Sandhi Sudha Oil Review– Does it work for Joint Pain?

What is Sandhi Sudha?

Sandhi Sudha oil is a curative massage balm that taps from ancient Ayurvedic medicine. This oil is made from Himalayan plant extract, which has been widely used by millions of people over the last four to five centuries.

Today, many people of both old and young ages have come to trust Sandhi Sudha for the amazing effect it has on joint pains, back pains, and pains of the wrist and ankles.

The human body contains 210 joints and 206 bones, and they all need to be in good condition for us to function with ease. If one or a few bones or joints are weak and unstable we will most likely feel pains wherever they are located.

Sandhi Sudha oil is essentially used by people who suffer from severe body pains. Some common parts of the body prone to pains include:

  • Knees
  • Back(vertebrae column)
  • Neck
  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Waste
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow

By applying this oil and massaging the affected part, the weak joint will gradually regain stability and strength. In addition to this, the pain you feel will gradually wear out until you can no longer feel it anymore. For quick and permanent results, users are advised to continue use for a sustained period of 10 to 15 days without interruption. Using the oil every day during the day and at night is recommended.

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What is the difference between Sandhi Sudha Oil and Oil Plus?

Sandhi Sudha oil and Oil Plus are products by the same manufacturer offering users fast relief from joint pain. However, the Oil Plus version offers quicker relief than the former.  Sandhi Sudha Oil Plus has been energized with ingredients that will provide users with succor faster.

Sandhi Sudha Oil Review

Sandhi Sudha remains a very popular pain relief formula widely used by Indians and people of different races the world over. This massage oil has healing properties that can be used to nurse weak joints back to health. Women who are in the third and fourth trimester of pregnancy will find this oil very effective.

 It can also be used to massage the feeble bones of the elderly or victims of bone injuries. Sportsmen and women, including those who engage in physically rigorous activities, are also not left out.


  • Effective
  • A fast pain reliever from all forms of joint pain
  • No side effect attributed to this product
  • Can be used as often as you wish
  • Calms and relaxes the body after use
  • Dissolves into the skin pore with ease


  • A little on the expensive side
  • People with serious joint aches may have to use for a long time to feel its positive effects

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Benefits of using Sandhi Sudha Oil

General joint pain reliever: Applying this oil to the affected area will provide quick relief as it penetrates the skin and comes in contact with the nerves and bone tissues.

Increases Synovial fluids: The bones and joints require sufficient synovial fluids without which bones and joints can’t function properly. This oil stimulates the production of this fluid for peak performance and conditioning.

Cures serious bone and joint complaints: Sandhi Sudha is an ultimate solution for various skeletal complications such as arthritis, cervical spondylitis, shoulder pain, and waste pains, including muscle stiffness.

Regular application provides lasting results: The pains you feel may have been appearing and disappearing at intervals will resolve after continuous application of this oil. Bones, muscles, and joints that have not been functioning optimally will gradually begin to function as they should.

Mild on your skin: Sandhi Sudha may be tough on pains, but it is mild on your skin. It poses no threat to the skin. Rather it soothes it and protects it against fluid loss (dryness).

How much does it cost?

Sandhi Sudha oil price is subject to change as per the seller’s discretion.

What ingredients are used to make this product?

PAN LEAF2.0 grams per 200ml bottle
ASHWAGANDHA12.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
RASNA4.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
GWARPATHA4.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
HALDI2.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
M. AKARKARA8.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
NIRGUNGI4.0 grams per 200 ml bottle
ARAND ROOT4.0 grams per 200 ml bottle

How to use Sandhi Sudha Oil?

To enjoy the healing effects of Sandhi Sudha oil, follow these steps.

  • Apply a few drops of the oil on the affected area with your fingertips
  • Massage the area with your fingers for a few minutes
  • When massaging the area (bone, joint, muscle) do not apply too much pressure
  • Massage in a slow, circular motion continuously
  • Follow this procedure as often as you can daily for a sustained period of about two weeks

If you no longer feel the pain anymore, continue to apply the oil for the next week. You can apply it two hours before taking your bath and two hours after bathing. Nighttime application is highly advised as the oil works quite well when the body is in the resting stage.

Also, note that this oil is a non-invasive medicinal product. It should only be used for the purpose it is meant for (massages) and not for any other purpose. In conclusion, if you have applied it for a sustained period and the pain does not resolve, you must seek medical attention.

Sandhi Sudha oil FAQ

  • How to identify the original Sandhi Sudha oil?

To avoid buying a fake product, look for a Saptarishi hologram strategically placed on the product’s packet.  If you don’t find the hologram, it means that what you have in your hand is a fake product.

  • Is Sandhi Sudha really effective?

Yes, it is, and it has remained so right from when it was first released into the market. It is an amazing product that provides fast relief from different types of joint pain.

  • Who manufactures Sandhi Sudha oil?

GLOB INDIA manufactures and distributes Sandhi Sudha oil worldwide. It is an indigenous company located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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