Lotus Hypnotica Eye Liner – Intense Black Review

Lotus Herbals has launched a range of all day smudge proof eye liners and named it, Lotus Hypnotica Pearl Shine Long Lasting Eye Liner. Five unique shades are available to choose from – Earthy Shine, Intense Black, Mint, Poppy Blue and Trendy Violet. As I’m a beginner in eye make-up, so I decided to play safe and I picked up an Intense Black shade.

lotus hypnotica pearl shine eye liner intense black

Packaging : It comes in a very cute packaging. A small black color plastic bottle contains eye-liner and has a thin long cap. This eye liner is provided with different color caps and each cap depicts the color of the eye-liner shade. An applicator brush is attached with the cap. The bristles of an applicator are made of plastic and help to give precise definition.
lotus hypnotica pearl shine eye liner intense black 2

My Experience : I bought this eye liner a month back in my first ever Lotus Herbals Haul. I’ve already used this liner few times and now I decided to share my views about it. I’m not a big fan of liquid eye-liners, as it is quite difficult to get precise definition and I find sketch liners much better option for make-up beginners like me. It has a very thick consistency and has a mild fragrance. Before using this liner I was using Oriflame sketch liner.

lotus hypnotica pearl shine eye liner intense black 4

Its cap is long enough to provides full control while applying liner and applicator brush helps to draw a sleek line. Only two swipes are required to impart intense black color and cover full eye. You can also apply 2-3 coats for more bolder look. This eye liner drys out very quickly, thus no need to wait for applying second coat. It stays on eyes for more than 5 hours and fades equally. It is completely smudge proof, it does not smudge even if you accidentally rub your eye-lid.

Although brand claims this to be water-proof liner, but it fades if you wash your face and can be easily removed by using wet tissue. If you have oily eye lids then this eye-liner is not ideal for you, as it starts flaking after sometimes. It contains a shimmer in it that helps to give you a pearl shine and you will notice few shimmer particles even after removing this eye-liner. I think it is a pretty decent product and is ideal for day as well as night look. Other shades are also very attractive and now I’m looking forward to buy Poppy Blue shade.


Lotus Hypnotica Pearl Shine Eye Liner Price in India : Rs.275 for 4g

What I liked :

  • Intense black color
  • Herbal eye-liner
  • Stays for 5-6 hrs
  • Fades equally
  • Easily removed by using cleansing milk
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Five unique shades are available

What I disliked :

  • Ingredients list is missing
  • Not ideal for oily eye-lids
  • Applicator brush could have been better

lotus hypnotica pearl shine eye liner intense black 1

Product Information :

Name : Lotus Hypnotica Pearl Shine Long Lasting Eye Liner
Claim : Get Pearl shine definition on your eyes by intense shiny liquid eyeliner which delivers perfection all day long. It is smudge proof & water proof.
Usage : Apply direct on eyelids
Ingredients : Enriched with Botanical extracts (other ingredients are missing)
Shelf life : 3 years

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