Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Scrub Review

Hi everyone, few days back I reviewed Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores face wash (Click here to view full review of Lakme Clean up face wash) and today I’m reviewing second step of the clean-up process i.e, Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Scrub. I just love Lakme face washes and their citrus range is really awesome, but this is first time I had tried face scrub from Lakme.

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Packaging : The packaging is exactly the same as of the Lakme Clear Pores face wash. It comes in mint green color sturdy plastic tube with screw cap.

My Experience : I’ve a combination skin with open pores, so exfoliating the skin is necessity for me. And I really had a tough time to found a gentle scrub that suits my sensitive skin. I’ve tried many scrubs in past from many popular brands and my quest ends with this amazing scrub from my favorite brand Lakme. I have been using this scrub from last 2 months and it works amazingly on my skin. It is so far the best facial scrub that I come across.

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Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores scrub has a mint green color with mild yet very refreshing fragrance. It has a bit thick consistency and contains very fine granules. Its granules remind me of salt particle, but this scrub is not at all harsh on skin. I generally take generous amount of this scrub onto my palms and massage it gently all over my face and neck. Make sure you should be gentle while exfoliating skin, as little more pressure will cause rashes and damage your skin. I massage it in circular motion with my finger tips focusing on my T-zone, specially on my nose which is much prone to black/white heads. After two minutes I wash it off with cold water, as cold water will help to close open pores.

After using this scrub my skin feels very soft and clean. It exfoliates skin gently and is very effective in removing black & white heads and also reduces excessive oil. It does not makes my skin dry or stretchy, even my skin looks very hydrated and supple. I use this scrub thrice in a week and follow complete clean-up process once in a week that includes Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores face wash, scrub and face mask. It is a very gently yet effective scrub, it is highly effective in cleaning dust, dirt and clear clog pores. It contains green tea extracts & salicylic acid and both of these components are very effective in tackling problems related to combination to oily skin.

lakme clean-up open pore face scrub

Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Scrub Price in India : Rs.225 for 100g

What I Liked :

  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Fine granules exfoliates skin effectively
  • Reduces excess oil
  • Not harsh on my sensitive skin
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Affordable price
  • Contains green tea extracts and salicylic acid

What I Disliked :

  • Contains paraben

Product Information :

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Name : Lakme Clean Up Clear Pores Face Scrub
Claim : Gentle scrub with soothing green tea extracts specially designed for troubled skin. Helps fight blemishes, reduce irritation and prevent further breakouts for clear and mattified skin. It is oil free, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergic.
Usage : Wet face, take a generous amount and gently massage for 2-3 minutes in circular motion with fingertips avoiding the eye contour.
Shelf Life : 2 years

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  1. It is unavailable at all online shopping sites and face scrub and face mask I can’t buy at local stores because they are not coming.form where I can buy both lakme clear pore scrub and mask

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