New Philips Air Purifiers Launched – Philips AC1215/20, Philips AC2882/50, Philips AC2887/20

With alarming pollution level in India, many companies are launching new Air purifiers. Indian Air purifier market is at a nascent stage yet as most of the people are not aware of this product category. But with pollution levels increasing exponentially in last 1 week, people are looking to buy these devices for the home.


Many Philips Air purifiers are already available since a couple of years but to capture the rush Philips has launched new improved air purifiers. The new Philips AC1215/20, Philips AC2882/50, and Philips AC2887/20.

The key differences between these 3 Philips air purifiers are the sensor type, CADR(amount of purified air delivered per hour) value, and the effective coverage area.

The Philips AC2887/20 is the top model among these with 334 m³/h CADR, 24-41 m2 coverage area, and real-time indoor PM2.5 level display with Philips Aerasense PM2.5 sensor.

The Philips AC2882/50 comes with 324 m³/h CADR, 22-38 m2 coverage area. It too has Philips Aerasense PM2.5 sensor but does not have the real-time indoor PM2.5 level display. In auto-mode, the purifier just detects the PM2.5 level in the Air and automatically adjust the fan speed to deliver the required CADR for fast air purification.

The Philips AC1215/20 is the entry-level air purifier in this new range and comes with 270 m³/h CADR and up to 63 m2 coverage area. It neither has the Philips Aerasense PM2.5 sensor nor the real-time indoor PM2.5 level display. It has the basic particle sensor which detects the dust particles and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

All these three have 1,2,3, and Turbo speed modes and except the Philips AC1215/20, the other two have the silent mode too. Except the PM2.5 display difference , the Philips AC2882/50 and Philips AC2887/20 are almost similar in all other physical and functional properties.

So which one should you buy?

If you are living in a high pollution area and budget is not a constraint then you should buy the new Philips AC2887/20. You can also buy the similar Philips AC3256/20 if you need a air purifier for your living area as this one has larger coverage area and more CADR value. Among the Philips AC2882/50 and Philips AC2887/20, I will always prefer to buy the later one due to its real-time PM2.5 level display. If your budget is around Rs.10,000 than only Philips AC1215/20 is the option among these three.

Other than Philips many other brand purifiers are available in India and the most popular among them is the newly launched Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2. The reasons for its popularity are its highly affordable price, Wi-Fi support, stylish design, and smartphone app support! But like all other popular Xiaomi products, it is out of stock in India!

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