Patanjali Body Cleanser Review – Mogra, Multani Mitti & Lemon

Hey everyone, today I’m going to review 3 of the Patanjali body cleansers – Mogra, Multani Mitti & Lemon. Patanjali is an Indian ayurvedic brand that offers a wide range of personal care products at very affordable prices. I tried many Patanjali products in the past and really liked some of them. You can read the reviews of the other Patanjali products here. Patanjali products can be bought from various Patanjali outlets, Big Bazaar and also online from

Patanjali Soap Review

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser: This gel soap bar comes in a blackish green color and has a strong artificial fragrance. It lathers well and cleanses the skin nicely without making the skin dry or itchy. The major downside of this soap is its strong smell that I absolutely hated. I used this soap a few times and each time I used it, it gave me a headache so I stopped using it and threw it away. The price of the Patanjali Mogra body cleanser is Rs.25 for 75g. I will not recommend this soap to anyone :(
Rating – 1.5/5.

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Patanjali Multani Mitti Body Cleanser: It is enriched with some amazing natural ingredients like neem, turmeric, aloe-vera, mint, etc. It removes impurities, dirt and sweat very nicely and leaves the skin clean & smooth. It makes the skin a little dry so you need to use a body lotion after its usage. You can use this soap on your face, body as well as on the hair. It too has an artificial smell which is not very strong, though. The price of the Patanjali Multani Mitti body cleanser is Rs.35 for 75g. Recommended!
Rating – 3.5/5.

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Patanjali Lemon Body Cleanser:  A golden yellow color soap bar is covered with a thin plastic sheet. It produces rich froth and cleanses dirt & sweat from the body very nicely. It has a citrus fruit fragrance which gives refreshing feel while massaging it on the body. It comes out very easily and gives squeaky clean skin which makes it apt to use during the summer. It doesn’t melt off with water that makes it very long lasting. I recommend this body cleanser for normal to oily skin people, whereas people with dry skin can feel it a little drying. The price of the Patanjali Lemon body cleanser is Rs.45 for 125g. Highly recommended!
Rating – 4/5.

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