New Launch! Baby Dove – Soap Bar, Wipes, Rash Cream, Body Lotion

Dove, a well-known beauty brand entered in the baby care category by announcing the launch of Baby Dove range in India. Dermatologist tested, and paediatrician approved, Baby Dove range is formulated with cleansers and moisturisers that uniquely replenish essential nutrients and are hypoallergenic and pH-neutral for babies with normal to dry skin. The range includes the Baby Bar, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Wipes and a Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar to take extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. Baby Dove products are easily available at local baby stores and also online at


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar Price Rs.27 for 50g, Rs.48 for 75g

New! Baby Dove Bar, Wipes, Rash Cream, Lotion (Price & Buy Online)

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar PriceRs.27 for 50g, Rs.48 for 75g


Baby Dove Lotion PriceRs.180 for 200 ml


Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream Price Rs.210 for 45g


Baby Dove Wipes Price Rs.210 for 50 sheets


Press Release: Dove, a beauty brand trusted by women and mothers around the world, today marked its entry in the baby care category by announcing the launch of Baby Dove in India. With a promise of going beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture, India became the second market in the world, after Brazil, where the brand is present. Celebrity mom Genelia Deshmukh, and TV show host and mommy influencer Tara Sharma formally unveiled the product range at Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. Staying true to its philosophy, Baby Dove celebrated the concept of ‘Real Moms’ and the belief that there is no such thing as perfect mothers, only real ones.

The launch of the brand also entailed a very interesting panel discussion that highlighted the pressures and anxieties faced by an Indian mom, as revealed by the ‘Real Mothers Heard’ survey conducted by Baby Dove. The survey respondents comprised mothers from six different geographies including USA, UK, India, China, Brazil and Mexico. A few surprising insights unearthed by the study showcase that –

>90% of Indian moms feel pressured to be a perfect parent
>India ranks highest globally with 54%, where moms would like to go to work rather than stay at home
>While 67% new mothers feel guilty when they return to work, rather than staying at home with their child

At the launch, Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President Skincare – Hindustan Unilever, said, “We are excited to bring Baby Dove to India after a highly successful launch in Brazil. The brand also signifies the entry of Hindustan Unilever in the baby care category. At Baby Dove, we believe that mildness alone is just the first step to protecting a baby’s delicate skin. Our aim is to go beyond mildness and ensure that the lost moisture is replenished, thereby providing superior care. We strongly feel that the Baby Dove campaign resonates with moms globally, and we have set out to reassure moms that they know what’s best for their child.”

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