OxyGlow Saffron & Sandal Fairness Lotion Review

Delhi is getting colder day by day and to tackle with dry skin is one of the main concerns for me these days. Frizzy hair, chapped lips and dry flaky skin is increasing my worries. I’ve noticed a drastic change in my facial skin for last few days, my skin is getting red and patchy. I switched from moisturizers to cold creams but all in vain. Then I came across this moisturizer named OxyGlow Nature’s Care Saffron & Sandal Fairness Lotion two weeks ago. As I’ve mentioned earlier that during these days I’m focusing more towards herbal products. As soon as I saw this product on one of the online stores, I decided to give it a try. I’m using this lotion from last 2 weeks and now I have decided to share my views about this product.

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Packaging : It comes in a white plastic bottle with a pump and has a sturdy transparent plastic cap.

My Experience : It is a fairness lotion that contains saffron and sandal wood extracts. It has a strong smell of saffron & sandal mix.I’ve a quite fair skin and dryness is making my skin look patchy. I’m using this product to even out my skin. This lotion has a quite thick consistency and has a milky white color. Pump makes it convenient to use and also reduce wastage of product. Two pumps are more then enough to cover whole face & neck.

I’ve combination skin that becomes a bit dry during winters. I’m using this lotion during night before going to bed. It provides good moisture to my skin and there are no dry patches left any more. Even I can feel the moisture on my face till next morning. It doesn’t make my skin oily or blotchy instead it provides healthy glow on the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy on skin and is completely absorbed by the skin. And as far as fairness is concerned I don’t think it will make anyone fair. I just don’t understand the fairness craze, for me healthy skin is what one should aim for.

The product claims to give a deeply moisturized flawless fair skin and I do agree with its claim to provide deep moisturization. I’ve not noticed any dry patches after application of this lotion and it remains the same for next 7-8 hours. It makes my skin soft and glowing, but I think it might make my skin oily during the summers. But for now I’m loving this product. It is suggested to use this product twice a day for better results, but I’m using this products only once during bed time. There are two reasons why I’m not using it during day time, first it doesn’t have SPF , so not suitable during the day time and second it has a strong fragrance that lasts for longer period of time , which I personally do not like. I can’t wear strong fragrance, it literally gives me headache. Other then that it is a good moisturizer that contains natural ingredients which are not harmful to skin. It does a great job for my combination skin and I’m sure it’ll give better results for people with normal to dry skin.

OxyGlow Saffron & Sandal Fairness Lotion Price in India : Rs.180 for 120ml. (Buy this product online from stores like Jabong.com, Snapdeal.com, Shopping.indiatimes.com and also you can get exciting offers on purchase)

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What I Liked :

  • Light on Face
  • Less Expensive
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Good Moisturization
  • Long Lasting

What I Disliked :

  • Strong Fragrance
  • Fairness Claim

 Product Information :

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Name : OxyGlow Saffron & Sandal Fairness Lotion
Claim : Set your hands on this fairness lotion for a flawless fair skin. Along with lightening the complexion, it protects the skin from further darkening. A regular usage of this lotion leaves skin deeply moisturized and remarkable fairer.
Usage : Apply evenly on clean face & neck. Massage with outward & upward strokes. Leave on. For better results, use twice a day.
Ingredients : Aqua, CCTG, GMS, Glycerin, Sandalwood Oil, Grapeseed Extract, Saffron.
Shelf Life : 3 years

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