Simple Nail Art for Beginners – Nail Art using Cello Tape

Hello Everyone, Today I’m sharing a very simple yet trendy nail art design, hope you will like it.

You will Need : Base & Top Coat, Two Nail Paints, Cello Tape and a pair of Scissors.

Time Required : 30-45 min

First Step : After applying a base coat, paint your nail with your favorite nail color that can be used as a base color for this nail art. Here I’m using Colorbar nail paint in Fuchsia color. Now let this color dry completely.

Second Step : As we are doing zig zag design, so cut your cello tape in small triangles as shown. Make sure you cut all triangles before fixing them on your nails. You can adjust the size of triangular strips. If you want more zig-zags then cut slightly thinner strips. Here I’m using medium size strips and three strips are required to cover one nail and total of 15 strips are required.
Third Step : Once your nail paint dries out completely, place these triangular strips one by one on your nails to form a zig-zag patterns as you can see in the picture given below. Cover all your nails with these strips. Take your time to place them as neatly as you can.



Fourth Step : Next step is to paint your nails with the second color, here I’m using Konad silver color. You can choose your favorite colors. Now apply two coats of this color on your nails and let them dry completely.



Fifth Step : Now carefully remove these strips one by one. Need not to be in hurry to remove strips otherwise it will spoil your nail art.

Final Step : Complete this beautiful nail art by applying top coat.


You can choose different shades of nail paints from light shaded to bright or glittery shaded. You can also paint your nails with alternate color to add some fun. Do experiment with your nail colors and enjoy this beautiful nail art. This process might be a bit time consuming but it really worth ti give it a try. Hope you guys like this Nail Art Tutorial. Do give this nail art a try and share your experiences with me.


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