I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Bubble Bath & Shower Gel Review

Yesterday I reviewed my most favorite product (Iraya Nourishing Lotus Body Butter) that I received in my December FabBag and today its going to be the review of my second favorite product from the FabBag. It is a shower gel from popular brand I Love and is named I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Bubble Bath & Shower Gel.

i love shower gel 1

Packaging : It comes in transparent plastic bottle with flip open black cap.

My Experience : As soon as I sniffed this product I felt in love with its fruity fragrance. It is a gel based shower gel that has perfect consistency, neither thick nor very runny. It has a light blue color and smells amazing like a fresh berry juice. I received a 100ml bottle and I think it’ll last for more than a month as small quantity is required during each application. You can use this product in two different ways, as a bubble bath or use it as a shower gel.

I used this product as a shower gel and it really worked well in that way. I usually take a small quantity of this shower gel on loofah and massage all over my damped body. It lathers into fruity bubbles and whole washroom lingers with its yummy fragrance. It rinses off very easily and you are left with clean skin. Even during this winter season it is not making my skin dry. It imparts moisture on my skin making it soft & supple. Every time I use this product I fell in love with its fragrance. But the sad part is, its fragrance is not long lasting and it goes off after a few minutes.

i love shower gel

Other shower gel variants are also available from this I Love and I’m looking forward to try some of them as soon as possible. Any ways I’m enjoying this shower gel completely and waiting for my this month’s FabBag. I hope this month’s FabBag will come up with some more interesting products.

I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Bubble Bath & Shower Gel Price in India : Rs.250 for 100ml & Rs.795 for 500ml. You can buy this product online from FabBag.com or Snapdeal.com.
What I Liked :

  • Fruity Fragrance
  • High foaming and good cleansing
  • Travel Friendly Packaging

What I Disliked :

  • Fragrance goes off after some time
  • Bit expensive
  • Ingredients not mentioned

Product Information :
Name : I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Bubble Bath
Claim : Bish, bash, bosh; brace yourself, as my sweet aroma of juicy blueberries and smooth yoghurt explodes into action leaving your senses refreshed and invigorated.
Usage : Pour me seductively under running water, wait for the bubbles to kick in, immerse yourself into the bath, relax and take pleasure in my tantalizing aroma. Alternatively, squeeze me generously into the palm of your hand or onto a sponge, smother me all over your wet skin until I lather into a frenzy of rich fragrant bubbles then rinse me off when you’ve had enough.
Ingredients : Not mentioned on the packaging.

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