Olivia Herb Bleach Cream Review – Instant Glow for Sensitive Skin

Hello Everyone! today I’ll be sharing my views on Herb Bleach Cream from Olivia. Since I have sensitive skin, I always opt for herbal products. I’m using this bleach cream for last 4-5 years and I must say it is one of the best bleach creams I had ever used.

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Packaging : This bleach cream comes in greenish box that contains two jars, (bigger one contains bleach cream while the smaller one contains activator), 1 tray for mixing bleach cream, 1 spatula for mixing and an instruction guide.

olivia herb bleach cream

My Experience : As I have already mentioned that I’m using this product since ages, it is very beneficial for me. I have lots of ingrown facial hair and they are quite thick and look ugly, so I used to bleach my face & neck once in a month. This bleach provides complete coverage to my hair and fades them to match my skin tone. It gives you instant glow that is the amazing part of this bleach cream.

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I use to take a glass bowl to mix this bleach cream because the tray provided with pack is not enough to mix cream properly. Take say 2 tsp of bleach cream, add 3 pinches of powder and I prefer to add 5-6 drops of rose water in the mixture to avoid discomfort while applying this mixture on my face. After washing & pat drying my face I tie up my hair and start applying mixture from the area where I have more hair like jawline then neck (Apply thick layer on areas where you have more hair). Cut 2 slices of cucumber, put on your eyes and rest under fan for 20 min and wash off.

It slightly stings but that is totally fine for me, it do has strong smell but as compare to others I find it a bit mild. After washing my face I find my facial hair less visible and it evens out my skin tone and provides a nice glowing skin. Other thing that I like about this product is its natural ingredients. Also it is not very expensive and is very effective in reducing tanning and evens your skin. Two more variants are available – Olivia Hiz Aloe Bleach for men & Olivia Fairness Bleach.

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What I Liked :

  • Herbal product
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Evens out skin color
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives instant glow

What I Disliked :

  • Absolutely nothing

Buy online – Amazon.in

Product Information :

Name : Olivia Herb Bleach
Claims : It nourishes your skin, protects it from Inflammation, gives a fair glow, suitable for use on face, arms, legs and body.
Usage : Take appropriate amount of bleach cream and add 2-3 pinch of . Apply on your face & neck evenly, rinse after 15 min, pat dry and apply good moisturizer. You can use this bleach cream after every 15 days, but avoid using is it frequently, once in a month is good enough.
Ingredients : Chandan, Haldi, Aloe Vera and Nimbu

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Buy online – Amazon.in

21 Replies to “Olivia Herb Bleach Cream Review – Instant Glow for Sensitive Skin”

  1. This brand is very bad… It has an adverse effect my sister used it and after washing her face converted in black colour so , I wolud really say never use this product because its cheap it will give you bad look.

    1. Hey Sarita, I’v been using this bleach for 5-6 yrs and it didn’t cause any reaction on my skin. Also in the instructions it is mentioned to do a patch test. before applying it on your face. SO the people with sensitive skin should always try the patch test first before the usage.

    2. Can I know what you did when your sister’s skin turned black after applying Olivia Bleach

      I also did a patch test which gave no glow so we went by applying on face which turned bad.

      I applied and I look all black now please help!

    3. Product contains mercury and hence shouldnt be applied over face or any body part. It can have many adverse effects on your body.

  2. Hello !
    I’v been using this bleach for 5-6 yrs and it didn’t cause any reaction on my face and full use for full body .

    1. Any indian spice shop in pmb and more specifically raisethorpe. I get mine from a barber shop next to Sabah in raisethorpe called salamat

  3. Hi Jabu. Try any of the Indian shops in Pmb. I get mine from several different spice shops in the raisethorpe area.

  4. Hello
    This brand is very bad , i used as per instruction my face was look like black ,its very harmfull product , your face will distroy

  5. worst product..plz dnt try this as i get black after using this bleach…wos havng good face tone,but after using this,the result made me cryso for the sake of other girlzz….# dnt use this#

  6. Mistakenly I added activator so much and now my hairs are very much golden and yeah i hv realize that my skin is also little dark after using it, it looks vry bad. Pls dnt use this…

  7. It all depends on ur skin girls
    Fem bleach being so popular doesn’t suit my sis
    Olivia suits me
    N more of activator also can lead to darker skin
    N better I would suggest girls who have sensitive skin or who have acne all such better go to a parlour n do ur bleach, v try to save some money instead loose more,
    Oxybleach is also good.

  8. I have used just now few minuteS back I removed wat d hell…Festival is there after three days my skin became dark patches ….Whatever u have satisfy with dat…Don’t go for bleaches on your own by reading websites..Go n check suitable one in parlour they will apply …Now feeling alott it will take atkeast one week to get normal face …Pch bullshit

    1. Dear Samira Ansari,
      Pls give me one solusation about my face effectiveness
      You can call me on this number 8088100985/9663405402 i will show my face to you

  9. Dear All pls dont use this brand or any bleach for face
    On Jan 22nd 2020 used to by face for only 5 mins its effect is very more, first face will come big like bullond, second day the origional face color will change into black ( I cant able to post my face image into this feedback), third day the face will become burning line who will pore the acid to out face

    Ian humble request to all pls dint bleach the face and dont spoil the originality of face
    Thanks and regards
    Prashanth M
    Bangalore 560045

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