Luke Mugwort Nose Strip Review

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share the review of the Luke Mugwort Nose Strip that I’ve received in my package. is a Korean online shopping website that offers a wide range of sheet mask, nose pore strips, creams and other skin care products at very reasonable price.

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My Experience: I’ve oily skin which is prone to blackheads & whiteheads especially my nose and chin area. I do exfoliate my face 3 times a week but scrubbing is not good enough to get rid of stubborn blackheads. I use to extract blackheads with the tool and that process is quite painful and time-consuming. Nose pore strips are the easiest way of keeping the nose area clean without much efforts. I’ve tried many nose pore strips in the past but Luke pore strip is the best among all.

It comes in a green sachet and the strip is attached to a clear plastic sheet. After thoroughly cleansing my face I gave steam to my nose with a towel dipped in a warm water. The warm water helps in loosening the pores and the blackhead/whitehead extraction becomes more effective. Then I peeled off the strip from the clear sheet and placed it on my nose. It fitted nicely on the nose without leaving any gaps. It comes with a strong fragrance which subsides after a few minutes. I kept in on for about 15 minutes and then peeled it off. It came out easily and I could see the gunk it extracted from the pores. It removed blackheads, whiteheads, ingrown hair & other impurities from the pore. My nose area felt very smooth & clean after its usage. The only thing which I didn’t like about this nose pore strip is the length of the strip. I wish they had made a little longer strip so that it could easily cover the nose corners too.

What I liked about Luke Mugwort Nose Strip:

  • Hygienic and easy to use.
  • Fits nicely on the nose.
  • Extracts blackheads, whiteheads, ingrown hair from the pores.
  • Cab be used by both men and women.
  • Not very expensive, the price of the is Rs.80 per strip.
  • You can buy it online from

What I liked about Luke Mugwort Nose Strip:

  • Availability, it is not easily available in India.
  • The size of the nose strip is not good enough for people with slightly bigger noses.

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