Majestic Luxury Botanical Aromatherapy Mask Review

Today I’m going to share with you all the new Botanical Aromatherapy Tea Tree Mask from a popular brand Majestic Luxury London . I’ve a combination skin, which is not adapting the environment properly these days. Hectic schedules, chilly winters, few acne spots and light blemishes are making me nuts. Today is Sunday so finally I got a chance to pamper myself and I decided to try my recently online purchased product Botanical Aromatherapy Mask , which is a blemish control face pack. I bought this face pack from (it is one of my favorite online store for buying beauty products even when they generally deliver products late).


Packaging : Face pack comes in a green and white carton that contains 8 sachets. There are 4 silver pouches that contains 10g each of mask powder and another 4 transparent pouches 20ml each that contains specially formulated rose water. They also provide a brief manual inside the pack.



My Experience : Blemishes are my main concern these days, so leaving lazy Sunday spirit behind I charged myself with a cup of green tea and got ready to try this new face mask that promise to give you fair blemish free skin. Six different variants of this face mask are available but I decided to try this one as its main ingredient is Tea Tree oil and most of us know the importance of tea tree oil in beauty regime.

Step 1 : I washed my face using one of my currently favorite face wash, Everyuth Radiant Glow (Click here to view the complete review of Everyuth Radiant Glow) and patted my face dry.

Step 2 : Then I cut the mask sachet and poured the powder in a glass bowl. The powder has greyish green color and has a strong tea tree oil fragrance.


Step 3 : Mixed the given rose water (specially formulated rose water) in it and made a fine paste. Here I made one mistake, I emptied the full rose water pouch in the bowl that made the mixture a bit runny.



Step 4 : Applied the mixture evenly on my face and neck. I really had a tough time to apply that runny mixture and made my washroom quite messy as it was not possible to hold that dropping paste.

Step 5 : I left the mask on my face for 15 minutes. I literally got headache during initial 2-3 minutes because of its cooling effect (might be work well in summers). It do stung a bit but that was alright for me because I’ve sensitive skin and even baby lotion stings to my face. I felt the tightening effect on the skin while mask was drying (as in the case of the other masks).

Step 6 : I washed it off my face after 15 minutes, the paste was still a little moist on some part of my face (might be due to thicker layer). I damped my face with lukewarm water and then rinsed my face and patted it dry. After that I applied a generous amount of my favorite Aloe-Vera gel and messaged it allover my face & neck for 2 minutes.

Results :
I noticed a sheer glow on my face and it do made my skin soft & smooth. As far as fairness is concerned I think its unfair to expect too much from just a face pack. Personally I don’t believe in fairness concept and I was not looking for that too. For me its your internal beauty that matters at the end of the day. According to me its worth trying this face pack as it contains natural ingredients. I recommend to use this product during summers, as it provides cooling sensation and make you feel relaxed. I’ll definitely buy this product again and looking forward to try other variants also.

Price in India : Rs.99 for pack of 4 face masks

What I Liked :

  • Contains Tea Tree Oil
  • Less Expensive
  • Cooling Effect
  • Has no Chemicals
  • Suitable for all skin type

What I Disliked :

  • Strong scent
  • Ingredients not mentioned
  • Availability

Products Information :

Name : Majestic Luxury Botanical Aromatherapy Tea Tree oil Mask


Claim : It uses the natural properties of Tea Tree oil to improve fairness leaving the skin shining and glowing. It helps clear acne, removes blemishes from skin and also aids in repair of sunburn. Suitable for all skin type.

Usage : 

  • Mix the given mask powder with rose water included in the pack.
  • Gently stir until a consistent paste is formed.
  • Apply the paste on face & neck.
  • Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off and allow the skin to absorb the benefits of natural ingredients.

Ingredients : Tea Tree oil is the main ingredient of this mask and other ingredients are not mentioned on the product.

Variants : Six different variants are available in Botanical Aromatherapy Mask range and are named Tea Tree Fairness & Blemish Repair, Neroli Nourishing & Skin Repair, Geranium Healthy & Glowing Skin, Winter Green Detoxifying & Anti-pigmentation, Lemongrass Acne & Oil Control and Palmarosa Hydration & Moisturising.

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