Oziva Protein Powder Review: Is Oziva Protein Good?

Oziva’s protein powder products are plant-based, so you are assured that it is safe for human consumption. It does not contain harmful ingredients. This Oziva Protein Powder review is a general guide on the company’s products.

We have included in this review information about each product. Also mentioned are the main benefits and their side effects. 

The company has stressed its commitment to supporting people to become a better version of themselves. They assure you they manufacture only high-quality clean nutrition to help you achieve the best fitness, mentally and physically. 

Oziva Protein Powder Review

Protein powder is safe, especially if it is plant-based. And that’s what Oziva is providing. Their products do not contain any preservatives, no artificial colors and sweeteners, and no allergens.

The ingredients were obtained from farms worldwide to ensure the consumer will get clean nutrition to live an active life. 

All of their products are based on Ayurveda in combination with modern-day foods. It is the oldest holistic healing approach in India that will benefit both the sciences and modern-day foods. 

It was developed over 3,000 years ago. Every time you purchase Oziva’s product, you will have an exclusive pass to their experts and get free diet consultation.

The experts will give you advice and help you motivated until you reach your goal. 

If you are unsure which product to choose from, you can ask them by clicking the product advice tab on their website. Here are some of the protein powders Oziva is offering. 

Oziva Protein powder Review

Oziva Protein and Herbs Review – For Men & Women

Oziva Protein and Herbs for men and women are safe and have lots of benefits. Whey Protein is known as the best protein source that you should add to your diet.

It is extracted from milk, and it will not harm your body as long as you remain at the allowed permissible limit.

The protein and herbs by Oziva plant-based protein content are easy to digest protein compared to other sources. Besides protein, it also contains some BCAAs to strengthen the muscle and glutamic acid to help recovery after a workout. 

The Oziva Protein and Herbs for women contain flaxseed, curcumin, Shatavari, and tulsi responsible for correcting the hormonal imbalance. It also has cinnamon, Guduchi, and green tea to boost metabolism.

The Oziva Protein and Herbs for men has Ashwagandha, Musli, Brahmi, and Chlorella for stamina and energy. 

For a more detailed review of this product, you can read this article titled “Oziva Protein and Herbs Review – For Men & Women

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Oziva Superfood Plant Protein Review

Oziva Superfood Plant Protein is a well-made plant protein formula combined with standardized herbal extracts to provide consumers’ daily nutrition.

It is vegan protein combined with plant protein, multivitamins, and Ayurvedic herbs for complete health and nutrition. The standardized herbal extract formula will improve digestion and immunity. 

The Oziva Superfood Plant Protein contains the following:

  • Clean protein blend that consists of pea protein isolate, mung bean protein isolate, and brown rice protein isolate
  • Immunity blend that consists of Moringa, Tulsi, Amla, and Acai berry
  • It also includes a skin and hair blend composed of biotin, calcium, vitamin D, A, C, and B-complex.
  • Ashwagandha, ginseng, Maca root, and cinnamon are added to boost the energy level.
  • Guduchi, Papain, Triphala, chicory root fiber will keep the digestive system healthy.

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OZiva Organic Plant Protein Review

One way to make your daily food healthier is to add Oziva Organic Plant Protein to your diet. The plant protein is sugar-free and cholesterol-free without preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. It provides several benefits to your body. 

The product is a combination of organic pea protein isolate, organic quinoa, and organic brown rice protein. It also has 5.2g BCAA, 0g sugar, and 30g complete plant protein.

If your protein intake is not enough, this is the best product to provide your daily protein needs. Your entire family can take the Oziva Organic Plant Protein without any harmful effects on your body. 

You can consume the Organic Plant Protein in various ways:

Protein-Rich Chapatis

When preparing, combine one scoop of the Organic Plant Protein with two bowls of Atta. Form them into the dough to create nutritious rotis. You can make around 6-8 Rotis. 

Protein Power Salad

Add around one teaspoon of the organic plant protein into your bowl of salad. You can consume without noticing that you added the powder to the salad. 

Ice Coffee with Vegan Protein

Combine ½ scoop of the brand’s Organic Plant Protein with 250 ml of water, one tablespoon of coffee, and some ice cubes. 

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OZiva Nutritional Meal review – For Men & Women

The Oziva Nutritional Meal is a combination of Ayurvedic ingredients and nutrients, making it a healthy food replacement. The product is a combination of protein and fiber and beneficial both for men and women.

This nutritional meal by Oziva is available in chocolate flavor and can be taken in combination with water or milk. The company has its dietician and can help you with your diet plan.

This is part of their service to the people who patronize their product. You can discuss with them your customized diet and workout if needed.

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Oziva Protein Powder has lots of benefits, and a daily glass of it provides your daily protein requirements. 

Oziva Protein Powder helps you lose weight since it is low in fat. Adding more protein to your diet boosts metabolism and burn fat fast, especially if combined with exercise. 

  • Protein powder can help repair and grow muscle. It contains BCCA that helps reduce fatigue due to exercise, prevent muscle wasting, and decrease muscle soreness and beneficial to those with liver diseases.
  • Protein helps you recover fast. An adequate amount of nutrition is needed for recovery after a workout. Oziva offers 22 grams of protein for each serving. 
  • It gives your face an instant glow. 
  • It helps women deal with hormonal imbalance. Thus, increases the energy level. 
  • The Shatavari content helps in thyroid hormone imbalances. 
  • It helps the hair become longer and thicker. 

The Oziva Protein Powder is worth your money. Compared to other brands that are quite expensive, this brand is much cheaper but very beneficial to the user. 

Exclusive Prime Benefits

If you purchase the product, you will have access to the exclusive prime benefits Oziva is offering to its customers. 

Oziva Merchandise – Getting healthy is not the only perk that the company provides. You will have the chance to claim the Oziva cool merchandise without an added cost.

Diet Plan – You can customize your diet plan with the help of the Oziva experts. They can help you in achieving your goal and stay fit.

Expert Guidance – You can talk to the experts through chat or email. They will help you deal with any issues you might encounter when using the product and support you in any way they can without additional cost. 

Oziva Protein Powder Price

Oziva is much healthier than others but at a reasonable price. The price range may vary depending on what type of Protein Powder you will purchase. Click on the following links to know the current price at Amazon.

Side Effects

The plant-based Oziva protein powder generally has no side effects, and it has been proven by many. Some people may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bad taste, but these can be resolved by lowering your intake.

Protein is one of the vital macronutrients which is needed by human beings. 

The side effects you may experience are not at all harmful. Also, it will not last long for those with lactose intolerance in whey or if you take too much protein.

You need to lower the amount you are consuming in a day. Swapping the whey concentrate with an isolate is also a good idea. 

Taking the product in a portion can help solve the issue. If you consume the drink in huge amounts, it produces gas, and you will feel bloated. You can drink some water in between or take a snack before taking it.


When it comes to protein supplements, Oziva is a brand you can trust. This Oziva Protein review proves that any product this company offers is of high quality. The ingredients are sourced only from a trusted provider. 

The combination of Ayurveda and modern foods are quite useful in providing the daily protein requirements.

Decide which Oziva product you need – Oziva Protein and Herbs, Oziva Superfood Plant Protein, Oziva Organic Protein, Oziva Superfood Plant Protein, and others. 

If you are a user of any of the Oziva protein powder, feel free to comment below. 

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  1. Oziva product are good but never ever make advance payment, after getting payment your product will delay for more than 2 months, I have experience. They just give you a call for the sake of satisfaction but no prompt action will be taken by entire team because they already received payment in advance… Always use COD option..

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