a long or short kaftan design. In solid color or print and rock to parties and wedding ceremonies. Plumper women look lovely in this Kurti as a plain dress or with any wide-legged pants that you prefer.

Denim Kurti

Anything denim is in a class of its own. A chic denim Kurti is great for the non-conformists. Also known as a shirt style Kurti they are great for work or casual occasions. Just like the denim shirt, the denim Kurti can be paired with colored bottoms for denim is quite dull. If you have a slim body frame and toned down lower body this is a perfect Kurti for you for they are usually at thigh length. Avoid styling this Kurti with the denim on denim trend for it fades off the appeal of the Kurti. Adorn with straight or flared skirts with bright colors or fitting pants in white or beige colors.

Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha collections and styles bring out your royal fashion side. The Angrakha Kurti is a popular outfit for wedding ceremonies. Either for the bride or bridesmaids in one or two of the many pre-wedding ceremonies. When it is in traditional print design it looks best and shows off the Indian fashion ethnicity and heritage. Choose this if you are of a petite frame and enjoy a wedding or a party you are invited to in the exquisite Angrakha Kurti.

Anarkali Kurti

The Anarkali in itself is an evergreen beauty and a luring dress that is here to stay. The Anarkali Kurti is similar to one of the many collections of the Anarkali collections. Bollywood celebrities are loving the Anarkali Kurti for its all-rounder ways to wear you can wear it. Dress this to a wedding, casual outing with bottoms or not. All in all, this Kurti is for everyone and you can have several pieces of them in different colors, patterns and have various pieces to wear to different occasions. Add various cigarette pants to enjoy dressing up with this Kurti style.

Jacket style Kurti

This Kurti is like a cover-up to most of your casual outfits and still adds the needed charm to your look. It helps you dress up any outfit and you can make it an ethnic look or an indo-western blend. The styling is in regards to your preference and where you are wearing it to. The idea of the jacket style Kurti is to help you dress to impress and it looks elegant with Lehenga, jeans palazzos and crop tops too. Additionally, it is an attractive blend when this Kurti is worn on top of an Anarkali or flared dress in solid colors as long as the colors are similar to the jacket style Kurti to match.

Double layered Kurti

Look chic in this double-layered Kurti especially for a beautiful sunny day. The beauty of this Kurti is an additional layer to it. The extra layer can be added to how and where you prefer on your Kurti. Most women add under the hemline or a whole new layer on top of the Kurti. The double-layered Kurti gives you a chance to have your own unique Kurti look and still stand out in the Kurti design. Play around with the cuts as well and enjoy this current popular trend. All body types can dazzle in this Kurti type and match the bottoms well to give a perfect flow to this style.

Asymmetrical Kurti

Last but not least of them, break the boredom of Kurti designs by dressing up to the asymmetrical Kurti. The shape of this Kurti upgrades the Kurti designs and gives you a refreshing look. It’s asymmetrical in shape, with no slits, and how you style it is what matters. Cut it according to your body type and a pair of palazzo pants are the best to revamp your look with this Kurti. Another beautiful asymmetrical Kurti is the high low Kurti that are paired with jeggings or churidar.

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