Lotus EcoStay Long Lasting Eye Shadow – Rainbow Passion Review

Lotus Herbals has launched a new & improved EcoStay range of make-up products, that includes foundations, compacts, eye-shadows, blushers, mascara, lip glosses and lip sticks. As I have told you earlier that I picked few makeup products from this range and I have already reviewed lip gloss and blusher from this range. (Click to view Lotus Ecostay Lip Gloss – Sun Kiss and Lotus Ecostay Blusher – Dawn Glow). This time I’m going to review Lotus Herbals EcoStay Long Lasting Eye Shadow – Rainbow Passion. I’m not a makeup loving person but these days I’m trying to improve my eye makeup skill. Eye makeup for me was just a single shade (preferably silver or golden) to cover whole eyelid and few swipes of mascara. But now I have decided to add some more fun to my eye-makeup and I’ve started my journey with this eyeshadow palette.

lotus herbals ecostay long lasting eyeshadow rainbow passion

Packaging : Packaging is exactly the same as the blushers, it comes in a cute, sturdy, mirror finish pink box. Four different shades are embedded firmly inside the palette. They also provide a big enough inbuilt mirror and an applicator brush with two sides (bristle brush on one side & sponge on other side). Pink satin pouch is also provided to keep palette safe from scratches & dust.

lotus herbals ecostay long lasting eyeshadow rainbow passion 1

My Experience : Palette contains four different shades bright aqua blue, metallic brown light purple and beige pinkish shade. This palette is a combination of neutral to bright shades. I chose this particular palette because I found other shades a bit louder and I might not be comfortable with few of them.

Now coming to the texture, all shades are extremely soft with a satiny feel. Although they are in powder form, but they don’t fly all over the place. Shades are highly pigmented and are not chalky at all. You can wear them either way, without a base or on a base. They stay for a longer period of time when applied on a base, but you have to be a bit cautious while picking color. Try to pick up a little amount of color at a time, as shades are deep and highly pigmented and one swipe will give you a desired color. These colors can be easily build up to give the deep look. You can also notice a golden shimmer in each shade that makes the entire look bright and bold.

lotus herbals ecostay long lasting eyeshadow rainbow passion

An application brush provided with this eye shadow is really good and it will give you a smooth finish without harsh lines. Although I prefer to use my ring finger to apply my eye-shadows. I generally apply a lighter shade on all over my eye lid and follow with a darker shades to the crease line. Their powdery texture might look chalky in the beginning but after a nice blend you will get a perfect look.

As I’ve told you that I’m a starter in eye makeup so these shades provide me full control to play with colors. You can also use these shades individually for a soft look. You can easily wear these shades during day time or night parties. All the three palettes contain very pretty shades and they are also very long lasting due to their high pigment effect. Right now I’m enjoying this palette and as for now I don’t think I will buy the other two palettes for the fact that they are bit louder and I’m not confident enough to do justice with those shades. But it is totally worth to try at least one eye-shadow from this range.

lotus herbals ecostay long lasting eyeshadow rainbow passion 3

Lotus Herbals EcoStay Long Lasting Eye Shadow Price in India : Rs.645 for 8g (4 x 2g)
What I Liked :

  • Silky soft texture
  • Very pigmented
  • Long lasting
  • Enriched with natural ingredients
  • No preservatives used
  • Four beautiful shades

What I Disliked :

  • Bit Expensive
  • Almost same as PureStay range
  • Ingredients list not mentioned

Product Information :

lotus herbals ecostay long lasting eyeshadow rainbow passion 2

Name : Lotus Herbals EcoStay Long Lasting Eye Shadow – Rainbow Passion
Claim : This preservative free formula is available in a palette of 4 exceptionally vivid, long wearing colors in an ultra smooth, silky texture to create that perfect look. Resist creasing and smearing. Enriched with natural ingredients. Feel the Purity all day long.
Ingredients : Not mentioned
Shelf Life : 3 years

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