Ready to Turn Back Time? Skin Care Tips

Your body’s outer skin is the protective layer which acts as a defence against harsh weather, diseases, infections or even from injury. It also protects you from the elements. Although it works well, eventually, your skin can start to show that it is under pressure from outer environment and also begin to lose the fight against time. No-one wants to age prematurely, so, if keeping your skin supple-looking and young is important to you, it’s time to make a few changes to your daily routine.

skin care tips

Do you forget to use sunscreen unless you are on holiday? This is a mistake. Sunscreen should be used irrespective of whether the sun is shining as too much sun can have a devastating impact on your skin. In fact, UV rays can penetrate through glass so, it pays to cover up. It’s worth noting that the sun is probably the main cause of skin ageing so don’t take risks, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen and one that blocks UV rays, UVA and UVB, and opt for an SPF of 30+. Heat can also be a cause of skin damage as it causes inflammation. Increasing your vitamin C levels can help so add a few extra vegetables and fruits into your diet or take a supplement.

Remember to protect your face, hands and neck areas too as these areas show the signs of ageing all too readily through the loss of elasticity. You may also see dark spots start to appear on your face or hands which everyone knows as age spots. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as this will help prevent your skin from feeling dry but also, add a little moisturiser to your skin as this will make your skin feel smooth and supple.

Avoid alcohol where possible. It’s actually an aggressive compound and will damage your skin. Alcohol can affect the mucous membrane all the way from the pancreas and the liver right to the skin. It takes fluid from the skin and will only lead to your having wrinkles through dehydration. It also creates that flushing effect where the tissues become inflamed.

As we age, we experience fluctuating hormones and so, if you are aged 40 or over, the chances are you will start to develop a few spots, even acne but, be careful what you use to treat it, if you feel your skin is getter worse, do not opt for any harsh creams or potions. A good cleanser, one that is used for acne is preferable and a good moisturiser should help too, plus, it will reduce the chance of having further problems. Develop a good skincare routine now and your skin will start to glow and look so much younger.

If you have ever collapsed into bed still wearing your make-up, try to avoid doing so in the future. If you neglect your skin at night, the chances are you will only experience a breakout of spots later. Cleanse your face before you go to bed as this also gets rid of any build-up of dirt or pollution because if you are not careful, dirt can invade your pores if left.

Perhaps you find yourself at the opposite end of the scale and end up using too many new products at once. Stop. Don’t swap from one to another otherwise no product has a chance of doing its best. As it takes 30 days for new skin cells to reach the top layer, any new products should be used for at least a month, although six-weeks is recommended. Only then, will you see the full benefits. If you have chosen a product that says anti-aging, then you should ideally wait about four months before changing because it takes time to regenerate elastin and collagen.

It’s all too easy to forget to care for your makeup brushes and if you just throw them into your makeup bag and don’t look after them, they are only going to transfer dirt to your skin. Give brushes a good clean regularly. You will be so glad you did. Skincare hygiene is all-important.

Are you burning the candle at both ends? If yes, you may not be getting enough sleep. Getting up early and going to bed late is a sure way for your skin to start to look jaded, you will age prematurely but, those dark circles under your eyes will be all too obvious and you won’t look healthy. Sleeping well at night is paramount, this is because stress hormones drop to normal levels and enable the rejuvenation of your skin. A stressful life is also a no-no, try to combat any stressors because the hormone cortisol can raise dramatically if stress is left unchecked and, will increase the oil production of your skin, leading to spots and oh yes, acne. If you don’t want to age prematurely, make a few changes to your life and start to look after your skin so that it stays younger looking for longer.

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  1. Sleeping with makeup is the worst thing that one can do to their skin as it leads to clogged pores. Thus, always ensure that you go to bed makeup free and follow a CTM (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) routine to get a healthier skin. Loved the tips here :) thanks!

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  5. You’ve got great tips for skin care here. I like how you said that your face, hands, and neck are the areas that show age the quickest. I’ll have to take better care of those areas and find new products for them.

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