New Ameego Combo Gift Pack – Valentine’s Day Gift Option for Men

Hey everyone, today I’m going to preview a newly launched Ameego Combo Gift Pack that contains a 5 blade Razor and its 3 Cartridges. Ameego is a new Indian brand that offers a range of personal grooming products for men in India. Ameego razors are designed & manufactured in Germany with the innovative Gothic Arch Blade technology that makes the blades strong at the base and sharp at the top. The price of the Ameego Combo Gift Pack is Rs.1299 but you can get it at a discounted price of Rs.849 from their official website

Ameego offers a range products – 5 Blade German Razor for sensitive skin, set of cartridges, beard trimming bib, beard growth oil and special gift sets. You can buy Ameego products with exciting discounts from their official website and also from, or

Ameego Combo Gift Pack comes in a sturdy carton that is further wrapped in a beautiful gift paper. It can be a good gift for your father, hubby, brother, and boyfriend.

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About the Brand: Ameego was born out of respect for discerning Indian consumers. It’s an attempt to bring world-class products to India. Our products are for individuals who are not satisfied with what is available & always look for better things.

At Ameego “If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.” We keep things simple & you will see its reflection in our products. We believe in connecting and listening to our customers personally like a friend and cherish them.

Being an e-commerce company, we have established special agreements with courier services to be able to deliver throughout India quickly.

Ameego Razors: Ameego razors are a tribute to men with sensitive skin, whose skin is prone to nicks & cuts during shaving. Our razors are designed & manufactured in Germany by engineers who have decades of experience in this domain.

Technical details: The Gothic Arch Blade technology makes the blades strong at base and sharp at top. The cartridge has been designed to position each of the 5 blades at precise angles to ensure even pressure on the skin preventing any cuts and nick while giving a close shave. The cartridge has a flexible hinge that gives better contact on full face. The cartridge shaves like new even after many shaves because of the high grade steel and special Teflon coating on blades.The lubra-strip enriched with Aloe & Vitamin E which is released during shave to sooth the skin and is very beneficial for people with sensitive skin. The stringent quality control at the German factory ensures that only high quality materials go into making the Ameego razor.

The razor has a metal handle with rubber lining to help good grip and control to the user. The cartridge attachment and detachment is simple slide-on click.

Convenient packaging, free shipping, great discounts and “Shave for Free” program some of the key features that Ameego will offer besides an amazing shaving experience. The “Shave for Free” referral program helps your friends look well groomed and the user get free cartridges delivered to their homes.

We have some good gifting options for men on Valentine’s Day. The package being delivered to you is the sample of gift pack that our customers will get when they buy it with an option of personal message on the gift pack if your gift will be delivered by post. Pls share this with your readers.

Our customers can conveniently reach us using Whatsapp @ +91-7508917508, through our facebook page or email us at

Ameego razor

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