L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam Review

Hey everyone, today I am reviewing the L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam. L’Oreal Paris has recently launched their Skin Perfect range for different age groups – 20s, 30s and 40s. I’m in my late 20s so I decided to buy the 30+ range which includes an Anti-Aging facial foam and a cream. Click here to know more about the L’Oreal Skin Perfect range.

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Packaging : The facial foam comes in a white squeeze tube with a golden flip cap. The cap is tightly secure to prevent leakage and you can easily carry this tube while traveling. All the required product information like its claims, how to use, ingredients list and expiry date is provided on the tube.

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What I Liked about L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam :

  • The facial foam comes in a silky white color and has a mild fragrance.
  • I generally take a generous amount of the foam and massage it gently all over my wet face and neck.
  • It lathers well and removes the skin impurities, oil and light makeup effectively.
  • It comes out easily with a few splashes of water and gives a squeaky clean skin.
  • My skin feels soft, smooth and visibly clear after its usage. It also imparts a mild glow on the skin which is not long lasting though.
  • I have an acne prone oily skin and it keeps my skin oil-free for good 4-5 hours. It is going to be an ideal face wash for oily skin people during the summers.
  • I have been using it for some time now and it didn’t cause me any skin breakout.
  • This facial foam is enriched with Vitamin C & E.
  • A small amount is required during each use and this 50g tube will last for 2 months when used twice a day.
  • It is easily available at stores or you can buy it online from Myntra.com, Nykaa.com.

L'Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam Review

What I Dis-liked about L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam :

  • My skin feels dry & stretchy after its usage, so I think it is not suitable for dry skin people.
  • L’Oreal has launched only one face wash for all skin types.
  • I don’t like its pore reducing and skin fairness claims (it neither shrinks pores nor makes your skin fairer).
  • I find it an average product and am not very pleased with the quantity and quality provided for its price.

L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam Price in India : Rs.135 for 50g

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Product Information :
Name : L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam
Shelf Life : 3 years
Claims :
image_2 (13) Usage :
image_3 (10) Ingredients :
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10 Replies to “L’Oreal Skin Perfect Anti-Aging + Whitening Facial Foam Review”

    1. After few days of usage you’ll definitely find your face skin tighter than earlier it was! I fully recommend it if your skin is oily! We know Not all the products give the same excellent results on everyone’s skin! But this face wash truly works on my face! Literally narrowed down the wrinkles on my face & neck, improves the whiteness and I love the perfume L’oreal has used in it! Give a try!

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