Natio Meditate Hand Cream Review – Light Hand Cream with Yoga Scent Pink Lotus Attar

Hey everyone, today’s review is about the Natio Meditate Hand Cream with Yoga Scent Pink Lotus Attar. I received this hand cream in my January MSM Select Box. You can buy Natio hand cream online from
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What I Liked about Natio Meditate Hand Cream :

  • It comes in a beige plastic tube with a white flip cap. The packaging is sturdy, hygienic and travel friendly. All the required product information (claims, expiry date, ingredients, etc.) is provided on the tube.
  • The hand cream comes in a milky white color and has a little runny body lotion kind of consistency.
  • It has a floral fragrance which is not very strong. I find its fragrance a little unique, not something we normally get in hand creams and lotions.
  • It gets easily absorbed in the skin and moisturizes the dry hands very well. After its usage my hands feel soft and nourished. It keeps my hands moisturized for 2-2.5 hours and then I need to reapply it.
  • It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy after application. It will not stain your mobile, keyboard or other gadgets.
  • I don’t have very dry hands and its lightweight texture makes it a good hand cream for the daily usage, specially in summers.
  • Natio Meditate hand cream is enriched with natural ingredients like sesame oil, turmeric, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.
  • The quantity provided for its price is pretty decent. This 100ml tube will easily last up to 2 months.
  • It is easily available at Natio stores or you can buy it at discounted price from

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What I Disliked about Natio Meditate Hand Cream :

  • Not enough moisturizing for very dry and rough hands.
  • Its fragrance is a little unique, some people might not like its scent.
  • I haven’t seen much difference in my nails appearance.
  • Quite expensive.

Natio Meditate Hand Cream Price in India – Rs.595 for 100ml

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Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.47.39 pm

natio-meditate-hand-cream- review

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Product Information :
Name : Natio Meditate Hand Cream
Shelf Life : 2 years
Claims & Usage :
Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.48.58 pm Ingredients :
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