New! Moroccanoil Smooth Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Mask)

Moroccanoil, the global beauty brand has recently launched a new hair care range named Moroccanoil Smooth Collection. This new collection includes 4 products – Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo, Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner, Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion and Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask. The entire range is infused with ultra-nourishing argan oil, argan butter and coconut derived fatty acids. This specially created smoothing regimen helps in strengthening, conditioning and nourishing the hair and keeps the hair soft, shiny and manageable. All the four products are free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, phosphates, parabens and are suitable for color-treated hair.

New Moroccanoil Smooth Collection

Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo Pricearound Rs.1800 for 250ml

  • A gentle hair cleanser that smooths and tames unruly, frizzy hair.
  • It comes with AminoRenew that helps strengthen hair and align its natural keratin structure.
  • It is enriched with argan oil and argan butter.
  • Its hydrating properties leave the hair more manageable, healthy and smooth.
  • Safe to use on color-treated hair.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner Pricearound Rs.1850 for 250ml

  • A gentle detangling formula that tames unruly and frizzy hair.
  • It helps restore depleted amino acids to strengthen the hair.
  • It nourishes each hair strand and leaving you with healthy-looking, manageable and smooth hair.
  • Infused with potent argan oil and argan butter.
  • Free from Parabens and sulphates.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion Pricearound Rs.2000 for 300ml

  • It is an all-in-one blow-dry hair lotion which is infused with expertly blended technologies.
  • It is enriched with argan oil, argan butter, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • It leaves hair touchably soft and manageable for the longer period.
  • The lightweight formula provides medium hold and definition.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask Pricearound Rs.4800 for 500ml

  • Highly concentrated argan butter hair mask.
  • It is infused with argan butter, argan oil and coconut-derived fatty acids.
  • It deeply hydrates the hair and leaving you with soft, smooth and more manageable hair.
  • It provides long-lasting conditioning to frizzy and unruly hair.

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