Men’s Guide to Anniversary Gifts

Choosing an anniversary gift can be a challenge, even if you have been married for a while. Whilst the silver anniversary (25 years) and gold anniversary (50 years) have been celebrated for centuries, and it has only been within the last 100 years that guidance for anniversary gifts on the intervening years has been collated.

Now, there is a traditional and a modern list in which each year is represented by different materials and items from which some creative thinking can find you an appealing gift for your beloved. Choosing offers up several options so that you can find the perfect gift for your beloved. Thinking outside-the-box can come up with a surprise gift you know she will love.

First Year: Paper / clocks

The first anniversary is special because it is your first and therefore should be celebrated. Your gift can be a canvas artwork with your wedding vows, or the special dates of your first date, your engagement and your wedding or any words of romance that have meaning around your marriage. Another gift could be a beautiful watch, or perhaps a bespoke wall clock inscribed with your wedding date.

5th year: Wood / silverware

Wood symbolizes the strength and durability of your relationship. Gift ideas include a barrel-aged whiskey, a specially engraved cheeseboard or perhaps a wooden-boxed portable record player for all those LPs you have been collecting over the years.  Silverware could be a replacement set in a great design, or gift the classic Silver Spoon cookbook, originally published in Italy in 1950.

10th year: Aluminum / diamond jewelry

Being married for a decade deserves a special gift. Stick with traditional gifts with an aluminum bicycle for those keen on outdoor adventures, or a tandem. If you want something a bit more exciting, book a flight and gift each other some sleek aluminum luggage. Diamond jewelry can include a pair of diamond jewelry that suits her style.  This could be simple stud earrings or more extravagant designs that include her favorite color.

15th year: Crystal / watches

From Tiffany wine glassed to a Waterford Crystal vase, your fifteenth anniversary is one of luxury. A crystal paperweight is also a thing of beauty, portraying both strength and delicacy and will less chance of getting chipped. Watches cannot include fitness monitors for those who do not wear a wristwatch.

20th year: China / platinum

Updating china plates may not feel particularly romantic. Perhaps a trip to Beijing is on the cards or a bespoke pendant made from porcelain. Another option is to choose a framed Chinese proverb from Lao Tzu, such as “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Going off-list for a moment, you could consider keychain adorned with a coin minted in the year you were married.

25th year: Silver

This milestone anniversary deserves a big celebration.  You can make your gift one that will last through the rest of your days together with an eternity rose in silver. A vacation for the two of you is a popular gift idea.  Go somewhere you have both wanted to go for a while or visit Argentina, a country whose name is derived from the word Argentum, which means silver.

50th year: Gold

This anniversary deserves a significant celebration with a gift to match. A piece of beautiful gold jewelry or a high-end ornament in gold will make the perfect gift. Other ideas include a gold iPhone case, a gold sequined clutch or perhaps this is the perfect time to visit San Francisco and visit the Golden Gate bridge.

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