New Launch – Himalaya FOR MOMS Skincare Range

Himalaya Herbals, a well known Indian beauty & wellness brand introduces a range of products for moms. This new range “Himalaya FOR MOMS” is specially formulated with specific needs of a mother in mind, both during and after pregnancy. This new range includes 4 products – a toning massage oil, soothing body butter, anti-rash cream and a nipple care butter. These newly launched products are easily available at local departmental stores and also online at

Himalaya FOR MOMS Skincare RangeYou are a beautiful example of the wonders of the human body – to be able to stretch and accommodate the arrival of a new life. The discomfort brought by skin changes, swollen feet, heartburn, bladder issues, and irregular sleep is all worth it once your bundle of joy arrives.
Your baby’s birth brings with it health and wellness rituals that are elaborate and necessary. Now, Himalaya introduces a range of products for moms, specially formulated with your specific needs as a mother in mind, both during and after pregnancy. We have combined our proprietary science with the principles of Ayurveda and calming and relaxing fragrances to give you products that will soothe, heal and invigorate your body.
When you choose a product from the Himalaya FOR MOMS line, know that you are choosing the very best for you and your baby.

Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil: The massage oil helps in strengthening and firming the skin. It comes with a soothing Lavender aroma that moderates the mood & senses and leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed. It is enriched with the goodness of sesame oil (prevents dryness & infections), country mallow (improves muscle and joint strength), winter cherry (calms the skin & reduces stress) and aloe vera (healing & soothing properties). Price – Rs.200 for 200ml.

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Himalaya FOR MOMS Anti-Rash Cream: It effectively reduces rashes during pregnancy, as well as other dermal cuts and scratches which cause minor itching. The comforting Lavender aroma will not only calm the rash but also distract your mind from the irritation. It is enriched with Yashad Bhasma (helpful in treating eczema, itching and other skin disorders), Aloe Vera (heals wounds and soothe skin), Almond Oil (nourishes the skin and make it soft & supple), Manjishtha (provide blemish-free, clear skin). Price – Rs.150 for 50g.

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Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter: It is enriched with 100% natural oils. It is ideal to use by both expecting and lactating mothers. It helps in the prevention and management of sore and cracked nipples. Formulated with Kokum Butter (deeply moisturizes and promotes healthy, supple skin) and Virgin Coconut Oil (helps in smoothening and protecting skin from cracks and fissures). Price – Rs.75 for 20g.

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Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter: It intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it soft, supple and glowing. Enriched with Cocoa Butter (soothes dry, irritated skin) and Glycerin (keeps skin hydrated for a longer time). It comes in the three variants – Calming fragrance of Lavender, Rejuvenating fragrance of Jasmine and Uplifting fragrance of Rose. Price – Rs.320 for 200ml.

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