Top 10 questions to ask yourself before you undergo hair transplant

Like any other surgery, a patient needs to be prepared mentally, physically and financially. These 3 different aspects should be carefully taken into consideration once you decide to undergo surgery.

Preparation is a key element in assuring yourself for surgery. If you are likely to have a hair transplant surgery soon, here are some of the common questions that patients usually ask before surgery.

Am I an eligible candidate for hair implantation surgery?

Without a doubt, assessing yourself in terms of eligibility is quite essential. You can’t undertake surgery while you are not physically prepared for it. There will be a lot of unwanted potential side effects.

Some of these essential criteria that will be taken into consideration include health status, age, your hair condition itself and many others. If you happen not to meet these criteria, your consultant might advise or recommend you other therapies that can help you restore your hair loss or simply reduce your hair loss.

Can I afford a hair transplant surgery?

Costs of a hair transplant vary depending on different factors including the method used, the clinic’s reputation and its facilities, the skills of the surgeon and others. Once you chose the technique that will be used, your doctor will inform you about the price of the surgery.

Make sure to make a thorough research on the different clinics’ prices and if there are other potent financing options available in India. Check out this article for further details on the best hair transplant cost in India.

Who are the top surgeons in India? And what qualifications they need to have?

This is another important question to ask you. You need to know who will be doing your surgery. A lot of failed surgeries happen because the ‘surgeons’ are not qualified enough or do not have enough experience to carry out such surgeries. We suggest you check this article “best hair transplant in India” to know more.

There are usually more or fewer technicians that acquire some of their skills on a day to day small surgeries. That’s why make sure that your surgeon has sufficient experience and qualifications to ensure the safety of the operation.

What preparation should I need to take care of before my surgery?

The preoperative arrangement is essential. This simply can include not using certain hair products or treatments before your surgery.

How long the surgeries stay?

The duration of your surgery depends on the method used for hair transplant and the recipient area that needs the treatment. Depending on these, your surgeon will fix a number of sessions to fully complete the whole process.

How long is the recovery period?

Recovery time usually takes a couple of weeks depending on the patient. In this period, it is preferred that you follow your surgeon’s instructions and advice to ensure a better healing process.

Are previous testimonials that important?

Anyone will find comfort listening to the testimonies and experiences of previous patients who have been in the same situation. Knowing that the surgeons are skilled ad there is a high rate of success is definitely reassuring.

How do I choose my Clinic?

The best way to choose your clinic is by checking their reputation, patient testimonials; discover their surgeons and most importantly to check out their facility packages. This will help you in terms of budget.

Many clinics offer a variety of different customized packages for the satisfaction of their customers and to ensure that they are having a nice and pleasant journey.

How long will it take to see the outcomes?

The results of a hair transplant will take some for sure. They are not immediate. It usually takes a couple of months, sometimes up to 12 months, depending on the person to observe visible results. It is important to have some patience and consistently taking care of our post-surgery condition and to always consult your doctor for further guidance

Will I need a second hair transplant?

Depending on how your first hair transplant went and your hair condition post-surgery. Make sure to consult your doctor for further information about it.

Physical preparedness:

When it comes to physical preparedness, you have to make sure that our overall health will allow you to undergo hair transplant surgery.

Mental preparedness:

Prepare yourself mentally for your surgery. This later is never an easy process; it will take some time, energy and effort to go through it. If you are not in the right mental condition, this might create an obstacle for you to carry out the surgery.

Financial preparedness:

Make sure you have researched and covered all your financing options. You don’t want to find yourself in an awkward situation, paying for things that you were not expected to pay. India has several financing options that can check out. Check out this article for further details

Outcome preparedness:

Be patient. Nothing comes the easy way. Things take time to be achieved. Therefore, make sure that you prepare yourself also mentally for the result of your surgery. In the least cases and if something goes wrong, your doctor will ensure that treatment is at your hand.

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