Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion Review – Shea Butter Lotion for Dry Skin

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing the Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion for dry skin. Nivea is a well-known beauty brand and their body lotions and creams are really good. I really liked their Nourishing Body Milk with Almond Oil and Soft Light Moisturiser.


Packaging: Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion comes in a light blue bottle with a blue flip open cap. The packaging is very sturdy, convenient to use and travel-friendly. The important product related information is also provided on the bottle.

Price & Availability: The price of the Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion is Rs.225 for 200ml and Rs.345 for 400ml (this variant comes with a pump dispenser). It is widely available at local beauty and departmental stores and also online at leading shopping websites like,,, etc.


My Experience: Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion comes in a milky white color and has a sweet scent that feels quite pleasant. It has perfect lotion consistency neither too thick nor watery. It spreads easily and quickly absorbed by the skin when massaged for a minute or two. It moisturizes the skin well without giving any uncomfortable sticky feeling. It provides adequate hydration and keeps my body skin moisturized for the whole day. My body skin gets a little dry & itchy during the colder months and this body lotion helps to keep my skin hydrated and itch-free. However, I don’t think people with super dry & flaky skin will get the same results from this body lotion.

Reasons to buy Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion:

  • It is enriched with shea butter that is a well-known ingredient for its moisturizing properties.
  • A lightweight body lotion that moisturizes the skin nicely and leaves the skin soft, smooth & nourished for long.
  • It has a non-greasy formulation that doesn’t stain clothes.
  • It comes with a mild floral fragrance.
  • It is suitable for people with normal to slightly dry skin.
  • Ideal to use by both men & women.
  • The quantity provided for its price is pretty decent.
  • Easily available.

Reasons to avoid Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion:

  • It is not enough moisturizing for the people who have extremely dry and flaky skin.
  • It comes without sun protection formula.

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